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Democrats manning the walls to defend sanctuary cities

Last month, trying to strike while the iron was hot, some members of Congress – most notably Chuck Grassley – drafted legislation to reign in the so called “sanctuary cities” where illegal aliens are regularly released back into the wild. 18 more words


Gannon seeks re-election as PBC tax collector

Anne Gannon has filed for re-election as Palm Beach County tax collector.

Gannon, who has served in that post since 2006, will run in the Democratic Party primary in August 2016. 76 more words



It seems that the Democrats who shot down legislation to divert taxpayer funds away from planned Parenthood and to non-abortion women’s health clinics, never even watched any of the videos of PP officials haggling over prices to harvest baby organs and tissue. 74 more words


Can Joe Biden Upset Hillary Clinton?

Is America ready for a president who was raised in an Irish Catholic tradition of social justice and faith, belongs to a close-knit and fiercely devoted family, has experienced profound human joy and tragedy alongside those he loves the most, is extraordinarily knowledgable about the ways of Washington and the world, is widely liked and respected by allies and adversaries on both sides of the aisle who served alongside him for decades in the Senate, has excelled in the vice presidency that was once called a puddle of warm spit by a distinguished predecessor who made much less of the post than he did, and embodies the gold standard for authenticity in an age when most citizens think most politicians are phony? 885 more words

Bill Clinton Has a Little Fun in Birthday Tweet to Obama

The 42nd President wished the 44th President a Happy Birthday on Twitter—with a wink toward the First Lady.

“Happy birthday, @POTUS! Hopefully when @FLOTUS… 61 more words

Chris Matthews Brings Out the Imbecile in DWS...(HAHAHAHAHAHAAA...)

“Huh…duhh…I thinks the…uh…err…question should be…erm…um…” (c’mon, Debbie…ya stuttering dimwit, get it out…) 929 more words