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Wall Grins

Rather than having the Democrats shut down the government and turn the undeserving American people away from Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful, and the Washington Monument, Donald Trump has agreed to let an interim spending bill (is there any other kind?) proceed without the startup money for his border wall – but promises that he’ll get better results in September.

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Amid disruption, political parties fight for relevance, control

Both at home and abroad, today’s political parties face new challenges: new entrants with disruptive models, a flattened value chain, and more disparate voter needs. To address these factors, political parties must create brands with relevance in mind. 286 more words

Common Wealth


At some point the Dems and the DNC are going to have to come to the realization that it is time move on – time to move on from the Clinton’s and the failed establishment approach. 307 more words

Oliver Stone Rages Against The Deep State's "Wonderful Job Of Throwing America Into Chaos"

 No, this isn’t an accident or a one-off affair. This is the State deliberately misinforming the public through its corporate media…   

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Unpopular Positions

Remember all the nasty names your worst boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner called you? How they attacked your character, spread lies about you, said mean things about your family? 760 more words


Trump's 15% tax ain't happening

Dear Trump-Pets. As a self-employed consultant, I support a 15% marginal tax on pass-throughs. Is it going to happen? No. Paul Ryan and Company won’t allow it and Nancy Pelosi and her minions will message negatively on the idea, calling it a gift to hedge fund managers who already benefit from carried interest. 80 more words