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Abolish the Lords

Published by spiked on 20/07/17

We’re pretty proud of our democracy, us Brits. After all, we’ve come a long way. In 1215, we had an unruly king who only wanted to do things his way, so a bunch of barons took him hostage and made him seal Magna Carta.

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Of Oligarchs, Buffers, and Democracy

The only benefit that democracy and government provide is that in combination they serve as a buffer between the warring factions of oligarchs with voters playing the pawns in a war for political influence. 141 more words

Małorosja — nowe państwo na Ukrainie! Uwarunowania, reakcje i szanse idei.

O Deklaracji utworzenia Małorosji

Władze w Donbasie ogłaszają (18.07.2017 r.) utworzenie odrębnego na okres przejściowy do trzech lat nowego państwa Małorosja !

“Deklaracja władz stwierdza, że „Ukraina to zbankrutowane państwo, które dowodziło, iż nie jest w stanie zapewnić obywatelom kraju ani pokoju, ani postępu”. 1,246 more words


Dictatorship and stolen time

It’s about time someone pointed out the obvious: “Bosses are dictators, and workers are their subjects.”

We generally don’t talk that way, of course. However, as  933 more words

One person, one vote

Come August 8th this year Kenya will hold a General Election. Voters will elect the President and his deputy, members of Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) and devolved government members (county governors and ward representatives). 1,413 more words

The myth of science as miracle machine

Daniel Sarewitz, of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University writes:

The myth of the miracle machine harms science and society because it shields scientists from accountability, governance and being responsive to human needs. 120 more words