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For eight years Republican Congress stifled Obama’s great vision

“America has not become great because the Republican controlled Congress has blocked Obama for the whole 8 years of his presidency.”

If a sixteen year old said this their ignorance would be understandable.   

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Awarding Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize on the come rolls snake-eyes

Leftists foolishly awarded Barack Obama on his promise to heal the world and bring peace.  Eight years later the Middle East is a seething cauldron of rape and murder that has spilled into Europe. 749 more words

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Are you a Deplorable?  Trump overcoming Hillary despite media

Hillary covers up her corruption by smearing Trump as a racist because he’s an American and not a politically correct corrupt politician.

While Trump has been laying out a very presidential, very good sense plan for bringing back the American economy, rebuilding our military, putting down our foreign enemies, and helping the American people recover from eight years of Democrats stealing our wealth to make… 1,122 more words

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Expect Hillary to use illness to bow out of debates

Could Hillary’s illness be Obama’s backdoor to another term?

Hillary collapses at 9/11 Memorial

Democrats are scared to death of Hillary facing Trump in debates following the debacle of Matt Lauer’s presidential forum.  977 more words

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Trump’s character vs. Hillary’s issues

Hillary’s liberal media portray Trump as dangerously unstable, while they cover up the absolute corruption of the Clintons.

While Donald Trump has built his campaign on the issues of the Obama Doctrine that Hillary says she will expand, Clinton has built her campaign on The Donald’s character.  580 more words

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Vote Democrat, die off, and be replaced

What is the purpose and ultimate goal of the climate change fraud that says mankind is a virus that is killing Mother Earth?

Democrats began this scam back in the 70s.  377 more words

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Trump is wrong; Obama not ‘founder’ of ISIS, but the ‘Father’ of ISIS

Obama is the Father of ISIS and the New Jihad!

Of course Obama did not “found” the radical Islamist group of Sharia jihadis who are rampaging across the Middle East slaughtering Christians, gays, and any Moslem they consider apostates.  698 more words

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