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Make college 'free'? Not so fast

To hear the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, you would think the entire left side of the political spectrum is in lockstep agreement about making college “free,” or close to it. 797 more words


More Goucher, More Gillogly

Goucher released more polling data today. On the assumption that you can never have enough Gillogly, here’s some more.

Yesterday, I reviewed the Goucher Poll that looked at state issues and the Governor’s favorability rating. 786 more words

General Maryland Politics

The Biden Decision and the Biden Legacy

Recovering a legacy is no easy feat. Just ask Al Gore.

The most active Vice President in history, at that point, Al Gore was the point person on some of the Clinton administration’s most successful efforts, like… 643 more words


Who do presidential candidates follow on Twitter?

The 2016 presidential primaries have possibly been the most social-media driven election to date, with a lot of campaigning and insulting going on through Twitter, with most of it involving the prolific Tweeter that is Donald Trump. 170 more words


Clinton Wins Endorsement of National Education Association

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton was endorsed Saturday by the National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union, giving her campaign a boost in an increasingly competitive Democratic primary race. 342 more words


Watch Out Hillary, Here Comes Bernie

I like Bernie Sanders. I’ve been hooked since he decided to make a speech at Liberty University to thousands of young conservatives. Who does that? A candidate that is about as left as you can get decides he’s going to go speak to a bunch of righties to see if they can find some common ground. 602 more words


Bill is Back

The Bill is out.

That’s right, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign appears to have decided that it is now time to give former President Bill Clinton a significantly more active roll in the former Secretary of State’s bid for the White House. 250 more words