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In mediums such as television shows, movies, comic books and novels, characters that come from the LGBT community are more further and far between than their heterosexual counterparts and more often that not are treated poorly by writers. 163 more words


My Coming Out Story

The start of my relationship was nothing close to beautiful. I was 16, about to possibly lose the house I was living in because of financial reasons, and I turned to one of my closest friends for comfort. 1,492 more words



Recently I learned that I am bisexual as well as demisexual. I ended up facing quite a bit of homophobia (and no, I am not out to my parents, in my country 18 year-olds are not allowed to have their own flats so for my own safety I am still in the closet) and the rejection from the people you love always stings the most. 652 more words


LGBTQ: Through a Straight Person's Eyes

Before note: I understand that LGBT can be quite a sensitive topic. Please respect my opinions and any comments. If you’re homophobic you should probably avoid this post… 524 more words


Tell A Guy I Like Him

So as it happens I sometimes get messages from strangers asking to join Michiana Polyamory. And it just so happened this week that the message came from a guy I hit on at his place of work, like months ago. 872 more words



When I close my eyes

I can feel that kiss

The one that made me weak

The kiss that made me lose my mind

Flesh to flesh… 12 more words