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Demian - Abraxas

“My dear Sinclair, our god is called Abraxas, and he is God and Satan both, he contains the world of light and the world of darkness.

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Hermann Hesse

We recognized only one thing as our duty and destiny: every one of us had to become himself, had to be true to and live for the sake of the seed of nature at work in himself, so completely that the uncertain future would find us ready for anything and everything it might bring.

Demian, Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse

Demian - The Confessions of Saint Augustine

“For I even burnt in my youth heretofore, to be satiated in things below; and I dared to grow wild again, with these various and shadowy loves: my beauty consumed away, and I stank in Thine eyes; pleasing myself, and desirous to please in the eyes of men. 86 more words

Hermann Hesse

Every person’s true calling was only to arrive at himself. He might end up a poet or a madman, a prophet or a criminal — that was no concern of his; in the end it was meaningless.

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Hermann Hesse

Helsingborg 2.0

time flies and tomorrow we already return to switzerland! But before we head home we go to hoch ybrigg where some pf our best friends live! 54 more words


Demian - Beata Beatrix

Beata Beatrix, c.1864-70, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I never said a single word to Beatrice. And yet, she had the deepest possible influence on me at that time.

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Hermann Hesse

Demian - Mefistofele

“Son lo spirito che nega” (Whistle Aria), from Mefistofele by Boito, performed by Bryn Terfel

“‘The day after tomorrow I’ll whistle for you…’ I think if I suddenly heard Kromer’s whistle again, even now, so many years later, it would scare me.”

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Hermann Hesse