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Who wants to be born, must first destroy a world.

Today I would like to keep it simple by sharing a quote by one of my favorite writers.
It gave me a lot of insight a couple of years ago while reading this novel. 143 more words


Portrait of Emil Sinclair (After Hesse)

My favorite author of poetic prose is always René Char, whose verbal portrait of La Madeleine à la Veilleuse (first painted by french baroque artist Georges de La Tour in 1640) I translated several years ago when I first got into poetry. 206 more words

Pappas girl

Filippa is often mammas girl, but when it comes to swimming i dont have a chance, then pappa is the best!

Ps. The nice pool and wellness can be found in hotel mirabeau, zermatt! 8 more words


Winter season started

Juhuui, today we went skiing:) i was skinning up to testa grigia and filippa and demi skied normal. She was not super excited but they didnthree runs before they went in to the restaurant and playground. 185 more words


On fire

i had been looking forward to go skiing the whole family today but 20-30cm of powder would not have been fun for filippa so we had to change plans:( we took a walk up to the hanging bridge above furi and brought picnic:) a very nice day after all! 23 more words



First snowfall in the village….i am definitely NOT ready for winter. Filippa was excited though, at least watching through the window! I couldnt motivate her to go out and play until after lunch. 281 more words


Wellness freaks

We now have two good traditions in our little family, breakfast and wellness in a hotel on easter sunday, and wellness weekend in autumn, with or without filippa. 19 more words