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Democracies under attack as world grapples with privacy policies, watchdog says

Dr Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, says governments must fight the threat that data collection poses to our freedom of choice… 923 more words

War Financing And The Decline Of Democracy

What made democracies different and more restrained in warfare, according to Kant’s theory of democratic peace, was that the costs in both blood and treasure were passed along to the public, which then imposed pressure on leaders to keep wars short and low in cost. 6 more words

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Humanity Enhanced:Genetic Choice And The Challenge For Liberal Democracies EPUB

Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies. By Russell Blackford Massachusetts: MIT Press 2014 ISBN 978–0–262–02661–1 Get this from a library! Humanity enhanced : genetic choice and the challenge for liberal democracies. 212 more words


Democracies in trouble around the world



A child is carried following at Qalaat al-Madiq, some 45 kilometers northwest of the central city of Hama, after being evacuated from Eastern Ghouta, April, 2. 774 more words



Some historians state that the peaceful transition of power marks the major difference between America and other ‘democracies’ such as the Greek Polis and the (early) Roman Republic. 18 more words

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#JusJoJan — The Darkness

The Darkness descended and spread across the land. This Darkness was man made, brought about by the ascendancy of a corrupt, heartless, self-serving con man who promised greatness but delivered misery to all but his close inner circle. 156 more words

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Trump’s Threat to Democracy

Two political scientists specializing in how democracies decay and die have compiled four warning signs to determine if a political leader is a dangerous authoritarian: 574 more words