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the Voice of Joyce: Periscope 11am Crime:Private Public

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    Please tune in to Periscope and check out our live chat on Crime: Private or Government.
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The Voice of Joyce: How low can you go?

#Lives count!   Do you expect peak performance from under paid and under employed employees? Or productivity from employees who work irregular flex hours to suit a computer? 31 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Periscope today 11AM Our World

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This is a bury week, tune in today and let’s talk about our Economy and your suggestions for a better day.  Don’t forget the live photos of PLUTO! 11 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Creditors hurt Greece

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Though I have never been active in Move On projects, I do respect Robert Reich.  I think he’s very cleverly outlined what’s wrong with our Economy and has published several videos that I found provocative.  1,097 more words

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the voice of Joyce: Periscope 11am Monday

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After listening to the Sunday talk shows, I thought I’d ask you , who speaks for you and what do you think about Taxes, Inequality, etc. 20 more words

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the voice of Joyce: Periscope live chat

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Back from vacation, perhaps you’ll join me in a live chat tomorrow on income inequality. Thanks you, dear followers, see you at 11 am Wednesday, 7/8/15.

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