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Interview: Gem

Today we’re joined by Gem. Gem is a wonderful writer who specializes in aroace fairy tales. She is currently working on a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which is so exciting. 762 more words



Sex, such a controversial word/topic. This is going to be my feelings, thoughts, and opinions on it.

To most people sex is such a natural common thing in peoples lives. 291 more words

Cut the passion: why have I suddenly turned into a demisexual?

For many of my close friends and unfortunate family members witnessing me at the open house Christmas party, they can probably vouch that since I lost my virginity at eighteen I kind of spiralled into nympholand. 1,704 more words



Welcome back!

Just a disclaimer this is just how i view these things and what i have learned, this is not meant to offend anyone and if i mistype or you have further info feel free to leave it in the comments below! 373 more words

Floundering Around in My Identity; Privilege and Marginalization III

I am not even sure where to start here honestly.

I have known my sexuality and gender identity were out of the box since before I knew what sexuality or gender identity was. 665 more words


When I fall

When I fall for someone, it’s usually too late. It takes me months to develop feelings for someone. I need to know them, their story, their passions, their individuality. 215 more words



Welp, it’s official. I can’t do it.

And by that, I mean I’ve been kicked off the ‘fun’ train of exploring sex with strangers.

This is technically no surprise; I’ve always been that way. 623 more words