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Vote Democrat, die off, and be replaced

What is the purpose and ultimate goal of the climate change fraud that says mankind is a virus that is killing Mother Earth?

Democrats began this scam back in the 70s.  377 more words

Election 2016

Trump is wrong; Obama not ‘founder’ of ISIS, but the ‘Father’ of ISIS

Obama is the Father of ISIS and the New Jihad!

Of course Obama did not “found” the radical Islamist group of Sharia jihadis who are rampaging across the Middle East slaughtering Christians, gays, and any Moslem they consider apostates.  698 more words

Election 2016

Democrats are Born Again!

Democrats have been reborn in the light of Hillary shining.

Welcome to the reborn Democratic Party that no longer believes America to be the source of evil in the world.  335 more words

Election 2016

Democrat’s Summer of Love 2016

Democrats working their magic with(out) the smoke and mirrors.  Democrats are love, Republicans are hate.  Apparently, no one explained to them that the Sith are incapable of using Jedi Mind Tricks.  682 more words

Election 2016

There are three factions in the DNC – Deceivers, Numbskulls, and Communists

The Democratic Convention is in chaos, but don’t expect the liberal media to tell you about it.

Michelle Obama says, “Don’t let anyone tell you this country isn’t great.”  Eight years ago she said she was never proud of this country until Barack was nominated to run for president!   756 more words

Election 2016

Democrat language of deception 

Democrats never campaign as the radical leftists that they are, but as conservatives who are pure and corruption free.

Democrats say America is great.  Oh, wait, no they don’t believe this!  592 more words

Election 2016

What The WikiLeaks Hack Exposes About Democrat Media Bias

By Philip Wegmann ~

Leaked emails seem to suggest that the Democratic National Convention maintains cozy relationships with mainstream media outlets but takes a more caustic approach with publications it believes to be conservative. 622 more words

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