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Goodbye Donald.....Hello "Jeb"!

He signed his “political” death warrant. Trump signed a pledge not to run as a third party candidate.

Now the Republicans have him right where they want him and will be able to shunt him off to the side without worrying that he will start a third party campaign and steal votes from the Republicans.  103 more words

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Lawbreakers for Lawbreaking Work


“American immigration policy is an amalgam of moral rot. Jailing two border patrol agents a dozen years for shooting a drug smuggler in the fanny tells us this government has forfeited its right to preach to anyone.”

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Hillary To Staffer Wary Of Sending Classified Info: ‘Just Email It’

By Andrew C McCarthy ~

The Blaze picks up a story flagged by Joe Scarborough, who expressed astonishment on Morning Joe on Tuesday at an e-mail exchange in which then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton appeared to berate one of her top aides, Jacob Sullivan, for his… 876 more words

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Is Al Sharpton Two Faced and Did Black Americans Not Utilize Obama's Presidency?

I have to say I agree with what Yvette stated mostly and Boyce to an extent. Al Sharpton is disgusting, because he allows racism to run a muck and is silent when someone has the means to pay him off. 250 more words


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The process of electing a President in 2016 still has a very long way to go, but there has been enough activity to get an idea of how the final campaign will shape up in 2016. 520 more words

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