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Doug Hughes' Airmail Letter Campaign To Overturn Citizens United.

by Jerry Alatalo

“Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.”

– ELWYN BROOKS “E.B.” WHITE (1899-1985) American writer, editor… 772 more words

Earth Matters

Poor society. The disintegrating middle and the road warriors of legend.

Poor society.  The disintegrating middle and the road warriors of legend. 

Whence there was once a strong and vibrant middle class around to reflect upon and infuse society with the banalities of the bourgeoisie and the stabilities of the safe and secure and the passing appreciations for the good things on earth and the worlds that projected and protected them …. 140 more words


Yemen’s Problem is not Sectarian

This post relates to coverage in the Dawn in relation to our recent event on the crisis in Yemen … “Pakistan has no business in the Arab world” …

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I Think It's Odd

I know almost nothing about the internal mechanisms of politics, nor do I really want to. It’s a dirty little world as far as I can tell. 325 more words

Belief Systems

Sacrifice A Son

I heard Ravi Zacharias telling of a statement that he made at a Middle-East peace conference. And although I don’t remember the exact wording, I’ll try to give the meaning of the message. 306 more words