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Homesteading Blurb: Baking as a Magical Art

So, earlier this month, we bought a convection oven. We have not had an oven in a really long time. Even before we moved out to woods. 758 more words


Scanning success, hardworking bees and a great Demeter inspection… A good week!

A good week on the farm. Milder, drier weather makes all the difference. There are even some signs of grass growth though the ground is still very wet. 666 more words


Paperback-scented Perfume: Now you don't need to sniff books in public

If you like the smell of paperback book, or would like to smell like one, here’s a paperback-scented cologne spray. Now, you don’t have to sniff books in public places.You can just sniff yourself (which is less strange, but strange nonetheless). 32 more words


The Wife's Tale by Seamus Heaney

This is one of my favourite Seamus Heaney poems. It’s from his 1969 collection, Door into the Dark. I think the key to understanding the poem is the Eleusian mysteries practised by the ancient Greeks. 358 more words



Once upon a time (because that’s how these sorts of stories are supposed to start), there was a girl. A fairly pretty girl, in fact. Aren’t they all, in these sorts of stories? 1,125 more words


When I started The Art of Poetry I had little experience  on writing it and my first assignment proved I needed a lot of help!  621 more words

Art Of Poetry

'It's the fruit of death, Mrs. Jackson!'

How the infamous pomegranate became the seed of my new novel from Orca Books

It was Edith Hamilton, with her Mythology, who got me addicted as a girl to the great myths of Ancient Greece and Rome. 664 more words