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The Two Party System Scam

We are struck by a fallacy inherent in a two-party political system, one that is carefully avoided in political science lessons. So far as we have observed, anyway. 418 more words


Alabama Drafts New Version of Jesus

In light of the Paris attacks, Governor Robert Bentley announced on November 15th he is refusing Syrian refugees in Alabama. Along with this announcement, the entire state of Alabama agreed upon a final ink to paper redrafting of one of the main characters in their favorite divine document, … 699 more words


The GOP's Steep, Slick Slide to Fascism

I thoroughly agree with Manny Schewitz’s observation here, but I was hoping for a solid exposé detailing the plight to the right. It’s obvious to anyone who is paying even a moderate amount of attention, but for those who sling terms like “fascism” and “tyranny” around at anything a democrat says, maybe a detailed definition with bulletproof examples are necessary. 718 more words


Hancock and Kelley: Greitens vs. Brunner and the race for Missouri Governor

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-This week, an audio recording of a heated phone call between two Republican candidates for Missouri governor, Eric Greitens and John Brunner, was leaked to… 142 more words


"The Diaper Dandy is Done": I’m Just Glad To See David Vitter Go; I Never Liked That Man

Louisiana state Rep. John Bel Edwards soundly defeated David Vitter in yesterday’s gubernatorial election. Not only that, but in his concession speech, Vitter announced that he won’t seek reelection to the U.S. 1,126 more words


Squealing Lefties

Murder is unlawful. How does banning a gun change that fact.

That didn’t take long! The White House Half Wit is running around once more berating inanimate objects of the actions of mental defectives. 219 more words