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What Really Happened on Saturday?

What we witnessed on Saturday, the day after the inauguration, was historic and unprecedented. When we watched the various media report on the events, however, we were struck by the horrendous lack of understanding on what really occurred. 288 more words

World Events

The Inauguration: An Observer View

Today’s email from a respected friend calls attention to a British opinion piece on the American Inauguration.

Today I wish I could find a single line in this post-inaugural Guardian piece (God, even a phrase) that strikes me as false.

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March Madness

It’s been hailed as a triumph of democracy, but we have to wonder how worldwide demonstrations against a democratically elected President, who has just taken office can indeed be deemed anything but sour grapes by a bunch of sore losers. 150 more words


Let's hear it for the girls!

What a turn out from people around the world for the Women’s March on Washington. I love the idea that all other marches were known as  150 more words

Welcome to the Regressive Left in the Trump era: no "safe spaces" for those you oppose

I was saddened to hear about the violence in D.C. this weekend, with over 100 people arrested and substantial damage to property.  If a march is to succeed, it should be nonviolent, as was the case with the civil rights and Vietnam marches in the Sixties (yes, I know there was… 552 more words

Freedom Of Expression

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