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Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party: A Class Perspective 

The problem isn’t that Bernie went against everything he had said about why he was running during his campaign and endorsed someone who’s the epitome of a pro Wall Street, pro big business, corrupt neoconservative politician. 1,172 more words

Bernie Sanders supporters look to Green Party

Proofing that he is nothing but another Washington insider. Bernie Sanders has abandoned his supporters. Sanders ‘now’ supports Hillary and the democratic party line.

For many in the Sanders crowd, Jill Stein (Green Party candidate) is a far more natural fit than Donald Trump.

#US Presidential elections

Donald trump and hillary clinton are now officially declared as candidates of republican and democrat parties respectively for the upcoming united states presidential elections.
Republican platform key highlights include india as “our geopolitical ally and a strategic trading partner,” also “the dynamism of its people and the endurance of their democratic institutions are earning their country a position of leadership not only in Asia but throughout the world.” 61 more words


Raciest Democrats Said "All Whites Move To The Back"

Local media reports the march was organized by a coalition of neighborhood groups including Black Lives Matter Philadelphia.

Raciest organizers of the Black DNC Resistance March in Philadelphia said “all white people to move to the back, make space because this is a Black Resistance March.” 33 more words

Slavery? Really Democrats? Really Michelle? Really Hillary?

December 6, 1865 was Liberation Day. It was on that day that America’s period of black enslavement, which lasted 246 years, officially came to an end. 666 more words


The National Convention Lineup Generator

For the last few weeks, at least here in America, everything in the news has been about the Republican National Convention, which concluded with Donald “The Human Cheeto” Trump being nominated, and currently, we’re in the middle of the  892 more words

4 key moments from President Obama's Democratic convention speech

In a headlining speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, President Barack Obama urged voters to elect Hillary Clinton as president, saying she will continue fighting for the same things for which he fought in office. 4,674 more words