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Progressive scorecard

1968. The Democratic party, bitterly divided between liberals and way liberals, blows up.

1972. George McGovern is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever. 97 more words

Think Pieces

Illinois peeps, check out - No Guarantee That Redistricting Verdict Will Help Democrats

Nonpartisan commissions, approved by the Supreme Court, may be more fair, but Democrats can benefit from gerrymandering just as the G.O.P. does.. via NYT The Upshot http://ift.tt/1FKR7LP


Obama: 'I Never Promised to Bridge Washington Partisan Divides. Oh Wait, I Did Actually Did Promise to Bridge Our Partisan Divide, A Lot'

President Obama claimed last week to never promise he would bridge Washington partisan divides, but in 2008, he consistently touted his ability to do so in speeches and debates.


Joe’s Thinking

Vice President Joe Biden has been “biding” his time, so to speak. He would dearly love to jump at the chance to run for President.  Sadly from Joe’s perspective, he looks to be odd man out. 395 more words


Key Issues in 2016; Where Do the Candidates Stand?

It has been a busy week for the candidates, as presidential hopefuls have had plenty to talk about after 2 landmark Supreme Court decisions were handed down on hot election topics. 493 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Bringing together criticism of Bernie Sanders

This month I’ve written numerous posts about Bernie Sanders, due to his presidential campaign, in which I’ve criticized him time and time again. Some, like users such as “RDS,” who has commented on two of my critical articles, has said, among other comments, that my criticism… 2,975 more words