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Making voting both simple and secure is a challenge for democracies

The US compares relatively poorly with equivalent countries when it comes to voter registration.
Reuters/Bria Hall

Pippa Norris, Harvard University; Sarah Cameron, … 863 more words


Voting in Old and New Democracies

Voting in Old and New Democracies PDF

Voting in Old and New Democracies examines voting behavior and its determinants based on 26 surveys from 18 countries on five continents between 1992 and 2008. 53 more words



Dear Nations of the World

Are you a democracy needing new citizens to help you grow your country, or set it on a path of development and progress? 697 more words

fiction: democracies are peace loving nations

Democracies are peaceful, these spread peace and are the answer to a war-torn world.  Toppled dictatorships ought to be replaced with democracy for a more peaceful planet. 1,543 more words


Quote of the day, March 9

Roger Cohen, on the democracies (2016)

“Western democracies are in the midst of an upheaval they only dimly grasp. Virtual direct democracy through social media has outflanked representative democracy. 26 more words


Why we should respect, but criticise Donald Trump... Even as liberal tree huggers.

Trump? President of the Free World? What the F***.

The last few weeks have been a shock to most level headed people across the world.  Particularly to the lefty, tree hugging, desperately politically correct noobs, such as myself. 564 more words