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Liberal Christianity 

I’ve had a complicated relationship with religion as an adult. I’ve always been very liberal minded in my views, which I’ve often felt competed my faith. 250 more words

Swedish Suicide Continues

Due to some uncontroversial comments by President Trump the fake news conglomerate rushed to defend Sweden. Naturally the large population of Muslim invaders in Sweden decided to riot just in time to create unfavorable optics. 185 more words


Nothing Has Changed

Let me start off by saying that I did not vote for either a Republican or a Democrat in this previous election.  I see myself as a bystander who opposes the two-party system, and I have some observations to make about how the people I know have changed in the past month. 450 more words

Becoming an ACTIVE LGBTQ Ally

“If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, or if you consider yourself an ally, there are several ways you can get involved locally to lend support to those in need.” 10 more words

Published Pieces


Well the USA will soon look very different. Our new administration and congress have installed an EPA that is not there to protect the environment. We have not seen the likes of this since the Reagan administration. 159 more words


The American Divide

There’s an obvious political divide in the United States that goes far beyond party and policy.

It’s a division you see in-person and online that’s amplified by those on the far right or left, with moderates afraid to speak because of the backlash they’d receive depending on who their comments don’t favor. 1,041 more words


National Death-Match: Game On!

When it comes to President Donald J. Trump, I am not a fan. I’ve never cared much for Celebrity Apprentice, even when he hosted it; nor for his brash celebrity persona. 253 more words