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Ted Strickland's Uphill Climb in Ohio

Former Ohio Democratic Governor Ted Strickland’s announcement that he has decided to challenge Senator Rob Portman in 2016 has to be considered a boon for the party.   606 more words


Whichever Of The Two Parties Does The One Thing Will Win In 2016

This one thing is not something magical like a Golden Goose or a pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow. It is not something that is at all impossible to do. 371 more words

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Missouri Puts A Limit on Welfare Benefits

The state of Missouri has attacked the idea of welfare recipients receiving benefits for a lifetime by setting a four year limit. The Missouri Senate has made the approval, with a vote of 25-8 in favor of changing the current limit of five years to four years for welfare recipients. 75 more words


Are Welfare Recipients Hurting Everyone Including Themselves?

Controversy continues across the country as many people feel that the increase of welfare benefits allows recipients to stay unemployed and continue to receive benefits. Adrianna Culbreth, junior, Environmental Studies major said that welfare was once designed for a purpose that is entirely different than how its being used now. 358 more words


Progressives, Nuance and the Abortion Debate

On the Abortion (any political topic) debate.

Recently a Press Secretary (assistant) in the State Department spoke of the arcane means by which President Obama’s FP regarding the handling of the Middle East crisis (the current one; Feb/Mar 2015) was too nuanced for the Republicans (Conservatives) to understand. 960 more words


Two More Years

The American people have to face the fact that we are still facing, approximately, two years of Obama still trying, and will continue till the day he leaves office, to push his agenda to fundamentally change our country as we know it. 998 more words


O'Malley plans to decide about presidential bid this spring

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) – Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will decide this spring whether he will run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

O’Malley told reporters in South Carolina on Saturday he’s seriously considering the race and anyone who intends to win the party’s nomination will have to start this spring. 94 more words

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