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Is Inspection Value Added?

In popular Lean circles, the idea of value-added is represented by the following two criteria;

  • Is your customer willing to pay for the activity?
  • Is the activity physically changing the shape or character of the product so that it increases the product’s value in the eyes of the customer?
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Interstate 10 (September 8th, 2014)

One evening during my trip to New Mexico…..

I am driving west into the sunset on Interstate 10 after a day spent at Cloudcroft and White Sands.  473 more words


Should HR Make Hiring Decisions?

One of the biggest problems companies have that interferes with long-term success is variation in people, team, and leadership styles throughout the organization.  This variation wreaks havoc with the company’s culture and leads to a host of problems that directly and indirectly affects performance. 638 more words


Data: Famous Sayings about Data worth remembering!

Data has always been important to business, so with the ever increasing talk about data and analytics I thought it would be fun to remind people about some of the well known axioms / sayings. 462 more words


A Solution Without a Problem

You are non-value added, Charles,” I was told. “Your sole job is to take care of the team member who is creating the value.” 404 more words


I Already Know Lean

The first step is transformation of the individual.  This transformation is discontinuous.  It comes from understanding of the system of profound knowledge.  The individual, transformed, will perceive new meaning to his life, events, to numbers, to interactions between people. 702 more words


Continuous Improvement Inhibitors and ‘Respect for People’:

I recently reread Deming’s Out of Crisis book. I came across a list that caught my eye – perhaps I overread it last time, or did not pay enough attention to it. 604 more words