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My Sexuality

(why can’t all relationships be as simple as this one?)

First of all, yes, I’m talking about this in a blog post, rather than texting you about it, or sticking it on Facebook. 826 more words

Stuff About Me

To Update You on Me

Ok, so a while back I discovered that I am demisexual, with some asexual tendencies. I wrote this, then, to help my mind make sense od things. 617 more words


I am very confused. Please someone help me? okay so there’s a lot of sexual identities and i don’t know where exactly i belong. Am i lesbian, bi, pansexual, asexual, demisexual or what…. 24 more words

Let's just put this out there.

Okay, so this is a hard post to write but I figure that it needs to be done.

This post is regarding my sexuality. It’s taken me many months to try and figure out what my sexuality actually is, and I think that I might have finally reached a conclusion. 792 more words


What exactly is "sexuality"?

For all my life, I always defaulted to the sexuality “heterosexual.” I’ve questioned it before, but it wouldn’t be for long since I’d shrug it off my shoulders as if it were some foreign feeling that didn’t belong. 1,437 more words


Coming Out

The last few years have been confusing because I wasn’t sure exactly what I was feeling. For most of my life, I’ve identified as straight but that never really felt right to me. 936 more words

Do We Need Labels When It Comes To Sexuality And Gender?

With all these previous relatively unheard of labels suddenly rearing their heads when it comes to sexuality in particular, it begs the question, do we need labels at all nowadays? 736 more words

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