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God of Self-Imposed Blindness

God of Moonshine,
You Poison Yourself.
Sitting in your own filth,
Drunk and Blind.
You will never drink,
From the Waters of Life.

The Black Madonna Dances Upon The Corpses of Man

I am not your Maenad.
I am not your False Feminism.
I am not your Misogyny,
Masked as Female Power.

You are the god of Drunkenness. 47 more words

I Am Arbiter

I am Arbiter.
I am the Sword that Severs,
I am the Cup from which you Drink,
I am Mother and Father and Sister and Brother, 91 more words

Exploring The Divine Mind & Demiurge

Thought I’d do another logical progression of my thoughts and experiences, to try and make sense of things. I quite enjoyed the Gnosticism one I did and it helped me to understand more of my own assumptions and ideas of life. 1,166 more words


Beginning From Scratch... What Do I Believe? And Exploring Gnosticism

I guess with going through events like I have, it strips ones worldview back down to basics and makes you question and revaluate your entire life. 865 more words


Is Your God a Devil?

Source: New Dawn, via: nexus illuminati | by Richard Smoley

It is one of the most familiar and reassuring lines in scripture: “The Lord is my shepherd.” But when you think about it, the metaphor is a disturbing one. 2,030 more words


Pay Close Attention

Pay close attention. Open the door, no,
Not that door, the right door
The one on the left straight ahead, 181 more words