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President Carter Reflects on 100 Elections

Last May in Guyana, The Carter Center celebrated its 100th election observation mission. In this Q&A, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who led the Center’s first election mission to Panama in 1989 and 38 of the 99 that followed, discusses three decades of elections, remembering ones that made history, ones that put his life in danger, and one that brought tears to his eyes. 865 more words


Малкият „петък” – LXVIII

Представям на вниманието на уважаемата тепавичарска аудитория едно писмо, чийто автор едва ли може да бъде заподозрян в симпатии към Тодор Живков и социалистическия строй у нас.


The Grand Theatre of War

Following the French 9/11, the War on Terror is poised to shift into a higher gear. In fact, things were already in motion when Russia… 1,093 more words

Voting on the decision to bomb in Syria

A letter to my MP, Sir Paul Beresford:

Dear Sir Paul,

I appreciate that as a very loyal member of your party, this plea is unlikely to be persuasive.  783 more words

And Still


goes on.

Yay, verily: on with the beat and nothing but the beat; as it was in the beginning, as it is now, and as it ever shall be … amen. 423 more words


Meet Burkina Faso's new, democratically-elected president

In what appears, at least for the moment, to be that rare bit of good news, Burkina Faso’s voters elected themselves a new president on Sunday, former Prime Minister Roch Marc Christian Kaboré. 309 more words


Context and Explanation for the Articles of Confederation

(Another one from before my citations epiphany.)

The decade following the Declaration of Independence saw an emerging need for large-scale organization among the thirteen American colonies now rebelling against England. 608 more words