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On Continued Themes Separated By Time And Culture: Persephone And Pluto

On Continued Themes Separated By Time And Culture: Persephone And Pluto

By Sara Buckley

Link to Abduction Myth

Ancient artworks which represent classical Greek myths most commonly depict the story’s climax. 624 more words


From the Wasteland Rises Hope by Carolyn Lee Boyd

For millennia, humans have told stories of goddesses who have decreed that, because terrible crimes have been committed against their female loved ones or those under their protection, our world would become a desolate wasteland. 957 more words


God's Mashed Potatoes

Recipe Type: Divine
Serves: One to Three


  • Russet Potato
  • A cup of broccoli
  • Garlic cloves (two to four, depending on if you have a yeast infection)
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Demeter and The Eleusinian Mysteries

Veiled in the ancient shrine of the mysteries,
Robed in the esoteric knowledge of Olympus,
There appeared a numinous woman on the altars
Of a great temple built by Keleos, King of Eleusis… 711 more words


Jean-Baptiste Adam Crèmant d’Alsace Rosé Reserve, NV

Alsace, France | Pinot Noir

Family growing wine since 1614, leaders in community, some served on town council or as mayor of Ammerschwihr, JB (the 5th) began working in the winery in 1982, took over in 1996, studied wine, enology & marketing, modernized & expanded winery, 2003 – embraced biodynamics, daughter Laure now 15th gen runs all things marketing, BS in Viticulture & Enology, Wine & Commerce license & master’s in Wine Management & Marketing, 54K cs still wine, 11K cs crèmant/year cert organic & Demeter, own 17 ha, farm another 4 ha, steep slope south of Ammerschwihr, hand harvested, natural yeasts, discards first & last parts of pressing the grapes retaining only the juice from the cour (heart) of the pressing… 44 more words

Hekate in Magna Graecia: Syracuse


Syracuse (also known as Siracusa) was a major Greek colony on the southeast coast of Sicily. 815 more words


Once in a Blue Moon

[T]his is the second Blue Moon since the beginning of the year — the second time in three months that two full moons have occurred in a calendar month.

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