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Loved By Death; Chapter 20

Walking to her mother’s cottage, Persephone found herself smiling, lost in pleasant thoughts of touches and kisses. She didn’t notice the butterflies nor the flowers, both of which multiplied in numbers the closer she got her mother’s home. 1,060 more words



On Black Friday, Fritz and I went to do our Christmas shopping for Lola at PetSmart. I, of course, let him look at the birds and small animals while we were there and I noticed the guinea pigs were half price. 347 more words


Daily Haikus #4 and #5

I posted an update last Friday saying I forgot to post a haiku the day before and I’m going to post three that afternoon. Apparently, I couldn’t. 166 more words


Greek Goddess of Harvest Demeter Bronzed Statue

Demeter is the Greek goddess of grain and agriculture, the pure nourisher of youth and the green earth, the health-giving cycle of life and death, and preserver of marriage and the sacred law. 84 more words

Lilacs in November

I live in the Midwestern United States. Clearly the Northern Hemisphere. It is definitely autumn  here, and lilacs only ever bloom in May. And yet. 52 more words


GMC: Introduction to Poseidon

Poseidon is chiefly the God of the Sea. He is also, however, the Lord of all Rivers and Lakes, all incarnations of water, especially salt water. 1,163 more words

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