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Illinois peeps, check out - One Governor’s Extraordinary Year

Larry Hogan, a Maryland Republican, successfully battled cancer. Can he vanquish partisanship as well?. via NYT Opinion http://ift.tt/1MWGgTW


Which Candidates Have More Support on Facebook? (11/27/15 UPDATE)

It’s been two and a half months since we last checked how the 2016 presidential candidates have been doing on Facebook. This time, we’ve added Democratic and Republican “Facebook like polls” to see how much of the Facebook likes they’ve got within their party. 622 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Instability in Marketplaces Draws Concern on Both Sides of Health Law

Insurers’ struggles in marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act have emboldened both conservatives who want to shrink the federal role and liberals who want to expand it.. 8 more words


Lightening Mood with Humour: 'Your Comedy is Wrong' & 'Support the Troops'

Really not feeling in a mood to laugh very much at all these days, and mood and concentration variable for the time being… but at least I have the consolation of some light writing until I get repaired. 329 more words


Progressive thoughts on Socialist Insecurity

Posted above is what a Facebook page called Americans against the Republican Party posted up about Socialist Insecurity. Based upon this meme you would almost think that progressives and fellow socialists actually believe in free choice and forcing fellow citizens to give up the majority of their income. 2,070 more words


Republican Bedwetters

Critics of the Republican field of presidential candidates are warning that their calls for banning refugees smacks of fascism.

The critics do not know what they are talking about. 623 more words


Blog 1 -- The Best Man For The Job Is... (my presidential endorsement)

Ok, before I finish the answer to that question up in the blog headline, I first want to rewind the clock and explain how I reached my decision. 1,071 more words