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Democracy vs Authoritarianism in combatting Terrorism.

 After a recent conversation about the downfall of Aleppo and the Middle East, the topic of Authoritarianism  and political/social stability arose. Do Authoritarian regimes bring about more stability than democracies? 1,665 more words

Politics And Activism

It is said that Donald Trump’s victory has a message for democracies elsewhere and for Indian foreign policy. Critically examine. (200 Words)

Donald Trumps victory has surprised the political analysts around the world, who thought they know about the one of the oldest democracy, The America. But Trumps win conveys a deep message to all the democracies around the world. 374 more words

UPSC Mains Questions

The “Deep State” And Political Transitions In “National Democracies”

From Oriental Review


There are a multitude of governance models across the world, but they can all be divided into one of two broad categories – “Western Democracy” or “National Democracy”. 1,203 more words


Why When Matters are Objectively Good Do We Feel So Bad? Part Two

HM had heard commentators raise the question of why when matters are objectively good, do people feel so bad.  These two posts are an effort to provide explanations.   571 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Book Chapter #3- The Politics of the Past: Evolving Ethnic Cultural Identities in African Traditional Governance Systems


Abstract chpt#3:   This chapter illustrates the socio-political nuances that often characterize communal identity and affi liation in African localities and are likely to affect sustainable conservation and management of community heritage.  164 more words


Questionable Alliances

Are we a Democracy?
Is the United States a Democracy?

What does it mean to practice Democracy?

How could we possibly be a Democracy when we do business with nations who control principles dear to our Democracy? 91 more words


Egypt - Living in Ignorant Bubbles

by Mohammed Nosseir

Decades of persistent failure to advance our country from a developing nation into a knowledgeable, developed society has led many people to the erroneous conclusion that ignorance is Egypt’s destiny! 675 more words

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