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Listen up!

Hey guys!

Felt like changing the pace a little bit.

http://bit.ly/1GrBBYP <—- Demo!

I included a little clip of me playing a little something I made on the spot a while ago. 89 more words


Play The Field - quick demo video

Due to a problem with the app preview video for 1.0 there is only static screen shots viewable at present, show in this post I’ve included the video which was supposed to be included in iTunes. 27 more words

What this blog is doing

this blog is a demo for hosting content on my new website. These are just test posts for now!

Soon they will be deleted and new proper content will be added.

Demo Invite I: OA Framework Training: Saturday, April 25: 07:00 AM India Time

SM Consultants is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for OA Framework Training.

To attend the class please login at : … 22 more words


Photoshop Demo

This is my first time even seeing photoshop, so I knew that trying out the basics was going to be confusing. Photoshop in my opinion is extremely difficult because I have the studio art mindset not the digital art. 193 more words


Photoshop Demo

I’ve worked with photoshop before, but mostly just for editing to make transparent backgrounds so I found today’s demo very helpful. The touch up tools were my favorite by far. 84 more words

The Nashville Handshake

When I was new to town, and passing out my cards like floss at a dentist’s office, one guy in particular stuck out to me. I had just watched him perform and really admired his writing, so I struck up a conversation. 1,285 more words