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Donald Trump says he will sue all 10 women who allege sexual abuse

GETTYSBURG, Pa. – Donald Trump on Saturday pledged postelection lawsuits against every woman who has accused him of sexual assault or other inappropriate behaviour, and he charged… 821 more words


When Alan Grayson Bucked Dems to Back Ebola Travel Ban, His Girlfriend Had Skin in Cure Game

Now, theyre married, and shes running for the congressional seat hes giving up.”>Despite assurances from public health officials that the chances of an American contacting Ebola were beyond remote, elected officials preyed on the publics fear. 10 more words


Now's The Time To Seize The Moral High Ground On Liberty And Freedom

Democrats have seized quite a lot of moral high ground this year. But they could set a higher bar for themselves in the home stretch. This year is an unusually opportune moment to seize back the high ground from Republicans on liberty and freedom. 324 more words


In case you were too busy lamenting over the Toronto Blue Jays’ knockout from the ALCS, the third and final debate in the United States’ Presidential race took place last night. 670 more words


No Choice 2016


A day has passed. I watched the final presidential debate, listened to the after-action pundits, and I took the time to seriously examine my thoughts and feelings about the upcoming election. 541 more words

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Why Donald Trump will not concede defeat when Hillary Clinton wins the election in November

At the third and final presidential debate which he lost miserably to his Democratic Party opponent, the Republican Party’s somewhat official candidate declared – twice – that he would not recognize the validity of the election if he was proclaimed the loser. 324 more words

Who Won The Third Presidential Debate

The third and final debate of the US Presidential election season was held on Wednesday 19th October 2016. During this event, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton went all out, trying to convince voters that they were the best candidate to replace President Barack Obama. 736 more words