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Yahweh visits Salford Church of The Ascension - Manchester UK

Another visitation by the Demi-Urgus Yahweh alias Jehovaj, this time to Salford UK and the 1869 ce Church of The Ascension, which promptly burnt down… 144 more words

the demiurge

Somalia was once a land, welcoming, receptive,supportive
It’d sprout only the best, and only the best was returned to it
But when the soil became soaked with hatred and the rain clouds became pregnant with anger, it gave rise to people whose souls were infertile… 120 more words

Self-discovery Blues

The Megas Aeon Podcast #4 - Kyle Burris - Melek Taus, the Yezidis & Gnosis

In this episode, I interview a fellow researcher, Kyle Burris, who is well acquainted with the enigmatic angelic figure of Melek Taus of the mysterious Yezidi people in Iraq. 81 more words


A Jeh #Blessing 160 dead Bible Church Collapse

This festive time, Demi-Urgus Devil-God Jeh has been mugnificantus in distributing Jeh Blessings to the unwary.


‘The Reigners Bible Church International¬†was reportedly¬†still under construction when it was being used for a ceremony to ordain church founder Akan Weeks as a bishop. 57 more words

God of Self-Imposed Blindness

God of Moonshine,
You Poison Yourself.
Sitting in your own filth,
Drunk and Blind.
You will never drink,
From the Waters of Life.

The Black Madonna Dances Upon The Corpses of Man

I am not your Maenad.
I am not your False Feminism.
I am not your Misogyny,
Masked as Female Power.

You are the god of Drunkenness. 47 more words

I Am Arbiter

I am Arbiter.
I am the Sword that Severs,
I am the Cup from which you Drink,
I am Mother and Father and Sister and Brother, 91 more words