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And in This Corner…..The Never-Ending Battle Between Fundraisers and Advancement Services

Yes I said “battle.” Too strong a word? Perhaps. But not always. I’ve been in the room several times when disagreement turned to yelling and one party had to leave the room before things escalated further (were fisticuffs next?). 558 more words

Want Lean to Succeed? Stop Focusing on Waste!

Although one of the most significant benefits of lean is the reduction of waste, it is not enough to say that lean is about reducing waste.  668 more words


Quality Has Always Been Global

In his February post, ASQ CEO Bill Troy asks “Why Should Quality ‘Go Global’?” ASQ has, over the past several years, expanded its reach as a member organization… “going global” to expand awareness of quality tools and techniques. 334 more words


A topic worth thinking through

Yesterday I went through my “500 words a day” file to try to select a really good topic.  I found this exercise to be an interesting process.  972 more words

the dark arts - the first blog

I thought it would be good to start at the beginning.  To go back to basics, to say it how it is.

The world of improvement is a curious one.  826 more words


Gila Cliff Dwellings

Tuesday we moved from Las Cruces to Deming, NM. We are basically headed west and decided to move closer to the places we wanted to see next. 576 more words


‘You can’t inspect for quality’

‘You can’t inspect for quality!’  I don’t suppose there are many people who work or study in the world of quality improvement in either industry or healthcare that can’t have heard that phase, or a phrase like it.  1,332 more words