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The landslide will bring you down

I’ve been numb the last 24 hours, existing- not living.  But then Landslide by Fleetwood Mac came on Pandora and before I even heard the words I needed —the words that would help me be able to feel the emotions I’d been suppressing— I felt it. 486 more words


Putting words to feelings: August 2016 Carnival of Aces submission

Despite the fact that I set this month’s theme myself, I’ve been a little at a loss about what I wanted to contribute to the Carnival of Aces this time around. 549 more words

I'm an addict for dramatics I confuse the two for love🎶

I’ve been reading a series of short stories written in first person by a submissive. It’s normally hard for me to get into fictional erotica.. it’s all so cheesy and over played, however I’m enjoying this book. 375 more words


Dating Vocabulary

I joined a new dating site. The idea is to get a different crop of men folk to pull potential dates from. However, I feel like I need to take a class on dating and all the vocabulary that goes along with it. 529 more words

Rethinking what works

A problem I am having right now: even though I am feeling a very strong urge to be *doing* things to move toward the life I want to be living (specifically with respect to the building-a-family part of that), because I always feel less anxious about things when I am actively taking control of the things I… 541 more words

Battle of Yavin

When you’re fucking someone, even if it’s for recreation, it can still be hard to talk about your romantical feelings towards someone else. In retrospect it’s odd that it’s that taboo of a subject but it is, the society that we live in is too ego driven–eggshell aware. 988 more words


Demisexuality and Demiromantic

Demisexuality is when a person only feels attracted to another person after they have formed an emotional bond first. A secondary attraction. The same applies with being demiromantic. 469 more words