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America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce: #RockTheVote Changing American Politics together. Support my efforts & Hear me out! Periscope @11 am.

My objective is to transform government. By encouraging a change in our choice of Congressional Representatives.

How do we change the culture. By voting for men and women willing and committed to work for “we the People”?  683 more words

5 Best Management simulation Video Games where you're the Boss

 So You like building things huh?


Prison Architect is a fantastic strategy sim which highlights both the difficulty of running a prison and keeping a lot of prisoners happy.

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The Voice of Joyce Community: we will have #People Power when we ban money in politics! How? Read on & let’s talk!

No question in my mind.  If we want change, we have to ban money in politics.  How can we?  When you pay your taxes, check off an amount you wish to contribute to a campaign.  220 more words

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Donald Trump is no Populist. Teddie Roosevelt was! Followed by many more who created Laws to benefit “We the People” .

Donald Trump is no populist. TR , Woodrow Wilson and even Bismarck ( of Germany) were populists, according to this month’s Economist. These individuals and many more were concerned with the social welfare of their citizenry. 518 more words

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Voting rights is everyone's responsibility. Act now! Run for office.


Dear followers:

I’ve been staying close to home recuperating, though not entirely sedentary.  Last night I attended a seminar on voting rights, or voting suppression, in NY State.  628 more words

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Thursday “We the People" have options. We can #Rock the Vote!

Filthy Rich & the Scraps

I believe that Americans today through their protests and running for office in record numbers are showing that silence is no answer.  305 more words

The Voice of Joyce: Perisocpe @11am Power to the People! Do we watch silently or ACT?

Filthy Rich & the Scraps

I heard the news today, Oh No?  Sandwiched in between the weather and sports were the following one liners;  El Salvadorans given asylum over 20 or 30  years ago are facing deportation, 200,000 people!  410 more words