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Lessons China Learnt from Failed Pursuit of Western and Communist Ideals

Failure of China’s Pursuit of Western Democracy
Lots of Chinese revolutionaries died or suffered hardship including imprisonment in their revolts to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and realize their ideal of Western democracy. 774 more words

Hand on Heart Halloween Citizenship Birtherism

The current absurdities seem to primarily result from the following:

1. The absolute contempt with which Parliament and the people regard each other. It is generally accepted that almost any amendment to the Constitution proposed by Parliament will be rejected by the people. 1,581 more words

Half Baked Articles (Arthur Dent)

Guy Fawkes – Reactionary who tried to return England to the tyranny of the Pope

The Gun Powder Plot was not, in any reasonable sense of the word, revolutionary. It was counter revolutionary in the strictest interpretation. The English Reformation was a social revolution that freed Britain from Papal tyranny. 1,596 more words

Yassin al-Haj Saleh on Syria and the Global Crisis of Liberal Democracy - via 'Mufta'

Some good points in this article, from Mufta, as shown in the excerpt below.

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“Revolutionary change is an uncertain process with no guarantees. 316 more words


by Arthur Dent

The missile strike against an Assad regime air base was a “limited” and “proportional” response to chemical weapons. That is the opposite of what U.S. 519 more words

Syrian Coalition welcomes Trump's action against Assad regime's "airbase of death" - as do all democrats and genuine leftists.

The Syrian Coalition calls upon our people and their active forces to close ranks and unite into one political, military, and popular front to confront the new challenges, combat terrorism in all its forms, and make every effort to topple the criminal regime of tyranny and sectarianism and work on the establishment of a democratic, pluralistic state. 445 more words