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How the EU makes Britain IMPOSSIBLE to govern

Not long after starting work in Downing Street, I found myself on a Eurostar train heading for Brussels. It was an eye-opening trip. But its origin lay in a truly shocking discovery some weeks earlier. 1,157 more words


Mathematics and Electoral Reform

Our “sunny ways” government is willing to give Elizabeth May (M.P. for Saanich-Gulf Islands) a place on the electoral reform committee but not to give her a vote. 846 more words



What hope lies in being one? In fact, it is an aberration laying claim to such grandiose and stupendous alacrity. What ‘Popular Will’ exists to surrender obedience and commit allegiance to a mere ‘geographical expression’? 2,537 more words

A Cuban Dissident’s Plea: Don’t Abandon Us

A leading Cuban dissident came to Washington last week to urge U.S. policymakers not to abandon those working for peaceful change on the island, as President Barack Obama’s White House continues its mono-focus on normalizing relations with the Castro regime. 741 more words

North America

Israeli citizens seek oversight of Israel's nuclear weapons program

More than 100 citizens who are members of the Israel Disarmament Movement filed an appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court to require regulation of all activities of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, which has operated without oversight since the program was created in 1952. 10 more words

Nuclear Guardianship

Billionaire Peter Thiel's attack on Gawker is called "champerty," and it used to be illegal

It’s hard to pick a side in the Gawker-Thiel-Hogan lawsuit, reported earlier this week in Forbes. Billionaire Peter Thiel appears to be helping to fund Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media. 490 more words

What’s Turkey’s problem?

Some people don’t like Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. That’s ok, I guess. Outside of North Korea, there aren’t too many countries where the president gets a 100% approval rating. 1,283 more words

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