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Winnowing the Candidates - Three Must Flee

This is really getting ridiculous. I can’t cut Democratic presidential candidates fast enough before more take their place. Here’s a recent poll from Emerson, and I have lined-out in red the candidates I have already eliminated. 412 more words



I don’t like this whole thing
Where I write something because it’s beautiful
Where I mix and match syllables
In hopes of forming verses lyrical,

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Dear Weather Channel: Should we Expect Fires and Smoke this summer in Seattle?

If you were in Seattle during the Summers of 2017 and 2018 you experienced the smoke of forest fires all along the West Coast. Many have just pushed it aside as the results of Climate Change but it’s much more than that. 187 more words


The Big Question No-one Is Asking About The Democratic Primary

I love American politics, but not for reasons you may think. It’s not because of the glamour, the impact it has on our geopolitics, or because of the despotic president at the heart of it all. 1,514 more words


US Democratic presidential candidacy - popularity versus electability

There is no indication yet whether there will be any serious Republican contender for the presidential nomination prepared to stand against Donald Trump. That’s if Trump stands again for a job it is claimed he never really wanted in the first place – I think it quite likely Trump will stand again, as an excuse to keep having campaign rallies where he is cheered for his crass attacks and incitement, and to try to prove he can win the popular vote in an election without the help of the Russians. 856 more words

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