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Steadily lower voter turnout is the sad fact in all democracies

“The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 years!”

That was the headline in New York Times’ main editorial today, as the paper lamented the fact that only 36.3 percent of the American voters bothered to vote in the midterm election on November 4. 287 more words


The Question of Civilization

What is civilization? And more particularly, what is Western Civilization?

I have been pondering this question, particularly in light of the demise of Western Civilization course requirements on university campuses across the nation. 755 more words

37% of Likely Voters Don't Know Which Party Controls the House and the Senate

Thirty-seven percent of likely voters.  Holy Guacamole.  If you don’t know that, then whether you are happy or unhappy with the present state of affairs is irrelevant.   24 more words


Why Do We Need The United Nations? Part Two

Amazing!  The Air Algerie plane that crashed in Mali resulted in the United Nations sending troops immediately to secure the area.  French fighter jets swept across the crash site to inspect the disaster.  946 more words

Why Democracies (Almost) Never Fight Each Other

Ivan Perkins, guest-blogging on the Volokh Conspiracy, offers an explanation why stable democracies do not fight each other.  An apparent exception to that rule highlights the importance of the stability of democratic institutions.   96 more words