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The Voice of Joyce: I'm BACK! WATCH Periscope 11am: Where's the Rage

Dear Followers:

I’ve had an interesting week talking to folks around the Country.  We get it! We understand our Political system but there are questions about our response.  76 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: On Vacation till 8/24/15

Dear followers:
No Periscope this week. On vacation till 8/24/15 . See you then.

Thanks for your continued support. I shall be commenting on my Blog: wordpress: The Voice of Joyce, look for my analysis of events. 9 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Iranian Agreement Amerdment

Dear followers:

The Iranian Agreement has been read by many of us, I’ve read it twice.  I will , at a later date list the salient points for your quick review.  903 more words

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Joyce:Periscope@11am Middle Class in Crisis

Hi dear followers:
See you @ 11am
Let’s talk about the Middle Class.
Changes in all our societies.
Prepare questions during the 1st 2 min.
Speak to you soon.

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Joyce:The Heart & Pulse of the Middle Class/Responsibility

Tune in to Periscope at 11 AM
please submit your thoughts and Questions.
There is a 8-10 min Discussion , I’ll respond to all questions, during the Q&A following. 12 more words

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Joyce:The heart & Pulse of the Middle Class:Bullies

Tune in Periscope @ 11AM
Let’s discuss Bullies, experiences
Questions to be raised and answered, in 5 min Q&A
Thanks for joining. See you at 11 today!

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The Voice of Joyce:Periscope 11am/Talk Ideologies

Dear Followers:
Live broadcast on Periscope. 11AM
Let’s talk about ideologies
Q & A to follow.
Thanks for joining me!

“the Heart and Pulse of the Middle Class”

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