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On the evening of January 8, 2018, I was casually watching the MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s TV show while doing other things, when she caught my attention by reviewing the 1971 history of how Senator Mark Gravel managed to get the “Pentagon Papers” read into the US Congressional record. 2,394 more words


Professor Kevin Anderson, from November 2017, on Democracy Now!

I have featured interviews with Professor Kevin Anderson before, one of the most direct and clear-minded authorities on the implications of continuing to drive climate change through fossil fuel emissions and a consumption-oriented Western lifestyle. 148 more words

Climate Change

Jill Stein and the zombie-Leftists: collusion, stupid, or plain carrying the water for Trump?

Do you remember Jill Stein collecting millions of dollars for a “recount” of votes in the states where she took votes from Clinton, giving Trump an advantage, and then passing her ‘judgment’ that there was no voting ‘theft’? 1,550 more words

2016 Elections

Power - Music Monday

The world needs more of this – now!


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