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The Voice of Joyce: Thank you dear followers

Hi all:
Over the last month I’ve received approximately 500 positive responses to my Blog Posts. I will thank each of you individually. In the meantime, let me express my appreciation to all of you for your encouragement. 43 more words

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TheVoice of Joyce: Live Chat at 11:10 am

Dear Followers:
Let’s continue our conversation on Democracy, social justice, equality. How can we change our world?
See you later.

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the voice of Joyce: Continuing Chat at 11AM Periscope

Dear followers:
There is much to discuss: UK is discussing “low taxes” on the rich and it’s harm. The TPP, American’s feeling isolated…. So much more… 10 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: let's talk about Taxes 

I know it’s Taboo, but let’s talk about taxes.   Why were people  told to hate taxes. It wasn’t for their good, it was for the good of the wealthy, the Uber wealthy.Please continue reading, dear followers. 829 more words

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the Voice of Joyce: Let's talk about taxes

Dear followers:
Today on Periscope, besides talking out our Democracy, our third party, naming our Party, I’d like to discuss Taxation. Taxation without representation! Please join us tomorrow at 11 AM as we continue our conversations on Periscope. 13 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: We the people must speak! 

 We the people, have been duped into supporting the Corporate welfare state , encouraging stratospheric corporate CEO salaries while the rest of us pick up the crumbs of low wages. 567 more words

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Games Wot I Played This Month: May

Another month has passed, which means I’ve played another load of games. But which ones did I like and which ones didn’t I like? Here’s a cheeky round up of what I managed to give a right hard playing to this past month. 1,313 more words

Games Wot I Played This Month