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Amy Goodman: An Act of Protest, Not Sabotage, at the Birthplace of the Bomb

 Sister Megan Rice is now 85 years old. She and her two co-defendants await a lower court’s decision on whether or not they should continue serving time for the lesser charges of destruction of government property, for cutting fences, painting slogans and pouring blood on Y-12.

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Military Madness

Friday May 22nd News Snapshot of the Day

Freddie Gray: A Baltimore grand jury has indicted 6 police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, three weeks after State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that she would be bringing criminal charges against the officers. 807 more words

News Snapshot Of The Day

How an 85-Year-Old Nun, Activists Infiltrated Top U.S. Nuclear Site, Exposing Dangers & Urging Peace

Video and report from Democracy Now!

Three peace activists who infiltrated a nuclear weapons site have been freed from prison after their convictions were overturned. 173 more words

Just Peacemaking

White-on-White Crime

White’s prosper  because, they self-police. Blacks,allowed to self-police, will also prosper.

Amid conservative exhortations that black leaders are “too focused on racism,” and insufficiently concerned about “black-on-black crime” — which claims are commonly made whenever racism is in the news, but have been especially ubiquitous in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict — a few points are, it seems, in order. 1,521 more words

Black Codes

American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable Torture

New details have emerged on how the American Psychological Association, the world’s largest group of psychologists, aided government-sanctioned torture under President George W. Bush. A group of dissident psychologists have just published a 60-page report alleging the APA secretly coordinated with officials from the CIA, White House and the Pentagon to change the APA ethics policy to align it with the operational needs of the CIA’s torture program.

Source: Democracy Now

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