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My Coming Out Story

I have never actually written about the time I came out the closet as a “Lesbian” when I was 11 years old, so I thought why not do it now. 649 more words

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Review: Kindred Spirits by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

This is yet another review for my Mystery Grab Bag Ace Fiction Month.

What is this novel about?

Alfreda Sorensson, who lives in the Michigan Territory in the early 19th century, has begun learning how to her her Gift (i.e. 1,335 more words


Relabeled Chemistry Experiments

This was inspired by an Anonymous prompter and fills the “demisexual” square in my March/April Play-It-Again Bingo. This is 461 words and is just an example of the ways I imagine people might learn such things about themselves. 493 more words

Creative Writing

Review - 'Making Love' by Aidan Wayne

Title:  Making Love
Author: Aidan Wayne
Genre:  Romance, Paranormal, LGBT
Date of Publication: 30th January, 2017
Page Count: 92 pages (ebook) 966 more words


My Experience of Demisexuality

I’m pretty open about my sexuality and up until recently, I identified as bisexual. It fitted me for a long time there – being attracted to both men and women is the way I would use to describe my sexuality. 379 more words

Review: Far From Home by Lorelie Brown

This is the penultimate review for my Asexual Fiction from Riptide Publishing Month.

What is this story about?

Rachel is recovering from anorexia and also has a pile of student loans burdening her finances. 1,304 more words


The Valentines Series: Demisexual/Demiromantic Characters in Fiction

Valentine’s Day has come again. And with it comes all the predictable, but no less hurtful, erasure of experiences outside the cultural ‘norm’. So I wanted to do a short series of posts recommending stories that feature identities which don’t usually register on the cultural landscape. 2,881 more words