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Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets/

So, said Deming.

Or, it might not have been him, but some other American. 209 more words


It Starts With Us

I don’t practice what I preach. This became a hard reality for me recently. I was reading Mark Graban’s book and he talks about how easy it is to find fault in others and not see what we may be doing wrong. 489 more words


WANTED: systemsy stuff to cheer me up

I’ve been working in an ordinary command and control organisation TOO LONG.

I’m miserable and it makes me think that all work is like this and it can never change. 201 more words

Systems Thinking

Purposeful + Management = ?

I distinctly remember the moment I went from being generally frustrated by the discipline of organizational sciences to being utterly fascinated.  My focus in education and the early phase of my career had been solidly on understanding and developing complex technical systems.   755 more words


The secret management model that must not be named

It’s my annual appraisal tomorrow, the lowlight of my year.

I announce my opinion of appraisals out loud, and nobody disagrees, most agree, for the usual reasons. 663 more words

Systems Thinking

Onwards to Tuscon, Arizona

One of the best things about life in the 21st century is the ease of making “Friends” whom you’ve never met. And one of the great things about living the peripatetic lifestyle is getting to finally meet them! 388 more words


The Big Question

So…I started teaching professionally (officially) in 1985.  I was interviewed by Hector Madrid, the principal of Deming High at the time, and his assistant principal and activities director.  641 more words