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Bravo! Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has finally come out against the Keystone XL pipeline.

I suspect her position was influenced by the success Bernie Sanders has been seeing with his very progressive positions on most subjects, including climate change. 80 more words

2016 Presidential Race

Abraham Lincoln. Republican. Liberal.

Today, Republicans try to use liberal as a label to hurt their opponents. They think it’s a bad word. They think that trying to move forward, instead of backwards, is ugly and bad. 381 more words


The Wealth Gap Is Painful For Too Many Children

Much has been said about the wealth gap in the US in recent years. It isn’t improving. Republicans think the best way to improve it is to increase the measures they’ve been putting in place since Reagan was President. 304 more words

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About Hillary Clinton

You couldn’t possibly have missed the news yesterday (and for several days before) that Hillary Clinton is running for President.

I have mixed feelings about this. 368 more words

2016 Presidential Race

Suddenly Republicans Seem To Dislike Filibusters!

Well we all knew it was coming. Over the past six years the Republican minority Senate has used the filibuster a record number of times. They clogged up the works and didn’t allow much to get done. 142 more words

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What Democrats Should Have Been Talking About!

The economy continues to improve. Yes, it is still giving more to the rich than the average person, but it is improving for everyone. More jobs. 158 more words


Get Out And Vote! No Excuses!

In many countries, citizens actually risk their lives to vote. They risk attacks. They travel through war zones to vote.

In America, a Presidential election typically draws around 60% of the eligible voter population. 83 more words

Democrats Versus Republicans