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Conferences are for marketing.

Few things are more important than how we feed ourselves, and get access to clean water. Without these, our species will not survive,  our numbers are increasing rapidly, as the resources of the planet, particularly available water, are being consumed faster than replacement rates. 417 more words


The semantic disruption of Agriculture

The success of the last 250 years in western economies is based on the economies of scale. Harnessing technology to deliver greater productivity per unit of input, capital, labour, and raw material. 196 more words


Customer driven demand chain rebirth

It is pretty trite to point out, again, that the reason businesses survive is to satisfy customers.

In fresh produce markets, this has been pretty much forgotten as the share of the consumers dollar that ends up in the farmers pockets has progressively dropped over the last 50 years from around 50% to now 10% for the lucky ones. 219 more words


6 trends shaping semi urban agriculture

A couple of days ago I did a presentation at the University of Western Sydney to a group of academics, farming advocates and farmers. The presentation addressed the challenges of agriculture in Australia close to the major cities, specifically Sydney. 792 more words


Defining the future of agriculture

Most of the really great innovation that happens has as a core component, a re-definition of what the future should look like.

From Orville and Wilbur Wright, to Henry Ford, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, the words they used  explained why they were doing  something, and how they believed it would change the future.  360 more words


3 foundations of demand chain success


Creating a demand chain out of an environment forged by a competitive and opaque supply chain mentality is no small task.

This change is particularly challenging in agriculture where there is considerable regulatory and interest group oversight and thousands of years of trading DNA pre-digital. 240 more words


Crying for a Lean agricultural demand chain

Lean thinking, evolving from the Toyota Production System is changing manufacturing world, but agriculture has a long way to go.

Just as building cars used to be a production oriented operation until Toyota turned it on its head, so too is agriculture production led. 506 more words