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Interview: Bran

Today we’re joined by Bran.  Bran is a very talented writer who writes in a variety of genres.  Their dedication to the art is quite admirable and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.  555 more words


Me, and demisexuality, and... kink

I have been trying for years to write about my relationship to kink. It’s complicated, and I struggle to articulate it a lot of the time. 862 more words

The Gray-A(rea)

I suppose everything started with a Buzzfeed video.

You know Buzzfeed (or, ya know, maybe you don’t). Anyways, in the case that you do, you know how one of the goals this media source has is to bring forth the forgotten or misunderstood communities and give them a voice. 1,486 more words


"I want to have sex like..."

I have been thinking *a lot* lately about what it is I get from having sex with other people. Or, rather, what I want to get from it, and why I do it at all. 1,517 more words

Supposedly "LGBT-friendly" campsites are (gasp) just catered to wealthy cis gay people!

Gross…. I’m doing research on “LGBT” friendly RV stuff, and all these camps are so sex-segregated and really just “LG” friendly. It’s all like GAY MALES ONLY. 112 more words


I just love labels. I took the personality test for this new word…

#7 When I’m in a relationship with someone who I’ve bonded closely with, it’s almost impossible for me to feel sexual attraction to anyone else but them.    427 more words


Brief Thought: Demisexuality and Hormonal Birth Control

Do you ever have a moment where two completely unrelated things in your suddenly collide in your brain and make you see something you
hadn’t before? 295 more words