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Joyce America Speaks: No Periscope today! See you Tuesday. @11am

Dear followers:

Read my Post, the “Voice of Joyce” and the Agenda released yesterday at my First Political Action MeetUP!  Let’s chat tomorrow at 11am . 223 more words

"the Voice Of Joyce

The Voice of Joyce: Coastal Elites? Who are they? 

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Yes, I want you to be involved citizens and I will provide the tools you’ll need for local action. First, I’d like to dispel the ” coastal elite” myth. 367 more words

"the Voice Of Joyce

The voice of Joyce: Fix the Electoral College. Contact Your State Representatives and ask them to cast a "faithless" vote to insure "one man one vote" counts!

Dear followers, I received this Update from Public Citizen and pass it on ! 
Our system for electing the president is broken.
Your vote should matter — even if you’re a Republican in a Democratic state or a Democrat in a Republican state. 230 more words

"the Voice Of Joyce

An Idiot Plays.. Democracy 3 - Pt. 2

Previously on An Idiot Plays…Democracy 3

The first 7 turns were a mixed bag. Mixed as in their were a few more nuggets of faeces than I’d like in any given bag. 2,054 more words

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An Idiot Plays.. Democracy 3 - Pt. 1

People who have spent time with Democracy 3 tend to fall into 1 of 2 camps: those who revel in tinkering with social policy and seeing what becomes of their experiments and those who complain it’s too easy. 2,281 more words

Game Diaries

Top 5 Depictions of Communism in Video Games

Hello, comrades! Not only am I a games journalist, I’m also an Anarcho-Communist. It’s massively different to the USSR’s Leninist-Communism, but, I like to live as a parody of myself. 823 more words


Get yourself ready for the Presidential Election with these political simulators

WITH the crazy US Election finally coming to its apocalyptic end, get in the mood for polling day with these political simulators.

1. Democracy 3 – £18.99  499 more words

Civ Vi