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Brazos Valley DSA

Like many Bernie groups around the cound, our Brazos Valley for Bernie organization has evloved into a Democratic Socialistsb of America organinzing committee. We are known as… 47 more words


Playing the long game for more ideological victories

This post was originally publish on Medium on December 22, 2016.

On The Swordfish Episode (#67) of the Chapo Trap House podcast, Amber A’Lee Frost spoke about her recent appearance at an event for Democratic Socialists of America. 1,636 more words


What I Have Been Up To

I know the last post I made was about a year ago telling everyone that I would have couple pieces up about the intertwining of politics, economics, and morality, but that got sidelined as I got busy with my jobs and the chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) I am trying to help build in my community. 129 more words

Democratic Socialists Of America

Primary the Democrats

In the first concrete measure of the political realignment currently shifting the two major American political parties, Democrats stopped a chance to lower the price of drugs for people. 1,699 more words


Joan E. Bauer: Dear Communist, Dear American

 for Dorothy Healey (1914-2006)


 Dear Ms Ebullient, dear Ms Unstoppable, dear Red Queen

of Los Angeles. Dear Dorothy born Rosenblum,

Red-Diaper Baby. Did you really read Upton Sinclair at 12, 368 more words

Opinion Leaders

3 Things You Can Do Today to Work Towards Social Change

As some of you know, I moved to northwestern Connecticut in the beginning of November. Since then, I’ve been enjoying small town life again but feel a little isolated from the big organizing going on in cities before Trump takes office. 309 more words


The Sub Left Journal's 5 Point Plan

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States has rocked the world. I have been trying to process this absurd turn of events, but every time I hear Anderson Cooper say “President-Elect Trump” I still puke in my mouth a little bit, swallow it down and let the acidic discomfort remind me of what a Trump administration is going to be like going forward. 1,589 more words