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Questionable Alliances

Are we a Democracy?
Is the United States a Democracy?

What does it mean to practice Democracy?

How could we possibly be a Democracy when we do business with nations who control principles dear to our Democracy? 91 more words


Egypt - Living in Ignorant Bubbles

by Mohammed Nosseir

Decades of persistent failure to advance our country from a developing nation into a knowledgeable, developed society has led many people to the erroneous conclusion that ignorance is Egypt’s destiny! 675 more words

Middle East

On book free libraries and the BiblioTech - what does it mean to kill the Library?

While working on a literature review, I came across Ed d’Angelo’s Barbarians at the Gates of the Public Library (2015). Click here for reviews and extracts… 35 more words


The Rule of Law Does Not Exist

The rule of law is an inconvenient concept for rulers. King Charles II thought that he was above the law, as did King Henry VIII. Dictators often pay lip service to the rule of law, and act as if they were to law. 234 more words

Climate Change

In Tussle Between Conscience And Career, Diplomats Chose To Play It safe

Since the onset of the current phase of globalization which more or less coincided with the end of the Cold War, democracy all over the world has registered significant progress. 47 more words


Democracies, Freedom, and Free Enterprise

I recently wrote some thoughts as I was reading through (for the second time, I think), Henry Kissinger’s recent book, World Order.

Although Kissinger doesn’t say so, I believe he thinks President Obama lost a war that had already been won, even though he had reservations about the nation building there and perhaps in the war itself.  111 more words