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What I've Learned from Vic Toews

I’m not a huge fan of Vladimir Lenin–he slaughtered many of my relatives. However, I can’t think of a term that more accurately describes our current state of affairs than what he calls “toy democracy.” As elections approach in both Canada and the United States, we see some pretty strong evidence that neither country is a real democracy; like Lenin says, ours is a gimmick, a distracting toy for us to play with while the grownups make the real decisions. 2,183 more words


To hell with democracy?

Rather than blanket rejection or blind leftist worship, communists should aim for a more nuanced position on democracy that recognizes its importance in working class organizations as well as its limitations.  3,641 more words

The army has no business threatening citizens in a democracy

Malaysia’s Armed Forces Chief, General Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, is threatening to unleash the army on civilian demonstrators exercising their constitutional rights this weekend . Shame on him for behaving like a member of the ruling party rather than as a professional solider in a democracy. 447 more words


Kee Thuan Chye on BERSIH 4.0

August 28, 2015

Kee Thuan Chye on BERSIH 4.0

This is a moment we have never experienced before. At no time in our history has a single person in the highest office of the land drawn so many Malaysians together to go against him(Najib).–Kee Thuan Chye…

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Star: Canada's Leading Party Doesn't Want Its Candidates To Do Media Interviews During Election Campaign.

The Toronto Star reports Canada’s ruling Conservative party has told its candidates for members of Parliament not to talk to the media during the current federal election campaign. 325 more words


Are Moroccan Shanty Towns Incubators of Terrorism?

It has become trendy, since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, for non-government organizations, government institutions, and academia to organize symposia on Islamic terrorism, its causes and effects, to share best practices and propose what they think could be viable strategies to mitigate this global phenomena. 1,959 more words


Fear Or Faith?

In the early 1500′s, after a century of the black plague in Europe, Martin Luther was traveling at night, and found himself in a forest during a severe electrical storm. 449 more words