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The Woodpecker inside the House


We’ve had chipmunks and mice join us in the cabin next to the wetland, but never a woodpecker. Until last night.

The A-frame cabin is a quiet place. 354 more words

Republic Nation: Interpreting the Preamble

In the context of the Indian Constitution, description of the term “republic” would perhaps record a lot less space than the other preambular dictates which are indeed very indefinite and open-ended value concepts. 485 more words


'Bollocks to Blair' Shirts - A Suitable Left-Wing Response to Starmer

A little while ago I wrote a piece about an adverts for rugby and polo shirts printed with the slogan ‘Bollocks to Blair’ in an old copy of… 135 more words


The noise over the passing of three farm bills in India

Recently (as usual) there was some drama over the passing of three agriculture focussed bills. The bills were passed easily through the Lok Sabha but when it came to Rajya Sabha we were witness to some legendary scenes of members of the opposition throwing rule books at the deputy chairman of the house, MP’s being thrown out of the house using house marshals, etc. 395 more words

The Delicate Delegates...

Fawzia Koofi was chastised for using nail polish in the past. As the Taliban used to rule Afghanistan at that time, it was mandatory for the women and girls to wear… 509 more words


Patriotic Education and the Politics of Lies

Not long after my daughter started losing baby teeth and going to bed excited about visits from the Tooth Fairy, she confronted me in our upstairs bonus room while I sat working at my computer. 1,129 more words