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The quote of the campaign: "a progressive who gets things done"

Some of our regular readers might wonder why we are hammering the references to “progressivism,” “being a progressive,” “progress” in general… It is indeed interesting to see how candidates use language to garner support from those who might be on the fence. 242 more words

Democratic Party

Televised debates

When it comes to presidential debates (and town hall meetings and other such events), one might want to assume that they are settings for, well, debate. 224 more words

Democratic Party

Iraq, HRC, and the "progressive" claim

Many have commented on Hillary Clinton’s claim to be (a) “progressive.” The term is receiving quite a bit of attention this election cycle, and HRC appears to be on the defensive. 265 more words


On the Hill

If you support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the presidency of these United States of America, then by all means, do it with all of the fervor teenagers having their first sexual experience. 120 more words

New Hampshire Highlights

The New Hampshire primaries proved something that is often dismissed: that TV debate performances do matter. After Marco Rubio virtually deconstructed himself in the last Republican debate before the primaries, the freshman Senator–hailed as a potential moderate alternative to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump after his strong Iowa results–came in fifth in the Granite State with 10,6% of the vote, following first place Donald Trump (35,1%), surprise second John Kasich (15,9%), deflated third Ted Cruz (11,6%) and Hail Mary fourth Jeb Bush (11,1%). 469 more words


She Won’t Survive

I will survive.
—Gloria Gaynor.

I had no idea that it was that easy to get the attention of, much less—apparently—annoy the hell out of a national talking head for a semi-big-time news network like MSNBC, but apparently in the brand-new world of social media such things are easily possible.

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