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Protests Are Good ... But Not Enough

Saturday, there were a number of protest marches being conducted around the country and the world, with the largest one in Washington DC.    They were marching about women’s rights and civil rights, and against the threat being posed to them by the Trump presidency and the Republican Congress.  549 more words


The Women’s March

What does one make of the enormous outpouring of feelings put forth by the several million all across the United States who took part on Saturday, January 21, 2017 Women’s Marches? 359 more words

Republican Party

Brilliant. How to fight for a nearby swing district

Brilliant. You plug in your zip code, and the website finds the closest swing district — a district that’s up for grabs in 2018 and went Republican by a slim margin in November. 69 more words

Getting Involved

Robert Reich's program to save the Left after a decade of defeats

Summary: Here one of the Left’s top political analysts sketches out a path forward for the Democratic Policy after its well-deserved defeats during the past decade. 938 more words


The Two Party Resurrection of McCarthyism

It is the hope of The Civilian Repository that the outcome of the Women’s March on Washington which took place yesterday, Saturday, January 21, and all the people that gathered and felt the power of their numbers, came away with minds expanded well beyond the parameters which the political establishment would have anticipated or desired.   318 more words