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Brand New Leak: Clinton's Own Poll Shows She's Losing - Daisy Luther

By Daisy Luther

Another leaked document demonstrates what everyone in alternative media has been saying. Hillary Clinton is losing and losing badly.

But this is different because the document is said to be a poll…

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Challenges of Living in a Democracy

We live in a democracy. Sometimes we act as if that means the church has fewer challenges than, if we lived in say, first century Rome. 209 more words

Electoral reform ... again

The media is chock-a-block with reports that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to back away from his promise that …

… Brian Gable, drawing in the… 547 more words

Justin Trudeau

Will Your Vote Count?

It’s time to make up your mind and vote.

You’ve analyzed all the issues, studied the candidates, watched the debates, calculated which one – if any – will make a difference in your life and you’re ready to go into the voting booth on the designated Tuesday and exercise your democratic right to vote. 511 more words


Oh, oh - Government says we have to have an elected Mayor!

Must be a credible figure … now, THAT is going to take some finding! From Devon or Somerset? Career councillor or business person? Nuclear interests or not? 587 more words