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Dark Money

Amy Goodman’s interview with Jane Mayer is really important to listen to. It pulls the curtain back and shows us a peek at the puppet master pulling Trump’s strings. 171 more words


Dead children, the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) and its friends

From New Eastern Outlook

by Henry Kamens


In civil war situations, such as the conflict in Syria, sides routinely make conflicting claims. It is hard to see who is telling the truth unless you have access to actual intelligence and a front row seat. 2,186 more words

Pity the Poor Rich Woman and the Rubes Who Follow

George Gurley has written a profile of Nikki Haskell, a wealthy New York socialite who feels ostracized for her support of Donald Trump (“Nikki Haskell Learns the Social Cost of Supporting Donald Trump,” 1,730 more words


JoAnn Hardesty

JoAnn Hardesty was organizing long before she knew it was a career. She represented District  19 in the Oregon House before she ever thought of herself as an organizer. 1,803 more words


Charles Blow/NYT - Democracy Is The Power Of Disruption ----Get Use To It!


Charles Blow : “Disruption is not a  dirty word; in this environment it is a badge of honor. Yes its important to show up on election day, but its also important to show up on the hundreds of days before and after…Buckle your seat belts because massive disruption is in the offiing. 19 more words