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New Discovery in Hybrid-Electric Drivetrains

My life’s work is finding good ideas in cleantech and moving them forward, a deeply rewarding mission, but one that comes with numerous thorny challenges, especially a) sorting through literally thousands of business concepts that come my way in order to find those that hold the greatest potential, and then b) assisting this tiny subset in getting across some of the hurdles that face them: raising investment capital, establishment of strategic business partners, telling their story in public relations venues, demand generation, etc. 1,220 more words

Electric Vehicles

Ander Vazquez - Demand Generation Boss - Homepage

“The truth about sales, is that fundamentally you are trying to change someone’s behavior, and that person will not take that leap with you until they are self-motivated to do so.” 51 more words

Ander Vazquez

Reps and Channel Not Selling Your Product? Perhaps They Think Selling it Might Be Embarrassing”…

I’ve had this conversation so many times with clients, potential clients and friends – the question is:

Why are the Vendor Reps and Channel Not Selling a Particular Product? 776 more words


Why Should Executives Attend Your Lunch & Learn?

Here’s Why Executive Level Prospects Should Attend Your Next Lunch & Learn

And What You Should Be Presenting On

Next week I’ll be speaking in Louisville, KY, at yet another lunch & learn – The question is, do people still attend these? 491 more words

David Stelzl

The Rear View Mirror in Demand Generation Plans

We’re always encouraged to look forward, to plan for the future. I remember trying to get an interview for a job a long time ago. ‘Do you want a copy of my CV? 282 more words


Top 5 Tips For Effective Webinars

People attend webinars to learn something new. We, marketers on the other hand, organize them for various reasons, i.e., creating awareness, educating the market or promoting a new product. 778 more words


Four Steps to Achieving Product/Market Fit

Many startups fail because of the dreaded product/market fit.  Marc Andreesen claims that market is the most important factor in a startup’s success or failure. Great products and competitive prices will not help your company capture market share on their own. 681 more words