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Being a President in Democracy 3

Being a president is once a dream of many children. For the kids, being the president is awesome because of the nice car, house, private jet and being the most powerful person in the country. 525 more words


Here’s A Democracy 3 Challenge For You, USA Presidential Candidates

Released by Positech Games in 2005, the Democracy game franchise is a government simulation game that makes yourself a president for a democratic country, trying to make your country better with policies and event decisions while appeasing your loyal ministers (who provide the work for you) and your country voters. 462 more words

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Breaking the Silence Responds to Unfounded Allegations

The past months have witnessed an unprecedented series of attacks on Israel progressive, peace and human rights groups. Right-wing organizations, many with close ties to the Netanyahu government, have worked to paint these groups as “plants” for foreign powers, or even as traitors. 387 more words

Benjamin Netanyahu

Luto, Havana e democracia

Terminei de ler recentemente o livro O Pintassilgo, da Donna Tartt. Um pouquinho do plot: o menino Theo mora com sua mãe em Nova York e, um dia, para matar o tempo antes de um compromisso dos dois na escola, eles resolvem ir num museu. 927 more words

Welcome to the TRUE Horde! Garrosh Hellscream Plays Democracy 3

“I’m going to make my OWN Horde. With blackjack. And hookers.” – Garrosh Hellscream, probably.

No Campfire can best him, no Shadow Hunter troll can dissuade him, this time Garrosh Hellscream is out to prove he is the one true Warchief the Horde needs AND deserves…  by emulating it in Democracy 3. 16 more words

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Joyce"America Speaks" Periscope @11am Talk with a College Sr.

Dear followers:

Tune in at 11am for more talks with Millennials….  I’m on a quest to speak to many and understand their thoughts .  I will interview young professionals from the Young Republicans,  a presence to be tapped! 28 more words

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A Hopeful Opposition In Israel: FMEP Interviews MK Ayman Odeh

In 2015, Israel ushered in the most right-wing government in its history. But the same election produced another notable outcome: for the first time, Arab parties joined in a bloc with the sole Jewish-Arab party, Hadash, to form the Joint List. 286 more words