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Squishing and crushing

I really love the word ‘squish.’ Specifically, I love the word squish in its ace-communities-relevant sense of an intense liking or non-sexual attraction for someone, that includes a hard-to-articulate desire for them to return your hard-to-articulate feels for them. 327 more words


I am about to be much more personal than before, so yeah…

I never really thought of my sexual orientation before. I mean, I always have my head on books and studies, and especially fanfics, but now. 157 more words

Be yourself (but stretch): dating while demisexual (April 2016 Carnival of Aces submission)

This month’s theme is a very challenging one, and I want to thank our lovely host over at A3 for coming up with it!. For this post, I am going to focus specifically on ways that I can affirm and celebrate my demisexuality in a dating context, since that has been on my mind of late anyway, and because I do feel that it can be a perpetual struggle for me. 395 more words


I’m only a high school student, but I generally take relationships fairly seriously I’ve only dated two people and one of them was a boy for like 4-5 months and all we did was hug and hold hands and I didn’t feel romantic feelings towards him I just liked how he made me feel special and important, and the other person is a girl who I’m currently in a relationship with and its our 7 month anniversary this month :) I love her to pieces and would do anything for her. 233 more words

Ace of Spades

A while ago I was reading some entries that I made in my journal back in February, 2015. Sometimes I read back to discover patterns in my own state of mind, and see whether I made any progress. 430 more words



I guess this is me coming out. I am demisexual. Thats my sexuality. Its not one that is ‘mainstream’ and its not something that many people in my lifeare aware of. 317 more words