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Why No One Talks About Deming Anymore

There was an article posted last year in Harvard Business Review about how Deming had been forgotten. I think this is a conundrum in the Deming community. 1,587 more words

W. Edwards Deming

Production: Looking Manufacturing In the Eyes

Turning an idea into a product is as messy and complicated as being in a fight. Many solo fashion designers try to manage this fight like martial arts, working the edges instead of the middle so they have a wall at their back. 2,002 more words

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Personal Fitness Journey: Fork in the Road?

I’ve lost a little over 75 pounds now and I’m feeling stuck. So I’m going to eat more. 1,528 more words


BOOK REVIEW: The Leader's Handbook

The Leader’s Handbook
by Peter Scholtes

This book is at the top of John Hunter’s books-to-read and he recommended it to me. Thanks John! 1,130 more words

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No Systems Thinking in Trump's Plans

It’s inauguration time and a new administration is moving into the White house attempting to fulfill its promise to “make America great again.”  A key to Donald Trump’s platform throughout the election had been the need to drive fast and significant change in government structures and systems.   780 more words


Mistakes and the PDCA Cycle

Think of the last mistake you made. When you were about to do this thing, you thought it was a good idea at the time. You may even have had some apprehension about the thing, but you did it anyway. 904 more words

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BOOK REVIEW: Out of the Crisis

Out of the Crisis
by W. Edwards Deming

Agh. I hate giving my hero’s book 3.5 stars, but let me explain.

This is Deming’s first book published on his management philosophy (1982). 888 more words