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School Takeovers, Concentrated in Black Districts, Take Away Democracy

Thanks to Mike Klonsky for calling attention to this article about state takeovers of districts and schools. A takeover nullifies parent and community voice. A disproportionate number of takeovers have been inflicted on African-American communities. 364 more words

Charter Schools

To what extent was classical Athens a democracy in name, but ruled by the foremost men in fact?

Classical Athens is widely considered to be the origin point of our modern democracy. Many of the principles they enacted – of individual voting, of widespread enfranchisement – can be seen in our current democratic systems. 729 more words


U.S. Embassy calls for non-violence and respect for human rights during ongoing protests

Harare, August 26, 2016: The United States is troubled by the economic policies and financial strains that have prompted numerous recent protests in Zimbabwe and we join many Zimbabweans in their deep concern over reports of violence during some of the protests. 177 more words


Colorado: 300 Days of Sunshine Annually, Yet There’s No Sunny Side of the Street

Guest post by Philip Doe*

Not long ago, the Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, held a press conference kicking off a campaign to stop the state’s constitution from being, in his words, a “dumping ground” for special interest legislation. 2,404 more words


Today I needed to go into a government building.

I was told to grab a number and take a seat.

I sat down and opened my tablet. 1,749 more words




Good. Get out there, soon, and exercise your democratic prerogatives. But vote for whom? A toughie …

” … The US presidential election this November will tell whether a majority of the US population is irredeemably stupid. 187 more words


No Good Representative Goes Unpunished

I recently read a social media post by an outraged citizen (who I do not know) decrying his local government. It seems that their crime was having the nerve to consider re-opening a matter for a second round of voting that had mustered up a 54% to 46% split it’s first time around. 571 more words