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Why there should not be a second Brexit referendum

There’s much talk now in the UK – and in Europe – about the possibility of a second referendum on Brexit. The Brexit deadline is looming ever closer with still no sign of a post-Brexit deal on trade. 550 more words


Our Political Whirlwind

The whirlwind of today’s politics is exhausting and demoralizing.  I am emotionally drained by the relentless storm of acrimony and dismayed by its destructive force.  What is there left to say in the face of all of this?  1,619 more words


Beyond the Candidates: Ballot Measures

It’s election day. When you wake up, you see the reminder you set for yourself (nice job!). You stroll in to the polling place all smug, pick the candidates you studied up on and then–the ballot issues. 285 more words

Disassembling Democracy

The actual rate of accelerating technological and organisational complexity has been outpacing administrative and hierarchical aptitude for some time. This vast and yawning tract or vacuum of difference, distance and discontinuity can be expected to continue to grow and undergo iterative, progressive and profound internal extensibility and logical hyper-inflation: will democracy’s immanent informational disassembly be a consequence of this decoupling ?


Men of Paradox, Part 3: Property, Progress and Radical Politics

[i]. Reconceptualising Property in Rousseau:

Chris Pierson (2013) offers an invaluable reconstruction of Rousseau’s thoughts on private property, and demonstrates the reasoning behind the philosopher’s decision to retain property as an ‘ 3,591 more words

Political Theory

Yesterday's headlines hid the reality that Westminster still doesn't trust, let alone believe in local government

So it seems the Daily Telegraph was actually paraphrasing Theresa May’s speech and using the term council housing, to mean social housing.

The £2 billion headline will be money for the housing associations to put very nicely into the hands of private developers via the various deals and conjurings that go on once a section 106 affordable housing obligation is in play. 858 more words


Anwar as Port Dickson MP

September 20, 2018

 Anwar  as Port Dickson MP

Opinion  |

by Phar Kim Beng@www.malaysiakini.com

Port Dickson voters will no about receive loads upon loads of promises, at least for the time being.   700 more words