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Sales Engagement on Your Website

Someone sees an idea from a friend on Twitter about your market or industry. They click.

Perhaps, they search with keywords specific to your product or service offering. 335 more words

Sales Conversion

Converting Ready Sales Leads

In today’s self-service, hyper-connected world, your prospective customers spend a lot of time understanding who you are and comparing you to your competition. They can read what you post on your website and Google various related topics as well as your name to understand whether you are within their realm of need. 281 more words

Sales Conversion

Process Creates Profit

Are You Maximizing Profit w/ Process?

Sales Is a Process That Must Be Built and Perfected

It’s tempting to wing it – shoot from the hip. 431 more words

Sales Strategy

Fixing the Selling Funnel at the Top

The selling funnel for most businesses has the following sales conversion stages:

  1. Getting found online via a sales channel
    1. Social selling
    2. Google Search ranking
    3. Paid online advertising…
  2. 342 more words
Sales Conversion

Give Your Live Webinar Legs

Live webinars are a great marketing tactic for b2b companies. For your participants, it can be free continuing education! Without leaving the comfort of their office! 320 more words


What technology marketers can learn from DevOps

I just finished an excellent book called “The Phoenix Project” about the daily challenges IT operations managers face, including all of the personality types and business units they have to attempt to please. 1,472 more words

Technology Marketing

Utilizing Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Understanding how to leverage Account Based Marketing (ABM) via TechTarget.

Instead of broad-reaching marketing campaigns that touch the largest possible number of prospective customers, an ABM strategy focuses resources on a defined set of targeted accounts and employs personalized campaigns designed to close deals. 8 more words

Inbound Marketing