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The Palmieri Report needs your support

When I started this website three months ago I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew my views on politics and social issues were controversial but really had no clue how it would be received. 647 more words


Democratic National Committee Prepares for Staffing Overhaul

(ATLANTA) — New Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is asking all paid party employees to resign as he tries to rebuild the embattled organization… 104 more words

Democrats Shouldn't Worry About The 'Fairness' Of Filibustering Gorsuch For SCOTUS

They really shouldn’t:

The implication of this claim, though, is that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, Republicans will give her latitude to appoint a reasonably well-qualified, non-extreme jurist to the vacant spot.

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Impoverished nation

Dissension in Republican ranks didn’t prevent Repeal and Replace. Poverty did.

Think about it: Medicaid now provides for the medical needs of one in five Americans. 169 more words

Snark! Snark!! Snark!!!

Gorsuch Gets Support from Native American Groups, Liz Warren Hardest Hit

Some Democrats are saying they plan to hold up the appointment of Neil Gorusch to the Supreme Court but a new development is going to make that a little tricky.

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All The News Not Fit To Print.

Patriotic Democrats do not exist even in myth

Pick the Patriot!

Democrats are saying they are more patriotic than Republicans.  They say Trump wants to destroy this country by stealing from the poor to give to the rich.   596 more words

Donald Trump

'New Democrat' = Moderate Republican

Meet the New Democrat, same as the Old, Triangulating Democrat.  Third Way Democrat.  The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).  They’ve been running the Democratic Party for some thirty years.   1,292 more words