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Do You Suppose This is His Way of Telling Me I Smell?

Simply curious, as my husband gifted me with a metric butt ton (actual measurement, “butt ton”) of delicious Demeter fragrances for my birthday, and you just don’t do that unless a) someone really stinks (“This smells so great!   473 more words



After you touch me,
my entire body blossoms.
I vomit up rose petals, soil.
My skin radiates spring.
Persephone has invaded my skeleton,
coaxing fertility and something fresh… 60 more words


A Silent Supper

It’s funny what things will make you miss someone close to you who has died. For me it’s usually something happy, something I want to share with that special person, but now I can’t. 720 more words


DanMachi Gaiden - Sword Oratoria Episode 3 Review

You know, even Bell only needed to be saved by her like twice over 12 episodes and he was only Level 1.

The third episode of  441 more words

Aiz Wallenstein

Art in April

Expanded Moment: The boys worked together to choose something to take a silent video of. A picture, but longer. They chose to give the guinea pigs some bits of tomato and then… 136 more words


Hades and Persephone

TRIGGER WARNING: I do talk about the subject of Rape and its etymology. I do not want to trigger anyone with my interpretation of the context. 1,902 more words


Spring came to Eleusis

A short distance from Athens, Eleusis was the centre of the cult of goddess Demeter, who embodied Earth’s fertility. It was the place where the famous Eleusinian Mysteries took place. 108 more words

Modern Greece