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Four Toledo City Council members, all Democrats, arrested by FBI on bribery charges

The FBI has been investigating for two years

Four members of the Toledo City Council, all Democrats, were arrested and charged in a bribery scheme by federal law enforcement authorities on Tuesday. 277 more words

majority or plurality?

Democracy is often thought of as a “majority wins” method of electing governmental officials in whichever candidate receives the most votes is the winner. In reality this is not the case, when determining the candidate for each party, it is not a majority of 51% of votes that wins, but instead it is a plurality, in which the candidate which has a greater number of votes than any other candidate wins. 657 more words

Momentous Monday: Marbury vs. Madison

Two hundred and seventeen years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court made a very important decision, one that has resonated on down through the years, and one that is more important now than ever. 622 more words


Why serious shift towards more sustainable society has to include income equality?

Businesses are doing well but the workers are not necessarily sharing that prosperity. Inequality is everywhere! Income inequality is a three decades trend, reasons for this include technological advancement which replaces the workers, middle management involved getting huge profit margins, globalization leads to wealth transfer, changes in labor laws and international investment demanding short term profits.  411 more words


Stop It With The Blue Lives: It's Not About You.

Fixed it. As someone who works in social media, the original of the photo below is so deeply troubling that I will not even post it for reference. 545 more words

The Burning Bank Crisis and a Thank You to The World

This is what happened. From 2011 onward, some of the banks started to shut down peoples accounts after they paid a substantial amount on their credit to reduce their debt, leaving the customers without access to funds they thought would be available. 320 more words