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LGBTQ now have the place in world with blank of 3rd gender.

LGBTQ community stands for lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and the Q is stand for questioning Or who didn’t recongnised yet. 108 more words


This President

I am supposedly living in the most democratic country in the world but, after the President’s latest gross comment, and if he should win re-election, I have my doubts. 680 more words


Our Nation's Collapsing and Other Good News

War is hell, they say.

We’ve seen Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag. We’ve hated Spencer Pratt, we’ve hated Kanye. We’ve loved Kanye.

We miss the old Kanye. 504 more words

How the Supreme Court could change come November!

We are only 43 days from the election and things just took a major turn and not in a pleasant way. With reports of some Democratic lawmakers saying anything is on the table from impeachment to stacking the courts. 459 more words

ये सच या वो सच??

कुछ बाते कभी समजती तो कुछ समजाह जाती हैं.. उनी मेसे कुछ मेरी कल्पना बन गयी.

पढो और विचार करो…

Table of Confusion

“Fooled by randomness” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is branded as “one of the smartest books of all time” by the #Forbes. I went for this book because there was a lot of talk about the author, both controversial and praiseworthy. 548 more words


My Thoughts on a Possible Democratic Sweep

If we take control of the Senate, House, and presidency, I will be gloriously out of control for days. pic.twitter.com/4gnIfR9SSw

— Malcolm Flynn (@MalcolmFlynn4) September 19, 2020