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Donald Trump: The Republican Party's Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

Pandering to bigotry & ignorance has its price

For years the Republican Party pandered to some of the worst aspects of human nature. From subtle appeals to racial prejudice through the birther movement, standing against women’s rights, opposing equality for LGBTQ* people, and demonizing immigrants, the Republican party has built its base upon anger and fear. 487 more words

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Demographics And Classism Stymie Hillary And Propel Bernie As US Is Divided

Is it honestly so surprising to have a 74 year-old self-declared socialist successfully challenging Hillary Clinton for the presidential democratic nomination? Hillary is of the Baby-Boomer generation that is ingrained within power structures, and she is seen as an establishmentarian by parts of the Millennial generation. 1,424 more words

Here Are The 16 Best Jokes From President Obama’s Last White House Correspondent’s Dinner

On the problematic state of the GOP:

1. “It’s an honor to be at my last — and perhaps the last — White House Correspondent’s dinner.” 574 more words

Is the US Political System Rigged?

Simple answer? No

The US political system is a participation based system. Groups that participate benefit. Those that do not participate do not benefit. In the early days of our country only white male landowners had a voice in the political process. 191 more words


What are Bernie Sanders' options if he loses?

What could Hillary Clinton offer Bernie Sanders if she wins?  What could he accept?  Above all, will he turn over his list of 2 million small donors… 563 more words


Bernie Sanders Vows Contested Convention -- "This is Hillary's Worst nightmare"

The Vermont senator continued to argue that he could still win the Democratic nomination.

Sanders Vows Contested Convention, Makes Case for Superdelegate Flips

The Vermont senator continued to argue that he could still win the Democratic nomination. 921 more words