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#26Stone: For Peabody Award Consideration

Hi everyone! Did I ever tell you of the time I interviewed a presidential candidate? Check out this episode of 26Stone I did with President James Manchester, who’s running for President in 2020!


Hope n' Change

Big Floppy Shoes to Fill

When we read that the nation’s oldest and best known circus was going out of business, we simply assumed that it was another one of Donald Trump’s metaphors for draining the Washington swamp.

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Amazing! Top movie pick this way

I love math tricks and this one will only take you about ten seconds!
Amazingly, it really works to reveal your all-time favorite movie.
I did it in my head, then on paper, and finally on a calculator just to confirm my numerical capabilities. 146 more words


Trump vs. Rep.Lewis of Georgia - NYT Drivel Reporting

The New York Times reports today that “President-elect Donald J.Trump is engaged in a high-profile feud with some of the country’s most prominent African-American leaders, setting off anger in a constituency already wary of him after a contentious presidential campaign.” So what happened? 490 more words


Great News - 20 Democratic lawmakers to skip Inauguration

Great news democrat lawmakers promise to skip inauguration.

This will make open up front row seats for 10’s of millions of Trump voters to obtain front row seats to Mr. Trumps inauguration.