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Will Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Resurrect the ESFP Entertainer?

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve run into them. They have the answer to every question, can talk your ear off about anything from sports, to gardening to reality TV. 1,088 more words

Technology Marketing

Cold Calling vs. Social Engagement

Cold calling vs. Social Selling …When was the last time you contacted a cold caller for advice? @MySales4Life

Inbound Marketing

All Engagement Is NOT Created Equal

So, this guy just stopped by your booth, grabbed three pens, a couple pads, USB stick and now is in your CRM as a MQL. 460 more words


Miami's Upcoming Financial Conference

This fall over 600 financial security officers and supporting staff will be heading to Doral! In case you haven’t heard, my last book release, Digital Money… 68 more words

David Stelzl

Five things tech professionals hate about your marketing

This top five list is based on of my 15+ years working and marketing to technology professionals. By admission, it’s not based on a formal survey or research study, but instead off of the hundreds of conversations I’ve had throughout my career about these topics. 1,191 more words

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Your persona marketing approach is losing sales

I admit it; my title is a bit sensational (although you are reading this right now, so maybe it did the job). So let me say upfront: creating marketing personas is fundamentally useful. 1,018 more words

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It’s people….Leads are made out of people!

Marketing automation, programmatic targeting, content marketing and nurturing, social media management, cookie tracking, keyword analysis… and on and on and on. That’s a marketer’s world. At the end of the day, we all have three goals: leads, pipeline, revenue. 1,610 more words

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