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Democrats invoke Selma anniversary in call to 'expand' the right to vote

The Democrats have been pumping out quite a few of these “I’m a Democrat” fundraising tweets, proudly declaring just what it is that makes them tick. 327 more words

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Hillary Clinton's Email

News stories don’t just happen, they are created. They endure when they fit an existing narrative or when they serve some useful purpose.

This isn’t an apology for Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email for State Department business, but the story provides interesting insight into her position in the 2016 presidential race and why she is vulnerable despite considerable advantages. 268 more words


We better heed the warning before Iran gets a bomb and uses it. World War III ! This is no game. North Korea and all?  What is Obama  and congress for that matter waiting for? Christmas?


The MSM Reacts to Hillary's Email Scandal

This video is from National Review and Brendan Bordelon’s post is titled MSM Flips on Hillary.

I’m not sure if I’d go that far but it’s a fun reel to watch. 66 more words


Losing faith in the good ole USA

I don’t consider myself a political person but I am one to be bothered by injustice and abuse of power. These last few years have been really hard for this country. 228 more words

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Bombshell: Hillary Forbade Use of Personal Email at State Department

Greta Van Susteren’s blog is relaying an exclusive report from Catherine Herridge of FOX News which adds new controversy to the email scandal…

Just got this document from FNC’s Catherine Herridge about Secretary Clinton and personal emails…

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Thinking on Compulsory Union Membership

Just a quick curious thought, considering that for once, the Lazy C gets it right in their editorial In Our View: Right to Work = Freedom… 91 more words

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