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Retailer Tries Charging People To Demo PlayStation VR

(Source: kotaku.com)

Some GAME stores in the UK are charging people to try the PlayStation VR. Not to buy it. Just to try it. 73 more words


Outlast 2 - How I changed by pants 6 times in half an hour.

I have never completed the first Outlast. I liked the game but I was too scared to finish it. Take from that what you will, but personally I found it to be the epitome of a defenseless horror game. 1,084 more words


Outlast 2 Demo -A nice family friendly game about hugs. Honest...

Outlast was one of those polarising horror games that lead to arguments about what actually qualifies as scary as opposed to shocking.  Some people claimed it was simply YouTube fodder, designed to get online celebrities with face-cams to scream a lot for our amusement, whilst others would claim it was a real survival horror experience in which you felt genuinely vulnerable throughout.  896 more words


Extreme Practices - The Preparation

Extreme Practices was the name of the talk Philippe and I gave at the AgileTour in Beirut on 15th of October, which based on the feedback was a successful one! 835 more words


Free Demo I: Oracle APEX Training : Monday, October 24 at 07:00 AM India Time

SM Consultant is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for Oracle APEX Training.

To attend the class please login at : … 19 more words


Build 1.3

Due to the fact sometime next week I’ll have a tooth pulled, I’m up dating now in case I don’t have a chance to do so before then, but the rivals and senpai that show on the first day are not fully implemented. 67 more words


Demo Diving: The Pokemon Sun and Moon Special

The last game in the iconic Pokemon series that I played was the FireRed version. Way back in the good old days, I spent countless hours of my youth enjoying Yellow, Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver. 866 more words