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New Digs, Horseplay, And "God's Will" *Weekend Open Thread*

This has been another crazy week in the world of politics. I guess that is just becoming the norm now. We have a media that is essentially all in for the Democrats, doing everything in their power to destroy the other side. 914 more words

Cruz hits Dems for hypocrisy over Roy Moore, Franken sex allegations

(National SentinelPolitical Hypocrisy: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, hit Democratic colleagues on Friday over their perceived hypocrisy involving allegations of sexual abuse against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democratic Sen. 369 more words


Rep. Luis Gutierrez tried 'gotcha' with Jeff Sessions...not so much

(National SentinelAlt-Left: Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Tuesday attempted to use an article from the Left-wing magazine Mother Jones along with an offer to end ongoing investigations into President Donald J. 476 more words


Daily Discussion with BQB - Congress Has Paid $15 Million in Sexual Harassment Claims Over the Years

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.  I heard something on the radio yesterday and I think it went virtually unnoticed because there was so much else going on in the news. 339 more words

Peccable reflections

It’s here. Deer season is upon us and a myriad of sportsmen are taking to the woods in an annual rite of Autumn.

Here is a serious question. 104 more words


Jerry Mander - FrankenWeinstein Edition

The FrankenWeinstein monster

The Democrats continue their War On Women …

Do Democrat Senators get one free grope, or will Senate move to expel Franken as is talked about with Roy Moore if he is elected?  
267 more words

Jerry Mander

What The Washington Media Doesn't Understand About The Democrats

If you have been paying attention to the Washington-based cable news networks and other forms of major news media, you will become aware of a recurring  theme, the Democrats have no major political leaders  or high-profile individuals to lead them into the 2020 election. 753 more words