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The Voice of Joyce: The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit #Stop killing us, Slowly!

Do you know this man?    He’s the face of the new American corporate worker.  Middle Management ; beaten, humiliated, stripped of his dignity, frustrated .   He has nothing more to give the Corporation or himself. 103 more words

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The voice of Joyce: Lives count 

Why are  we destroying people’s lives?  

Have you read the times lately, oh no, it’s the human condition.  Too sad for words. We are destroying our youth in more novel ways then I can count. 281 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Algorithms are an unfair advantage

I finally understand why millisecond trades are like Insider Trading and an unfair advantage!  I now realize, it’s not that they purchase subscriptions to trade in milliseconds, or that they buy  stocks in bulk,  it’s ” the algorithms “, that make their trading unfair, uncompetitive and something I can’t follow and read about. 340 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Central Park

As friends of the park, we were invited to the Boss Tweed route.

We checkd-in with Conservancy staff at the Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop at 5:30 pm on Monday (map attached). 120 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Central Park Conservancy

Dear followers:

I’ve recently had the privilege to see Central Park through “the eyes and feet” of members and patrons.  On Monday, I took the route laid out in the Park, developed by Boss Tweed in the 1870’s.  108 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Israel and the Media/ discussion by Camera

Dear followers:

I plan to attend this event.  Please join us at the Stephan Wise Free Synagogue for an informative event.  Israel needs our help. ” Pay it forward”, be involved and make informed decisions. 138 more words


The voice of Joyce: Together we can overcome that" helpless feeling"

I’ve put off asking for money, hoping that a ” white knight”, will come to my rescue.  I forgot that God helps those who help themselves.    585 more words