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Traffic Police Commander: It is not illegal to use your phone at red light junctions.

Since February this year, motorist caught holding and using any sort of mobile devices (tablets included) while driving, will be flouting the law. (Source ST). 388 more words

New stricter rules coming to Ontario for distracted driving

Lots of buzz today across Ontario as Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced a new distracted driving bill in the legislature that will see stiffer penalties and increased fines. 153 more words


Driving is a privilege NOT a right...

I can’t help but feel annoyed when sites such as ‘Police in the Area’ constantly spark debates between Sydney motorists regarding issues of how to get out of infringement notices. 224 more words


Ontario to toughen up distracted driving laws in the fall

TORONTO – The Ontario Liberals will bring back legislation this fall that would toughen penalties and add demerit points for distracted driving.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca said the province will impose three demerit points in addition to increasing the maximum fine for distracted driving to $1,000. 222 more words


wiser ? or just older ??

I’m not proud of the fact that I have lost a few points off my licence over the past couple of years…I could make all sorts of excuses, but the fact is had 2 minor offences in 2 major demerit periods ….and the rest is history. 253 more words

The underlying truth behind speeding fines.

The truth is, they somewhat work. They also cause stress and angst to motorist who are supposed to be concentrating on what they are doing. No longer is driving just driving, it’s a battle of deciphering which road signs are most relevant, which advertising can be ignored (scantly clad images are not put on billboards because they are easily ignored) and monitoring the road for potential hazards/ vehicles are all modern concerns to the driver.   1,125 more words