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Read Ted Cruz's Remarks on 'Bat-Crap Crazy' Liberals

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz argued that Democrats in Congress are behold to a “bat-crap crazy” liberal base that is upset about the election of President Trump. 3,271 more words

Tom Perez Becomes Frontrunner for DNC Chairman After Jaime Harrison Drops Out

(ATLANTA) — South Carolina Democratic Party chair Jaime Harrison is exiting the race for Democratic National Committee chairman and throwing his support to Tom Perez, solidifying the former Labor Secretary’s place as the front-runner in a still-volatile contest. 686 more words

Liberal Left

I am confident that there are those read my blogs and think that I must be the biggest conservative dillweed (keeping it family friendly) that ever lived.  1,477 more words


The Two Evils

Well, it’s time to address the problems of our American two-party system. 796 more words


Dear Democrats

Dear Democrats –

You should put forward a plan to improve the ACA right now. It is the #1 issue on Americans’ minds and the Democrats are ceding it entirely to the Republicans.You can see that people liked your first try (the ACA). 116 more words


In a town full of political know-it-alls, suddenly no one in DC knows anything

Upon entering the beating heart of a country’s government, one normally expects to find a swarm of self-important politicos at least claiming to know what’s going on. 1,384 more words