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Something For Everyone?

Last night’s Presidential debate provided Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s supporters just what they wanted to hear. Trump supporters were delighted at his “in your face” style while Hillary supporters reflected upon a smooth, fact filled, polished debate presentation. 234 more words


Debate #1: Winning On Points was Not Enough

What is disturbing about the current presidential campaign season is not that Donald Trump has succeeded with his asinine incompetence and little conception of his utter unsuitability for being president of the United States. 1,416 more words


US Jews contribute half of all donations to the Democratic Party

A new study argues that the large majority of American Jews have a deep-seated notion that being Jewish is inextricably bound to being liberal.

That idea took hold after the large waves of Jewish immigration to the US in the late 19th century, according to the study’s author, American history professor Gil Troy. 652 more words

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Donald Trump & the OODA Loop

The OODA Loop

When John Boyd was a young airman flying F-86 Sabre fighters in the skies of Korea, he noticed that American pilots were downing their Communist (mostly Soviet) rivals in MiG-18’s with far greater frequency than the Soviets were destroying U.S. 2,361 more words


The First Debate, What To Watch For

If you are a betting person, tonight is an opportunity to make a quick buck. Find your mark and ask the following:

  • Will Donald Trump reveal any specifics on policies or promises?
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