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2e Aseksuelen Salon in Voorburg op 13 februari

De eerste meeting van aseksuelen in Voorburg in oktober vorig jaar is goed bevallen. Daarom wil de initiatiefnemer AceVentura, dit is zijn schuilnaam op het Nederlandse Aseksuelen Forum, hier graag een vervolg aan geven. 119 more words


So I woke up Demisexual

So the thing is, I’ve got a lot to talk about in regards to this, but I’m seriously just as shocked as you are. All those nights thinking that I’m just some weirdo with a fluctuating sex drive and no sense of affection for the normal human being suddenly just made sense, and I’m rolling around, feeling blissfully at alive, and watching a lot of videos about other Demisexuals on youtube. 23 more words


A+ Ships: Guerline and Theodor, FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN

A+ Ships is a bi-weekly feature celebrating relationships in fiction between characters that fall along the asexual spectrum. For more information, see the A+ Ships FAQ… 644 more words

From Under The Mountain

New Year... Same Me


Ah. Well. This is awkward, isn’t it? I didn’t think it had been so long, but would you look at that — I didn’t write to you at all during 2015. 705 more words


A Home of Butterflies

Love is always a right — timeless.

Love is an intrinsic force, a feeling that captivates humanity. It’s butterflies fluttering through your body, it’s feeling home in the comfort of heart beats and breaths; it’s society’s creation and inspiration, yet society tends to only acknowledge one form — the social norm: a man and a woman. 1,783 more words


autistic demisexual Merrill or bust

Sometimes I draw and sketch stuff in my office supplies while I’m at work.  This is one of the better outcomes.

I love Merrill and I wish she and her vallaslin weren’t so hard to draw.

Asexuality Talk

I’m afraid of Winter,

the literal blinding cold.

Blank pages I stare at,

Empty mind, uncrystallized heart…when

my hand can’t move THE PEN.

I’m Afraid… 12 more words