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Wisconsin city clerk refused to set up early voting site for fear it would help Democrats

MADISON, Wis. – The city clerk in Green Bay refused to set up an early voting site on a college campus in part because she feared the site would help Democrats, according to emails obtained by a liberal advocacy group. 475 more words


AMERICA IS ON THE BRINK OF SELF-DESTRUCTION and, if Hillary Clinton is Elected President, Working Americans Will Not Survive The Financial Holocaust That Is Coming

The politics in America and the rhetoric that dominates the news should awaken us all to the reality that America is not at a political crossroads; we are at the cliff’s edge of political and moral debacle… 588 more words


Tuition Free & Debt Free College is a Moral Right

Do you remember the times when our nation thought big and did substantial things?

There was a time when we did thing big. We overcame the Great Depression, fought and won two World Wars, rebuilt Europe on the Marshall plan, and yes we passed and upheld the Affordable Care Act. 661 more words


Podesta emails brings more convention advice from former Palm Beach County Dem chief

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks have unearthed a range of look-under-the-rock moments involving the presidential front-runner.

They’ve also helped resurface… 249 more words


Sheldon Adelson Buys Newspaper to Endorse Trump

Until yesterday, Donald Trump had not received a single endorsement from a major newspaper, including publications which historically support the Republican candidate. The Las Vegas Review Journal endorsed the “orange man,” but there’s a caveat. 325 more words

Dear President Obama (8 years on....)

Dear President Barack Obama,

It’s been 8 years to the day since 13 year old me sent off a letter to you explaining why I thought you should be President. 1,139 more words

I'm Concerned about Our Country

“I am convinced that our government cannot endure, half slave and half free” (Abraham Lincoln 1858).*

When I write that I’m concerned about our country I will not follow with “if Donald Trump gets elected”; nor will I follow with “if Hillary Clinton gets elected”.   412 more words