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The Ideology of Independents: More Ideological Than Partisans

FiveThirtyEight had a fascinating look at the Bernie vs. Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination.  The analysis finds that Bernie Sanders has found his strongest support not from self identified Democrats, but among Independents. 890 more words


Vote Democrat or Watch America Burn

As a student on summer break, I appreciate the time to finally read and keep up with as much news as I can. Being a student sometimes makes “staying in the loop” challenging and important topics such as politics get pushed to the back burner. 1,684 more words

Trump did it. Everybody was wrong.

I, like nearly everyone else, did not think Trump would be in this for the long haul. Surely, he would fade. Surely, his ridiculous statements would be his downfall. 366 more words

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Surprised? No Not Me Either: Democrat Representative Says Declaration Of Independence Is Racist (VIDEO)

What a shock. A f**king Democrat whining about the Declaration of Independence being racist. Is there anything in this country that isn’t racist according to those c**ksuckers? 231 more words


Politically engaged students: Cecilia Martinez

February 1st was the culmination of everything Cecilia Martinez had put in so many long hours for over the past 6 months. Martinez sits on the floor with other Bernie Sanders supporters and waits for the final results. 515 more words


We the People

We are not the topic of your debate,
not an owl that thinks it might be a rabbit.

We are not a platform to lift you into office, 206 more words