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“The early mobilization sought to win civil rights which were denied to Blacks; the 1983 effort has a united a much broader array of constituencies which advocate democratic change–national minorities, women, labor, religious groups, lesbians and gays, socialists and disarmament activists/”


A Democratic Socialists of America pamphlets featuring a variety of members from different racial, socioeconomic, and career backgrounds

Includes a quote from Harry Britt, a “San Francisco City supervisor” and a “gay activist”. 27 more words

Democratic Socialists Of America


The big winner of last night’s debate was the Democratic Party, whose candidates conducted a rational debate of political issues. Floppy shoes and grease paint were not in evidence. 208 more words


When Principle Collides with Reality and Common Sense: Socialist Alternative's Enthusiastic Non-Endorsement of Bernie Sanders

“We will be campaigning with Sanders supporters against the corporate politicians while politically arguing for Sanders to run all-out through the November 2016 election, as a step toward building an independent political alternative for working people.”

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Democratic Party

Socialist Worker and Hillary Clinton Agree: Bernie Sanders' Campaign Doomed


“No chance of winning.”

These are the words Hillary Clinton’s camp Socialist Worker, newspaper of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), uses to describe Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for the nomination of the Democratic Party in response to a (rather lackluster) … 661 more words

Democratic Party

Sen. Sanders: Educate, organize, and mobilize to revitalize America

Speaking before a standing room only audience at a town hall meeting in Austin, Texas, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said that we need a political revolution that empowers ordinary Americans to revitalize the US. 849 more words

People Will Take Socialism Seriously When Socialists Start Acting Seriously

Kshama Sawant’s essay in The NationWant to Rebuild the Left? Take Socialism Seriously” asks people who lean to the left to take socialism seriously and points to signs of the massive political potential that exists for a new generation of reds in the United States. 604 more words

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