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After the midday nap Filippa and i took the lift up to furi and then we ran all the way down to blatten where demi and opa were waiting! 56 more words


Let There Be Light

War, opined German-Swiss author Hermann Hesse in his novel Demian in the aftermath of World War I, was a fortuitous opportunity to shatter old conventions and let humanity be born anew. 1,073 more words


Ohoy all sailors

We went to Montreux for the day beginning of the week and visited relatives. We also went with the boat on lake geneva, my first time even if I have been there many times. 71 more words


The Matterhorn Story

Finally our turn to go and see The Matterhorn Story  that everyone has been talking about the whole summer! Opa was taking care of Filippa and we had the whole afternoon for us! 128 more words


Bubble Puppy: A Gathering of Promises

Bubble Puppy’s debut album, released in 1969, followed the success of the psychedelic rock group’s first single, “Hot Smoke & Sassafras”, the preceding year. That single peaked at 14 in the US Billboard 100 charts, and at 15 in Canada’s RPM chart. 363 more words


First climb

We had a great afternoon yesterday together with our friend and neighbor Michi. He is a really good climber and has been asking us several times to come climbing with him and his girlfriend Maru. 178 more words