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demeter and persephone


All Hallows' Eve

The dark half of the year begins.

Demeter is most distracted. Persephone must be found by us, lest our cycle halt, so we hold out payment to her spirit-children. 108 more words


Goddesses of Life and Death: Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

Greetings beloveds,

As we travel deeper into the underworld, we turn further inward. To help guide us along the way here is some information on the Persephone the Queen of the Underworld. 40 more words


Deadline for MJW 2018 is tomorrow, Sunday 15 October

The DEADLINE for applications to participate in our Athens AIR programme + Group show Initiation III/Kallichoron is tomorrow midnight. The Athens Residency includes a series of curated site and museum visits in Athens, as well as a week of intensive workshops on Ritual Dance/Performance/Story Telling+Media Work. 53 more words

Praying for crops and civilization: The Demeter cult at Megara

Walking from ancient Corinth to Megara, a person would have to cross the rough terrains and the wild nature of the Isthmus, the narrow strip of land connecting the Peloponnesos with northern Greece. 1,782 more words


NEW BLOG: a new heifer calf and good pastures to enjoy

I am happy to report that last week was a further good week for the farm. Our Demeter inspection went well – the inspector was content with our paperwork and answers to questions, and very complementary about the state of our pastures, cattle and sheep. 785 more words