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Archives Internship (Part Time, Paid), Democracy Now!, New York, NY

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Archives Internship

The Democracy Now! Archive internship program is structured for students and individuals interested in gaining hands on experience in the field of audio-visual archiving and preservation. 380 more words


Quote of the Day 8-8-16 (Julian Assange on Trump vs. Clinton)

“Choosing between Trump or Clinton is like picking between cholera or gonorrhea.”

–Julian Assange, interview broadcast on Democracy Now August 8, 2016

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A Classic Hoax of Homeric Proportions

By Prof. Tony Hall | American Herald Tribune | July 22, 2016

The Kevin Barrett-Chomsky Dispute in Historical Perspective – Fifth part of the series titled “9/11 and the Zionist Question” – …

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Now That Bernie Sanders Campaign Launched the Democratic Progressive Movement, the Instant Runoff Voting Enablement of It is an Immediate Imperative

The metaphorically unstoppable 300 thousand ton ship has been launched and has left the shores on a voyage which will inexorably and irreversibly provide the United States which a genuinely functional progressive participatory democracy which in some ways will emulate  the governance of our highly respected former “loyalist” neighbors to the north, namely the progressive democratic government of Canada, which experiences no terrorism reprisal attacks, which provides its citizens with an excellent single payer health care system, and which does not allow its citizens to acquire automatic human beings killing machines, through rationally regulated gun laws enacted without the toxic influence of such toxic undue influence lobbies as the American NRA is. 1,609 more words

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In this Presidential election season (or perhaps we should start calling it “epoch” with the current length of campaigns in the U.S.), it is no surprise to return regularly to political topics through our posts following the recent  215 more words

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Face-off Between Chris Hedges And Robert Reich ! Sparks Fly!!

“A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

“Fear Fear Fear that is all you are saying and that is the same thing Donald Trump is doing.” 270 more words


"Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve the Black Vote" by Michelle Alexander

LUMPENPROLETARIAT—Political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal was in conversation with Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman this morning.  As ever, Mumia gave us his intrepid analysis of the nation’s current political climate, despite suffering from untreated illnesses and disease behind bars.   719 more words

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