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The Deming Cycle -- Everyone Should Know It.

The Deming Cycle, the historical basis for all Quality
Assurance Programs, helped Japan to recover after World
War II.

The Deming Cycle consists of four steps: Plan, Do, Check… 74 more words

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Software Engineers are Quality Assurance Managers

Have you ever noticed that Quality Assurance, ISO-9001,
and the Deming Cycle is taught only in Business Administration?

I have found that when Quality Assurance was taught in Engineering… 79 more words

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Life of A Programmer -- Session 5.2 -- You are a Quality Assurance Manager

Q.A. is a management activity. It is taught in Business

You have a college degree in Software Engineering, not
Business Administration.

In spite of all of this, you are still a Quality Assurance… 55 more words

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"The Checklist Manifesto" is a game-changing book

What is it about?

The author’s key message is that the volume and complexity of knowledge today has exceeded any single individual’s ability to manage it consistently without error despite material advances in technology, boatloads of more training and super-specialization of functions and responsibilities. 367 more words

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