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Twitter Is a Cesspool, But It’s Our Cesspool

Kevin Drum writes at Mother Jones:

Poor Bret Stephens. He’s the latest punching bag for the left among New York Timescolumnists, and apparently he’s getting sick of it.

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Resistance is not enough

Let’s get this clear before I go on.  I am no fan of Donald Trump.  I believe he is a 12-year-old, thin-skinned bully – a very talented and clever bully it must be said – in the body of a 71-year-old ego-maniac.   790 more words


Democrats, Republicans Divided on Virginia Shooting Motivation

Republicans and Democrats had different views on the causes of the shooting at a congressional baseball practice that left Steve Scalise and others wounded.

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Off the Deep End: My Response to an Article Calling for the Abortion of White Babies

I’ve found the most ludicrous article that’s ever been published on this ridiculous thing we call the Internet: https://medusamagazine.com/beyond-pro-choice-the-solution-to-white-supremacy-is-white-abortion. It’s short but loaded, and as I was reading it, I was sure that it was satirical — but it’s not. 880 more words


A Path Forward?

This is an interesting time to live in America. There is a divide in this nation and no end in sight. The politicians that We The People voted into office continue their centuries long act of never fixing anything because they are trying to fix everything, but doing it along party lines. 684 more words


Ideology before all else: Sen. Liz Warren swerves veterans’ advocacy group

So typical of a Democrat: Instead of being forthright when called out on their lies and b.s. they deflect and spew out more of the propaganda they demand everybody else adhere to. 109 more words

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