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Amy Goodman on How the Media Is Ruining the 2016 Election by Focusing on ‘Trump-land’ (Video)

“We need a media that covers power, not covers for power” 

truthdig.com  April 27, 2016

If you’ve been near a television, computer or newspaper over the past six months, you know it’s impossible to escape media coverage of Donald Trump.

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Media Criticism

Tenemos que Recuperar los Medios de Comunicación en Favor de la Paz y la Democracia: Amy Goodman (VIDEO)

Bertha Rodríguez Santos

Los medios de comunicación corporativos han silenciado a “las personas que se preocupan por temas como la guerra y la paz, las desigualdades, el destino del país”, indicó la periodista Amy Goodman durante una de sus presentaciones en Los Angeles como parte de su recorrido por cien ciudades con motivo del 20 aniversario de su programa radial y televisivo Democracy Now! 1,010 more words

Democracy Spring

Democracy Spring is giving me great hope. A huge demonstration of civil disobedience is going on in D.C. right now. If you haven’t heard about it, here are a few explanations and news stories I found most helpful:  500 more words


Assignment #3

Ashok Khosla – Science for the Future and the Future of Science

Doctor Khosla, in his lecture, focuses on a systemic approach to tackling issues such as the wealth gap, rising population, and our current ecological footprint. 436 more words


Top U.S. & World News for April 12, 2016 (Democracy Now!)

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! reports the Top U.S. & World News for April 12, 2016. The stories covered include…

  • 400+ Democracy Spring protesters against Big Money in politics and corporate lobbying were arrested in Washington D.C.
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DN! VIDEO | Black Lives Matter Activist: Bill Clinton's Defense of "Superpredator" Policies Dehumanizes Us

We want it recognized that our children are not superpredators. We want it recognized that there is something that can be done to then kind of shift what it is we’re doing with our resources and with our policies, to be empowering to communities and be in conversation with communities.  2,357 more words