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A Federal Judge Has Had Enough With The IRS: He Instructed The Gestapo Agency That He Wants The Naming Of Names

All of Marxist Obama’s scandals that are still to be prosecuted are bad enough but if someone told me I had to pick only one to be prosecuted I would say come hell or high water it would be the IRS scandal. 712 more words


My friend a often guest writer, Ron Jenkins, amassed these following words of wisdom in a communication with a family member. He has allowed me to share his wisdom that I deeply admire. 451 more words


Charlottesville set-up...

As she so often does,  Clarice Feldman clarifies what  actually happened  at Charlottesville.   Pres. Trump said precisely  the right  thing in response to the violence there at what was most likely a set-up orchestrated as a Democratic dirty tricks operation by a former Obama supporter,  with the willing connivance of Gov. 125 more words

Republicans in a Lather

© Bruce Allen   August 20, 2017

Most Republicans have this notion that everything political in the U.S. will be fine once the party unites under the banner of “cutting middle-class taxes and improving the economy,” with Trump leading the way.  858 more words



Right now I’m guessing that the Democrats will gain some seats in the House but nowhere near enough to take the majority, and I think we will wind up with less Senate seats then we do now. 148 more words

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Buyer’s Remorse

What a week.

If someone voted for Donald Trump, holding their nose or not, that person most likely did so because they detested Hillary.  Well, this past week must have felt like a cold shower. 438 more words


Limbaugh: America 'on cusp of second civil war'

(National SentinelCivil Society: Conservative talk behemoth Rush Limbaugh, not prone to hyperbole, made a dire observation during his radio program Friday: As evidenced by the attacks against traditional American culture and history by the Alt-Left, America appears “on the cusp of a second civil war.” 998 more words