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I’ve had nothing, not a damn thing that I’ve wanted to write about, all week. So here’s the painfully boring highlights:

Started going to a gym every day after work. 367 more words

Some People Just Aren't Super Into Sex, and That's Fine

I LOVE this line from the article:

The ability to embrace that ambiguity comfortably can signify the opposite of dysfunction: being deeply attuned to yourself. Being aware of your own complicated response to lust in a world where everyone else’s appears far more straightforward and predictable takes a certain bravery.

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Guo Jing as Demisexual

For those of you who are unaware of Chinese popular literature / culture, Guo Jing is the protagonist of The Eagle-Shooting Heroes (Shè​ Diāo​ Yīng​xióng​ Zhuàn​) 958 more words


10/26/14 - The Social Media Wormhole of Doom

Yesterday I was so perfectly stupidly happy – I felt pleased that I could be a bright presence in the morning when K & L took me out to breakfast. 763 more words

Minor Update

Lots of good news on the horizon, hopefully. Working on SALT AND STEEL still, and outlining COMBUST. I turn 30 tomorrow, so I figure I might as well get as much accomplished as I can this year! 59 more words


Half? Huh?

Well, hello. It’s been a long time.

I’ve been busy fielding post-traumatic stress, having EMDR therapy. Oh, and recovering in turn from three bouts of surgery – my main Genital Upcycling Surgery last May, then a failed attempt in July to correct a bad prolapse, and then a second more but not entirely successful attempt to do the same this February past. 785 more words


You Love My Random Shit

Is there a surgery that you can have to change the shape of the inside of your nose? I’m getting tired of fucking up the inside of my left nostril, just to get one annoying, hard booger out of the back, only to have to deal with bleeding and painful (annoying and hard) scabs for weeks after picking the first booger. 729 more words