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DeMeco Ryans on Shady McCoy's Philadelphia exit: 'It was all about the money'

It’s been such a busy off-season for the Philadelphia Eagles, team veteran linebacker DeMeco Ryans doesn’t even recognize most of his teammates. Chip Kelly’s massive roster overhaul is unusual even by NFL standards Ryans says, but the linebacker seemed impressed with some of the talent Kelly acquired and the blueprint he’s constructing for success. 481 more words

DeMeco Ryans

Info & Stats: Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker

All Topics: Long road back from torn Achilles | Having dealt with that type of injury before | Injury itself | Mental aspect of recovering from an injury | Ready for the first hit | Off-season changes | It’s like a new team | Running game | LeSean McCoy trade was a shock | Think the McCoy trade was all about money | Nick Foles | Nobody is safe | The team signing him to an extension in the off-season | His nicknames | Chip Kelly calling him Mufasa | His mother, Martha | Thinks they are one of the hardest working teams in the NFL… 165 more words


Former Alabama All-American DeMeco Ryans too tough for Eagles to cut

On the eve of SEC Media Days it’s hard for Alabama fans, or SEC fans in general, to place their focus anywhere but on the upcoming season.   266 more words



THERE’S talk of the Jets possibly running the 46 Defense this year, and as an Eagles fan (of a certain age) I can’t hear the words “46 Defense” and not smile and think back to a simpler time. 515 more words


DeMeco Ryans: 'I Should Be Full Go During Training Camp'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The guy Chip Kelly called “Mufasa” is healing like a lion.

Eagles insider linebacker DeMeco Ryans suffered a torn Achilles halfway through last season, his second career Achilles tear. 477 more words

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@SportsTrapRadio 3-30-15: Final Four Preview, The Development Of Nerlens Noel, Eagles Latest News

By Brandon Pemberton

Last night Anthony Green and I previewed and predicted the Final Four, discussed the development of Sixers rookie PF/C Nerlens Noel, the Eagles latest new and moves, along with the NBA MVP race! Enjoy!

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Demeco Ryans Gets Extended: Is Mychal Kendricks Career in Philly Over?

Earlier today Eagles starting ILB Demeco Ryans signed a 1 year contract extension along with restructuring his current deal. The birds were beginning to run out of cap space this year with a flurry of free agent signings, cuts, and trades coming earlier this month. 445 more words