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The Autocracy of Tony Blair

This article was published in the Morning Star on 12th December 2017. See here.

War criminal extraordinaire Tony Blair has once again been waxing lyrical over Brexit. 1,175 more words

The Unraveling of the Balkans Peace Agreements

The Unraveling of the Balkans Peace Agreements. Council on Foreign Relations. Daniel P. Serwer. November 8, 2017.

The risk of renewed violence and political instability is growing in the Balkans. 113 more words

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Layman's Ten Commandments (reprint from e-mail)

Layman ‘s 10

Someone has written these
beautiful words. It ‘s a must read.

Try to understand the deep meaning of it.

They are like the ten commandments to follow in life all of the time! 275 more words

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MY America

My America is white,

And cream, coffee, honey, milk, and cookie colored.

My America taps, raps,

Croons, speaks, sings, and leaps.

My America is diverse, 213 more words


Transcendent Individualism as Resistance to the ‘Iron Cage’ of Bureaucratic Rationalisation.



Modernity has been characterised not only by the great benefits brought by the increase in scientific knowledge and the technologies that have flowed from it, such as increasing wealth and convenience, improvements in health and well-being, and access to enormous amounts of information by ordinary citizens, but also by the increased possibilities for the documentation, regulation and control of our individual lives by governments, corporations or the cooperation of the two which technology has facilitated. 4,156 more words