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Bernie Sanders withdraws his lawsuit against the DNC

 Late last year some members of Bernie Sanders campaign allegedly illegally accessed Hillary Clinton’s campaign data. As a result of this infraction the Democratic National Committee suspended his campaign from gaining access to the party’s national voter database. 391 more words


The Black Vote and the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Dr. McKinney said on Alex Jones that she was disappointed in black voters going for Hillary. But James Fetzer had a gentlemen on his show (The Real Deal) who sounded as if he’s been following US elections extremely closely for a long time, and he questioned whether or not black people have really been voting against Bernie as it’s been reported in the MSM. 96 more words

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Bernie Sanders: The perfect socialist

Let’s see: Money flows in small amounts from all across the country to a centralized bureaucracy which takes it, spends the bulk of it on propaganda to make people think things are going well, pays a small coterie of advisers very handsomely, pays everyone else far less, and winds up laying off about half of the peons because reality wasn’t as good as the propaganda. 411 more words


Dear Hillary, about our Bernie conversion therapy approach...

“Dear Hillary,

Since you put the Intelligence Department in charge of converting all of those Bernie followers into voting for you, the fact that the team is comprised of ex-CIA agents might be a problem. 760 more words

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How Bernie’s movement should ‘support’ Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton had a huge night on Tuesday, winning four out of five states and expanding her already substantial delegate lead. From here Bernie Sanders needs to win about 1,000 of 1,200 delegates remaining to clinch the nomination. 1,093 more words


It Is Time For Unity Among Progressives

After the results of Tuesday’s primaries it should be clear that Hillary Clinton is going to be the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. While it might be the end for Bernie Sanders fight for the nomination, it most certainly is not the end for Bernie Sanders role in the Democratic Party or the progressive wave about to sweep this country. 731 more words

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The 5 Steps: Coping With The Bernie Blues

  1. Resist the compulsion to google ‘Bernie Sanders’ so that you avoid becoming infuriated by dismissive headlines written by people who were just as dismissive in the begging of the Democratic primary.
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