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How To Use SERVQUAL Model, 5WHYS And PDSA Cycle Tools To Improve Your Customer Service Processes

Without customers, there won’t be a product, there wont be people working tirelessly to provide solutions to the needs of people. With this knowledge, understanding how customers feel about a service, what they think of a service, how satisfied they are about a service etc. 1,290 more words

How to Write Exceptional Procedures

A procedure is a “description of a process”. A procedure can take any number of forms, from text to still pictures to an audiovisual demonstration. There is no one correct way to describe a process, except that every procedure should be easy to understand and execute. 473 more words

Policies And Procedures

What is PDCA/PDSA Cycle?

PDCA is a process used in businesses to achieve continuous improvement through four steps- Plan->Do->Check->Act.

This is an interative method.

Also known as: PDSA, Deming cycle… 59 more words

Social Media

Without a doubt if you are running some sort of business, that includes an online presence, then you need to be on Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and more. 680 more words


My Invitation To You

I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment
that I had performed. I have never taken a course in
Software Engineering. Over the years, I have continued… 82 more words

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