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Grants aid Institution’s efforts to protect Chautauqua Lake

John Ford | Staff Writer

Chautauqua Institution is in line for nearly $700,000 in federal and state grant money, which will be used over the next three years to accelerate development of its natural stormwater runoff filtration systems. 998 more words


Even after Emancipation Proclamation, slaves still skeptical

Emma Morehart | Staff Writer

A common misconception is that after former President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, everything became suddenly easier for slaves. But 10 actor-interpreters from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation disproved that theory in the performance “Promises of Freedom” at the Interfaith lecture at 2 p.m. 926 more words


Children’s School staff works to take advantage of Chautauqua resources

Josh Cooper | Staff Writer

Every summer, the children who attend Children’s School do everything normal children do: make arts and crafts, play on playgrounds and hear stories. 510 more words


In the off-season, Turner keeps focus on the community

Patrick Hosken | Staff Writer

Every morning, Chautauqua Health and Fitness manager Andy Freay heads to the Turner Community Center to open up shop. Both the pool and the fitness center, which boasts a large selection of treadmills, free weights and strength training equipment, open at 7 a.m. 746 more words


Silverbergs give to preserve Chautauqua for their grandchildren

Sarah Gelfand | Staff Writer

When Linda Silverberg enters the Main Gate for the first time each season, she said she starts humming the theme song from “Brigadoon,” the 1954 film about an enchanted Scottish village. 523 more words


Civil War artifacts with local ties on display at library

Visitors to the second floor of Smith Memorial Library this week will find an exhibit of Civil War artifacts with strong connections to Chautauqua County history. 395 more words


Price: Blacks active participants, not passive receivers, in Civil War

Sara Toth | Guest Writer

The country is recovering from a long bout of historical amnesia when it comes to the Civil War, Clement Price said in his lecture at 10:45 a.m. 3,146 more words