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Wednesday evening, February 22nd, 2017, I attended an event called “Beyond Inclusion” hosted by Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) held at Gallaudet University. Ryan Commerson, the lead moderator in the event. 

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Brexit: Go Hard, or Give IN

There’s nothing ambiguous about the Leave vote: the only way for the UK to be independent of government by Brussels is to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. 1,217 more words


We the People

I asked 8 experts if we’re in a constitutional crisis. Here’s what they said.

Are we in a constitutional crisis?

Well, no. As silly as the president… 3,400 more words

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Joy And Happiness

Joy and happiness is a feeling down inside of us. Joy and happiness doesn’t originate outside of ourselves and work its way in. Joy and happiness originates within us with a relationship with God, and works itself to the outside to bring us all the blessings that God has planned for us. 124 more words

In age of Trump, apocalyptic rhetoric becomes mainstream

By Jessica Mendoza, Christian Science Monitor,
Staff writer | @_jessicamendoza

The longer President Trump is in office, the more Cat Deakins worries about the future – for herself and her children. 1,190 more words


"All bar one Devon Conservative MPs vote in favour of massive cuts to councils AGAIN"

From the blog of Claire Wright – the MP we needed and should have had.

“Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Every Devon Conservative MP voted in favour of massive cuts to councils this afternoon, except Anne Marie Morris who abstained. 463 more words