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Demeter insists on use of animal organs

In a lengthy letter to the the Stroud News and Journal this week Bernard Jarman, one of the regular Steiner correspondents, invited us to find out more about biodynamics by reading books, or going on one of his courses at Hawkwood, or by looking at the Demeter website. 404 more words


Daily Draw: Eight of Water (Sedna) and Five of Earth (Demeter)

There is great depth and sorrow among today’s energies, and the sorrow is bleeding over into all elements of life. There is poverty consciousness and dearth, a sort of scorched-earth reality happening now that is absolutely at odds with the possibilities around you. 253 more words


Anthro obfuscation in the Stroud News

Anthroposophical publisher and founder of the Biodynamic Land Trust Martin Large defended Rudolf Steiner’s farming method in the local paper this week by complaining that there is “no evidence” for saying it is nonsense. 326 more words


The Peacock Plan

This is my entry into this weeks’ challenge from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The photo is from Sonya at Only 100 Words. Thanks to everyone. 269 more words

Flash Fiction


This winter does not limit us; you’re not
a seasonal delight:

Oh, let us harvest
love forever; in all weathers, times,
and seasons. You and I, together.


Vix Demeter by Helen May Williams

Vix Demeter

She wears a torque of beaten gold
wrought with somniferous poppy pods.

She tips the urn towards amaranth sunrise
pours the gods their due libation. 261 more words


By Lake Cyane: 8

Hermes comes down to the Underworld and he is all silver and bright among the black rocks. There are flames, true, great fires that rise from beyond the gates of Tartarus, but the greedy dark eats them up. 726 more words