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Who will I vote for in November?

This election season, much like those in the past, is a struggle for me. I am the type of person who tries to look genuinely at all of the candidates and party platforms before making a decision. 1,435 more words

Death by Trump

The ultra-conservative Arizona Republic newspaper (that historically may as well have been called The Arizona Republican) endorsed a Democrat (Hillary Clinton for those of you not playing along at home) for President for the first time in 126 years.  25 more words


Evangelicals- Presidential Despair

Evangelical: of or relating to a Christian sect or group that stresses the authority of the Bible, the importance of believing that Jesus Christ saved you personally from sin or hell, and the preaching of these beliefs to other people.

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The only thing every Republican voter needs to know about Donald Trump

You’re fucked.

You’re just absolutely, totally fucked.

You have been conned by a New York City conman, a shyster, a good friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton. 291 more words