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Massachusetts Is Going To Tax Uber and Lyft To Subsidize Taxis

If you ever needed a clear illustration that Democrats hate progress and love their cartels, this is it. They’re directly trying to line the pockets of their friends in an industry that has sucked for decades precisely because it’s been granted a monopoly, while fighting the innovation that everyone else loves because it lets anyone earn some money on their own, and everyone get a ride anywhere they want to. 30 more words


The Clinton "Foundation"


The Clinton Foundation is “organized crime” at it’s finest, and we are financing it! Here is a good, concise summary of how the Clinton Foundation works as a tax free international money laundering scheme. 533 more words

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Black Lies Matter

If, by some technological miracle, a way was found to use Hillary Clinton’s inexhaustible lies as fuel to produce energy, our world would never run out of power.

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Dems, Fox Elites Belittle Trump Followers as being "uneducated white men".

The following article was written by Mike Rowe via American Thinker:

“Pardon Me, But Your Slip Is Showing…

Albert Samos writes…The media has recently been stating that Donald Trump’s key supporters didn’t graduate from college. 986 more words

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4 Things you Should Know About the Louisiana Flooding...

1. It’s Really Bad…

The flooding has caused an estimated $30 million plus in damage, and is the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Some areas of Louisiana received… 275 more words

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Mike Pence Calls for Special Prosecutor after Report Reveals Clinton’s Meetings with Foundation Donors

(Breitbart) – Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is joining his running mate Donald Trump in calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down after the… 118 more words