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The night the lights popped up on Ceres

Whether it is a reflective quality of the surface (the sun in the image might be angled properly to cause such an effect) or self-illuminated (fingers crossed), Ceres has our attention (doh, now it’s gone – lol). 702 more words


Vinos Biodinámicos ¿qué son?

¿Biodinámico? Cuando leemos o escuchamos la palabra biodinámico, pensamos que es fácil de entender su significado si analizamos su etimología: bio – vida, dynami – fuerza, -ikē – estudio, técnica.  879 more words

Book Review: The Goddess of Spring, by P. C. Cast.

The Goddess of Spring, authored by P. C. Cast, is a yet another nice addition to the Goddess Summoning Series. It delves into the mythological legend of Persephone the Goddess of Spring, and how she becomes the lover of Hades, The Lord of the Underworld, and ultimately, the Queen of the Underworld herself. 173 more words

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Ipsy: February 2015

Happy Thursday evening! I just got through watching Grey’s Anatomy (is anyone else still watching that show??) and I thought I would share what I got in this month’s ipsy bag with you all! 593 more words

Apollon and Demeter

While later Hellenists revered Apollon directly associated with the sun, this is not something that plays a great importance in my worship of him. Yes I recognize he has connections to Helios and favors Helios, but he also has significant connections to the moon in his cult outside of poetics and to the stellar bodies of the heavens, certain heavenly events being ones that were said to indicate the seasons for his festivals (as well as important agricultural and husbandry themes). 1,222 more words


Ceres: asteroid to dwarf planet

Status is a funny thing. When Pluto was relisted as a dwarf planet, it was definitely a demotion. For the former asteroid Ceres, however, it was a step up. 741 more words



She is round like a ball.
A marble spinning in space.

She is balanced like a shadow.
A light the moon circles.

She is called like a cry. 177 more words