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Loved By Death; Chapter 5

The next morning Persephone woke up well-rested and excited. She’d missed the sun, and though she’d seen it only yesterday, she’d been too preoccupied by her mother to fully appreciate it. 1,758 more words


The House of Atreus, Part 1

Here’s the thing about the House of Atreus – they’re all traumatized. Yes, even more so than most mythological characters. It was not a nice family. 913 more words

Ancient Greece

Loved By Death; Chapter 4

“I was thinking that tomorrow you could come with me as I perform my duties,” Demeter told her daughter with a smile as they had sat down for dinner. 1,698 more words


Herbal Refreshment

Not that kind of herbal refreshment (although I can’t even type the phrase without hearing Brittany Murphy’s Tai, of Clueless, New Yawk-drawling, “I could really use some sorta ‘erbal refreshment” to her new pals Cher and Dionne.)  I’m talking about the beauty variety, like the loaded-with-lavender bath I recently enjoyed. 382 more words


By Lake Cyane: 11

Hades plunges his hand down into the rock. It yields at his command he withdraws a handful of rich, dark soil. As the ruler of the Underworld he has more control over it than even Zeus has of the sky. 579 more words