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The Garden of Age

I have to be careful here –I don’t want to sound cerebrally damaged, or as if I’ve just escaped from a special-care Home- but I… 1,097 more words

Loved By Death; Chapter 24

A/N: Last chapter! 

It would have been nice to say that everything after that just worked itself out. But though Persephone had realised that her mother brought her far more misery than joy she found herself unable to truly cut her out of her life. 1,626 more words


Guinea Pig Mansion

For one of his Webelos electives, Fritz had to make blueprints and plans to make something useful. He and Ani worked together and designed a 5×2 plus 1×1 bumpout C&C guinea pig cage (well, really, at that size for two piggies, it’s more like a mansion). 123 more words


Loved By Death; Chapter 23

A/N: Ups. So much for posting chapter 23 fast. I don’t even know why I keep forgetting, so sorry. I’ll try to do better from now on. 1,578 more words


A Pregnant Pause

I have always liked the expression, “a pregnant pause.” It means a break in conversation that is filled with possibility, but not the possibility of a baby. 249 more words