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This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was Abudance.  I seem to be on a kick of producing illustrations in my art journal, turning it more into a sketchbook.   105 more words

Which Goddess Archetype Are You?

This article was copied from my business website for Transformative Psychotherapy, LLC, on which I write blog posts dedicated to psychology and topics that I think might be of interest to my clients. 870 more words


Which Goddess Archetype Are You?

This past weekend, I attended a workshop in Dayton, Ohio given by Kathy Cleveland Bull, entitled “Seasons of a Woman’s Life: Feminine Archetypes to Guide the Journey.” I am including some of the things I learned in the workshop below. 793 more words


Tissot: the new Pope?

With Jacques Puffeney’s papacy having ended a couple years ago, if one were to imagine the white smoke plumes billowing from the conclave’s chimney, Stephane Tissot might be the guy walking out of the chapel with the goofy hat and robes. 192 more words


Discovering Traditions: May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa

Today, is the first of May, a day that is widely celebrated and that has various traditions attached to it. I am happy to have M. 673 more words

Guest Post

Demeter Fragrance Library Orchid Collection ❥ A Mother's Day Treat

Ever since I bought my first bottle of Demeter Perfumes a lifetime ago (if my memory serves me right, my first scent was Orange Cream Pop, and I was hooked), I’ve developed a massive crush on their products. 912 more words


Let's Talk Mythology #4: Hades Loves Kidnapping And So Should You

Hello, everyone! I just finished watching The Office (three years after it end nbd) and I’m distraught. Glad everything worked out the way it should, but why can’t a television series last forever ? 1,203 more words