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'Reasons I Should Have Known I Was Asexual'

As a demisexual person who only came to that identity in my mid(-to-late)-20s, I would have known I was ace much earlier if I lived in a culture that didn’t talk about sexual attraction as a singular monolithic experience, as if it is the same for everyone. 783 more words


please take the time to read this blog post even though you may have no interest.

so today i was walking out of school and being my pleasantly odd self with my friends.as we were walking out to the corner,i saw a friend whose parent wasn’t collecting them for another while so i decided to wait with her for a while.as we stood and chatted about boys and school and god knows what else,i noticed a group of fifth or sixth years walking towards where we were standing.they weren’t going to talk to us or anything like that because we are practically strangers but i smiled at them because that’s what i do. 430 more words


Sex talk

Sex has always been part of our daily lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive as a species. Way back it seemed easy in most cases: if you were a man, you would end up with a woman and vice versa. 561 more words
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Introduction to Asexuality - Asexual Awareness Week 2015 Part 1.

So as it’s the first day of Asexual Awareness week I thought I’d start with some simple background information. There is a lot of misinformation spread about asexuals, and there is a lot of speculation surrounding the community with it not being uncommon to hear asexuality mentioned alongside questions such as: “what does that mean?” or “what do they do?” With many people completely ignoring that a) google exists and b) there are plenty of us around to ask. 595 more words


Asexuality? What? - Asexual Awareness Week

(Note: This is just my opinion, experience and thoughts. Of course it won’t apply to everyone but that’s pretty great in it’s own way too. I only wish I could cover more.) 1,177 more words


Demisexuality, Say What?

I’ve always noticed that I was a little different than my friends where sexuality was concerned. Why do people seem to make sex such a necessary part of their lives- so much so that when they’re without it they feel like their lives are unfulfilled? 1,052 more words



I’m truly different than a lot of girls. – I have a way about me that isn’t normal to a typical girl. 

I’ve been doing a lot research on sexuality lately. 597 more words