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On the subject of Trold vs. Troll

I know, I know – it seems it should be so easy for me to just go “Ah, I don’t care – I’ll just call it Troldkin instead of stirring up all this fuss over the unfortunate use of ‘Troll’ ” just like most humans certainly wouldn’t care if, one day, a race of aliens landed on earth and said “Guys, in our tongue, ‘Human’ means ‘defective trashcan’ so you’ll just have to call yourselves ‘Hamuns’ from now on” 351 more words


Falling In

A four letter swear
For some it’s like breathing
A step, a smile
Flashing eyes
And then they’re there
They’re ‘in’

For others it takes time… 110 more words

Random Ramblings

The Tango

Do you like dancing? I wasn’t sure I liked dancing, but everyone seemed to think it was so intriguing and some people were even dancing already. 773 more words



What this site’s all about

Hello there beautiful and welcome to The Lame Robot.

This blog is here so I can keep track of my thoughts, feelings and discoveries as I try to navigate the messy world that is gender and sexuality. 99 more words


Interview: Jennifer Nichole Wells

Today we’re joined by Jennifer Nichole Wells.  Jennifer is an incredibly talented visual artist.  She makes miniature dioramas and then photographs them.  It’s an art I’ve always been fascinated by.  909 more words


On Changing Titles...

Obviously one of the most important things about a blog is the name of it. It draws you in, gives you an idea of what the blog is about… So when Blog101 gave me today’s prompt, to play around with changing titles and taglines, I’m not gonna lie. 240 more words

Out of the Closet, Into the Fire

For a long time, I never revealed my sexuality. Not because I was ashamed but because, quite frankly, it was nobody’s business. I am puzzled as to why so many people want to come out. 311 more words