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I kind of feel like writing.  I don’t really have a plan for this and I hadn’t really expected to talk about this in a lot of detail, but it feels like one of those days where I just want to wordvomit, so I felt like this was at least a semi-appropriate topic to just mindlessly write on. 1,556 more words

Word of the Day

(n.) a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone

…a connection something like this

which gives you a feeling something like this… 15 more words

Words & Wisdom

Flicking the Bean and Other Personal Details

Today we’re going to get a little personal.

Let’s start with sex and masturbation in reference to asexuality.

There is no right or wrong, yes or no that covers every asexual, especially when it comes to the bedroom. 653 more words

Where are the pansexual women to love?

It is so difficult to find a pansexual woman to be with when you are a transsexual lesbian in a smallish city. That is actually part of the reason I moved away from Honolulu, and came back to California. 392 more words


Pride: The Pressure to be Out and Proud (or "Why I'm Not")

There’s a certain pressure to be completely okay with yourself and your identity. To be confident and secure, to not question yourself at all. To be able to withstand criticism and suggestions without saying “maybe you’re right, maybe I do need to give it more time. 637 more words


So I don’t know what to start with here. I’d like to be anonymous for now, which should be easy because I doubt anyone will read this anyway. 480 more words

January 20, 2015

Dear Tiggy,

Hi, my name is Lana. I’m 23 and from Italy.

Since I was young, I’ve felt that my romantic and sexual orientation didn’t match. 375 more words