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"One Step Beyond" in Baltimore

One Step Beyond Intro

Montague Summers traces the modern (post-biblical times) origin of witchcraft and demonology to a Gnostic sect which went “one step beyond” the original teachings. 718 more words

Aside: Pinion (#9)

The smallest gear rotates in our machine and we respond in sequence.

Spinning eternally, never freely, in juxtaposition to a dozen larger pieces, never awake or aware, moving time steadily along its track to the end. 626 more words


The Hemlock Of Luna And The Spikenard Of Māra

If we can bridge the dichotomy between spirit and matter, between “psuedo-saint” (saint of virtue) and “whore,” then we are able to understand that Māra embodies and defines the merger-point. 1,476 more words

Unleavened Gospel

Why Therion Is The Second Beast Of Revelation

The hierarchy of Revelation 12-13 describes “the great red dragon,” the “first beast” and the “second beast.”

The discernment is as follows;

Unleavened Gospel


however hard I
try to be friends with evil
— it never quite works

Not only may it well be wrongheaded of me to try. It’s also wrongheaded to use the theme of ‘friends’ (which does derive from my dream last night) in order to write about ‘evil’ (which doesn’t). 11 more words


Update: Demiurge and Brain and Brawn

Some quick updates!

1. I’ve been hired by Demiurge Studios as a Game Design Intern! I’m working with them on an unannounced mobile game, which I can say more about when we get closer to launch. 215 more words

My Games

Veiled in Starlight: a Preview

This past month, the two topics I’ve set for myself to write about were D for the Demiurge and E for Emanation. I’ve had some trouble with that – partly because each topic on their own is not long enough for a full blog post, and partly because neither topic was meant to be explained dryly but to be unraveled and understood as a Mystery. 932 more words