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Loved By Death; Chapter 10

A/N: This chapter was very amusing to write, and I hope you guys will also find it amusing to read! Please like or comment! ;) 1,697 more words


By Lake Cyane: 15

Hades prides himself on courtesy. Those that know him well, though they are few, admit that the business with Persephone was out of character, and from the moment he brought her across the River Styx he has been trying to make up for his slip. 472 more words


Ancient Greek Shrine of Demeter and Persephone Discovered in Bulgaria – Brewminate

The Ancient Greek shrine of Demeter and Persephone on Cape Stolets in Bulgaria’s Sozopol is located near the ruins of a Late Antiquity fortress tower, a medieval Christian basilica, and a 19th century windmill, among other things. 2,209 more words


Autumn Equinox Script

So, autumn equinox has come and gone, and I spent a good bit of it very frustrated with the way ADF members (or not?) responded to one person asking if ADF would consider supporting Black Lives Matter. 1,237 more words


"Guardian Angels"

Car air fresheners are (still?) so ubiquitous that I want to highlight that a natural, in fact, organic alternative exists, should you need one. 382 more words


Thalusia: Autumn Equinox

The Thalusia was a harvest festival held in Ancient Greece in honour of various Deities, especially Demeter. The purpose of Thalusia appears to have been to offer sacrifices of the “first fruits” (although sometimes oxen) to the Gods in thanks for a good grain harvest. 301 more words


Some Draper Thoughts

Over this past summer, I watched Mad Men. While the series did end on a far more optimistic note than the 1960s did themselves, the show is ultimately a tragedy in the Aristotelian sense. 493 more words