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What Makes a Good Boss?

“The greatness in people comes out only when they are led by great leaders. We are all growing and learning, and we all need teachers and coaches to help guide us. 510 more words


Everything You Wanted To Know About Productivity, But Were Afraid To Ask ...

I was recently asked for my view on the first response from Dorkins to The Economist: The Productivity Puzzle:

“I don’t get what the huge productivity mystery is supposed to be. 505 more words

What's Your Culture?

The culture of a company to me defines how excellent it will be, how helpful it will be, how ambitious it will be, how innovative it will be . 514 more words


The Promise of Platforms and Systems to Engage and Enable Long Term Growth

An article published this week by consulting firm KPMG discussed the critical culture elements necessary for innovation and long term growth. Some key takeaways are: 808 more words

Directory of Buried or Sunken Treasures and Lost Mines of the US

Penfield, Thomas

Category: Sunken Treasure
Size: 5.25″ x 8.25″
Pages: 134
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by True Treasure Publications, Conroe, Texas (1971), in paperback. 35 more words

Sunken Treasure

At Sea In the Desert

This power plant with the last sunset light behind it reminded me of a ship or oil tanker at sea…combined with the black of the passing storm and night already encroached, I loved the atmosphere of it and the feeling of foreboding.

Deming, NM


Is Management a Liberal Art?

“ an integrating discipline of human values and conduct, of social order and intellectual inquiry, feeds off economics, psychology, mathematics, political theory, history, and philosophy. In short, management is a liberal art…” –  608 more words