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Love does not entreat; or demand

Love does not entreat; or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract.
— Hermann Hesse, Demian



Finally snow!!! We took a super angry filippa sledging, despite many “lying on the floor screaming” melt downs! Once up the mountain she was afain happy!

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Demians nee jacket

Demian: do you like my new jacket?

Me: nja…it reminds me of iprenmannen..

Demian: who is ipreman?

Now wake filippa up, ice skate and then i go and do intervals in the gym and then off to work! 7 more words


Today was fun

demi took filippa skiing with much more success than the last two times up at trockener steg! She came back and told me about skiing pizza and that she wants to go again! 35 more words



Demian is back from davos and it is so nice to be all together again. Thursday is planned to be our family day in winter (will probably happen 3 times) but today both of us had lots to organise and do so we took turns being with filippa. 276 more words


Who wants to be born, must first destroy a world.

Today I would like to keep it simple by sharing a quote by one of my favorite writers.
It gave me a lot of insight a couple of years ago while reading this novel. 143 more words


Portrait of Emil Sinclair (After Hesse)

George de La Tour’s Madeleine à la Veilleuse (1640)

My favorite author of poetic prose is always René Char, whose verbal portrait of La Madeleine à la Veilleuse… 220 more words

Prose Poetry