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The Secret to Technology Reseller Relevance - In A Digital Economy

How Long Will Your Business Remain Relevant…

…As Companies Around You Are Transitioning to Cloud, Consolidating IT, and Buying Less Hardware???

This morning, in my TechSelect Business Pillars Session… 175 more words

Sales Strategy

Channel Services – A Long Term Partner for Success or Seagulls Behind Your Trawler?

It’s an image that gained worldwide coverage and one that demonstrated the compassion and generosity of one human being to another.  In their case, they happened to be brothers, they also happened to be fierce competitors at their top of their game. 839 more words

F*** flipping the funnel! It’s time to smash it

The funnel. We love to hate it – or is it that we hate to love it? While “funnel” has been part of our lexicon for decades, defining its proper shape is something that’s always up for debate.  880 more words

Technology Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Email Marketing

Despite the continued growth of new technologies and tools that are available to an organisation these days, email marketing still forms a key part of most marketing strategies. 599 more words

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Marketing Minute - Episode 2: Using Facebook Audience Insights to get FREE Market Research.

I love data.  I also love free stuff.  That’s why this is one of my favorite tools.  By using Facebook Audience Insights with Custom Audiences, you can learn an incredible amount about your customers.   166 more words

Demand Generation

The Power of Your Marketing Database

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is or how engaging your messaging is, if no one hears it or it doesn’t get to the right people, you may as well not bother. 658 more words

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Are you "Generating Demand" for your product? If so, you are a Marketing Moron.

I keep hearing this term “Demand Generation” from the Marketing Morons. I call these people Marketing Morons because they have no idea what they are talking about, and they give true marketing professionals a bad reputation. 519 more words