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Salad Saturday Screenshot [16]

This Saturday I’m breaking away from Grand Theft Auto and instead going for a very topical game – Democracy 3!

So, right now in the UK it’s all election fever. 352 more words

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Salad Steam Statistics

I’m a bit boring, and I kinda like statistics. I mentioned the Steam annual statistics in a recent Saturday Screenshot, and they made for some interesting reading. 736 more words

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: CORPORATIONS  have become a " Cancer"?

As predicted, there is no financial news to report.   Nothing of consequence except IRAN, diplomacy and money at work.  Why do we want a nuclear treaty with IRAN,  to stop arms proliferation and to promote business opportunities for American businesses and foreign entities.   794 more words


THE VOICE OF JOYCE: Corporations aren't People, they have no Heart or Values!

Corporations are not people.  They don’t have our value system.  They don’t care about religion, they worship at the alter of Money and their God is the bottom line.   468 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The beginning "the voice of Joyce"

I started writing my Blog in May of 2012, 5 yrs after the beginning of the Financial Crisis of 2008. No, I’m not counting deficient, I merely time the start of the Great Recession, with my Business cycle. 955 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Time for action

Movie on 3-31-15 at 11.23 AM

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Dear followers, as we approach this Holiday season, during this time of reflection and hope, I’d like to ask your opinion.  266 more words

The Middle Class

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A scrap for the Middle Class

Have you read the news lately?  Obama has just released $10 Million to several States to create good paying jobs to enable food stamp recipients to get off ” the Public trough”.   137 more words