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Loved By Death; Chapter 13

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Demeter was angry. And hurt. And frightened. Not since the war had she seen Zeus so furious. Sure, she’d overheard some of his and Hera’s infamous fights, but Zeus was never truly angry with his wife. 1,191 more words


A Season of Change

Fall always reminds me of Demeter’s anger and sorrow at the seasonal sacrifice of her daughter Persephone to Hades. The coming of Samhain (pronounced sow-in), a pagan fall festival at the end of October, the time of year that the ancient Celts marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.  254 more words


Perserphone Rising

Kykeon (from the Greek “to mix, stir”) was a beverage of water and barley (sometimes flavored with mint or thyme) popular among the working, ‘lower’ class of ancient… 240 more words

Loved By Death; Chapter 12

Another chapter! Written with a sore throat and a running nose, so I hope you guys will enjoy it! Please like and review. Any ideas for future plot will be welcomed with open arms.  2,324 more words


12 Olympians...

*cracks knuckles*

Let’s do this.

ZEUS: King of the Gods, only child not to get swallowed by Cronus. De facto ruler of the Olympians, though he really shouldn’t be responsible for anything more complex than a walnut. 614 more words


Harvest Time: Farm-Fresh Beauty Picks

I’m not a huge “naturalist” by any means, but the older I get, the more I feel like I need to cut out the known bad ingredients from my diet, my household items, and… 342 more words


Persephone and Demeter - A lesson in flexibility

As I’d been contemplating the stories of Persephone and Demeter — or, by their Roman names which I use in my practice, Proserpine and Ceres — I thought I might as well share the little bit I got from the lore in a Lesson from the Lore. 39 more words