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In gentrification, a wide view of the contradiction of liberals can be viewed. While decrying the damage we do to the environment, they amass in larger urban areas where a significant amount of waste is produced; while decrying republicans for not caring about the poor, they coalesce in neighborhoods where the poor have been pushed out; while complaining that we ought to house the homeless and take care of immigrants, they live in places that were once affordable enough for them; while bemoaning a history of colonialism, they have invested in the pecuniary enrichment of modern colonizers; while saying minorities are unjustly punished for crimes they only commit because of systemic oppression, they help ensure that oppression will continue as minorities are forced to find other places where there is an influx of poverty and crime. 400 more words


As In The Days of Nehemiah

While in prayer this morning, I was thanking the Lord for our nation, for our President, and praying for Senators John McCain and Steve Scalise, asking the Lord for accelerated healing for both men. 907 more words

74% Want GOP Lawmakers to Try Seeking Bipartisanship

A Fox News Poll taken Sunday through Tuesday finds that “74 percent want GOP lawmakers to reach out to Democrats and try to find a compromise.  112 more words

Cambria Press

Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort scheduled to testify next week

WASHINGTON —  Donald Trump Jr. and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort have been scheduled to testify before the Senate judiciary committee on July 26, the panel announced Wednesday. 230 more words