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Trumping Fear, Finding Safety in Resistance

Originally published on It’s Going Down
By Scott Campbell

Following a calamitous event such as the election of Donald Trump, the first reactions are often visceral. 2,698 more words


Electoral Meanderings

As a Catholic, I have a lot of thoughts about the Electoral College vs. Popular vote, etc.

OK, so being Catholic has little or nothing to do with that, but since this is called Catholic Diatribes I figured I’d remind everyone that I’m Catholic. 1,197 more words


Today's letters: Electoral reform, Cuba, the château

Monsef should do better than grand-stand

Re: Minister trashes efforts of committee, Dec. 2.

On Thursday, Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef publicly bad-mouthed the work of a multi-party committee her government had set up to study voting reform in Canada. 1,257 more words


Loewen: What if democracy isn't all it's cracked up to be?

What’s so special about democracy? The question is no longer simply academic. Around the world, voters in democracies are electing leaders who refuse to recognize basic democratic norms. 578 more words


Why does the flag matter?

There is another social media riot going on over American flags.

Burning the flag is the trending way to make an “I hate America” statement.  Not very original, but trending nonetheless. 456 more words


PropOrNot, FakeNews, Harding

Today’s NC has some alleged “dirt” PropOrNot. This project, which WAPO enthusiastically promoted, came up with a blacklist of 200 non-mainstream US news websites and blogs etc etc, I think… 842 more words

Brexit Denial Watch, Part 1 - Sarah Olney, The Liberal Democrats' Special Secret Weapon

Slightly different to the Brexit Catastrophisation Watch series, these Brexit Denial Watch posts will focus on public figures of power and influence who marshal Olympian levels of denial to pretend to themselves and others that the British people did not really vote for Brexit, and that the referendum result can and should be overturned… 1,103 more words

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