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Ways to Forget About the Government Shutdown

  1. Watch Scandal. Immerse yourself in a world where the President of the United States is a cheater and liar, more worried about his ego than the state of the free world. 
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Democrats, GOP hold out hope for ending government shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP/WTNH) — President Donald Trump’s budget director is holding out hope that feuding Democrats and Republicans in Congress can reach a short-term spending agreement before the start of the workweek Monday, but he worries that the… 998 more words


Bridging the Gap

Who am I?

I was born and grew up in rural Indiana, fifteen miles outside of a town of five thousand. My county is a red county; my district is a red district. 584 more words


GOP And Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Agree: Legalize Marijuana

The State Level is truly starting to get the message, and hopeful Governors are learning the States Rights to regulate marijuana are going to get them the energized youth vote that they need…


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Is being Republican a symptom? (Part I)

I’ve been debating on writing this post now for some time.  This post is going to be a lot of pondering, especially in potentially anecdotal evidence, some of which I’ve seen first hand.  1,120 more words


Schumer Shutdown

The Demoncrats will refuse to fund the Country because the Republicans won’t give Amnesty to 800,000 Potential Demoncrat Voters.

Shutdown = Good?

The news stories on the current government shutdown are composed almost entirely of quotes from various lawmakers who want nothing more than to try and cast the blame on each other and on the President.  445 more words

Notes On The Collapse