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10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Won the 2016 Presidential Election

Why Hillary Clinton Won The Election

Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. How did she win? Here are 10 facts that offer an explanation. 837 more words


The economy, Obama & Trump, and the history of Republicans and Democrats

By Kristen Johnson

The latest economic report in the U.S., under Barack Obama’s Administration, contains a whole lot of good news. The economy has added jobs for 80 months straight, put an additional 178,000 people to work in the last month alone, leaving the unemployment rate at 4.6% (down from 4.9% the month previous). 403 more words

And we're back.

i. This blog was created with the half-cocked assumption that I would be interested and committed enough to populate it with content. After serving its purpose of uploading the daily journal for the trip to Italy I took with my sister, it was shelved, left to gather digital dust until I had a reason to return. 503 more words

Democrats Don't Want America to be Great

Yes, it is true.

Beware of the Left; just because they have been defeated doesn’t make them any less dangerous to our freedoms.

Pastor Ward Clinton

I am afraid.

This blog isn’t going to be as long or well researched as I’d like it to be. I’ve got no sources to site, even though I did just spend the past hour reading articles and research from 1986 on. 521 more words

What The Trump?

It is now the 1st of December. The election has almost been over for a month but the wounds are still raw for all of those who did not support a Trump presidency. 475 more words

Electoral College? What Say Hamilton?

Hamilton would call me a witch and likely die of shock. The next best thing would have to be The Federalist Papers. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay wrote these 85 essays in favor of the adoption of the ruling document, by meticulously laying out the arguments for and counter arguments to justify certain compromises. 597 more words