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Resident Evil Demo Coming to Xbox One and Steam

The Resident Evil series has been around for a while, with the first game being released in 1996. With the series being overrun with spin-offs and side stories over the last few years, gamers weren’t overwhelmed with the announcement of Resident Evil 7, until the demo came out on PS4. 170 more words


Play360: The HVR-01 Demo on Vive

The VR game landscape as it currently stands is full of experimentation on how the new control paradigm of dual tracked controllers plus a tracked headset in virtual space can be harnessed into an engaging experience. 488 more words

VR Experience

Oracle BPM Online Training Demo on Thursday, December 08 at 06:00 AM India Time

SM Consultant is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for Oracle BPM Training.

To attend the class please login at : … 19 more words


I saw the news today… Oh boy!

It seems that there’s another horror story, another scandal, another illustration of inhumanity every day. The front pages of our daily newspapers are replete with stories, some true and some ‘post-truth’ (AKA outright lies), often with lengthy accompanying editorials telling us what to think, what to believe and crucially… who to hate. 539 more words

Britain First

120 Milyar Orang Hadiri Aksi Super Damai 212

Jakarta – Aksi Super Damai 212 yang berlangsung pada hari Jumat, 2 Desember 2016 silam berjalan lancar. Massa secara tertib mengikuti rentetan acara berupa long march… 218 more words