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Who is the Most Qualified Presidential Candidate Ever?

Many Hillary Clinton supporters respond to accusations from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump that Clinton is “not qualified” by counter-asserting that she is the “most qualified candidate ever”. 1,824 more words


Old Waters

in the belly of seas
ancient rains
once washed
truths taught
by myths
of Olympus
gave glisten to
Greek golden age
under Pericles
bathed the… 68 more words


Conscience Voting

People are confused about my political views. They’re not the only ones. I’ve been in the middle of  a political identity crisis for a few years now. 1,458 more words

Elect Trump? How Could we?

by Thomas L. Friedman

My reaction to the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton debate can be summarised with one word: “How?”

How in the world do we put a man in the Oval Office who thinks NATO is a shopping mall where the tenants aren’t paying enough rent to the US landlord? 871 more words


Our "Peak Crazy" Social Psyche

Our Peak Crazy Social Psyche

Peak Crazy

Today’s New York Times (September 28, 2016) asks if our national psyche has reached a “peak craziness” with regard to our penchant for accepting conspiracy theories.  593 more words

The Government is Patronising Voters by Laying Claim to a Chartist Legacy

On 13th September 2016 BBC Newsnight ran an item on the proposals for changes to Parliamentary constituencies issued by the Boundary Commission for England . One of the interviewees was Chris Skidmore MP, Minister for the Constitution, who referred to the… 734 more words

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

“Do not fear and do not steal.”

In a triangular park between Massachusetts Avenue, 22nd Street NW, and Q Street NW stands the statue of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, founder of Czechoslovakia. 622 more words