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Democrats in 2018: Needs of the party face vs. the needs of the caucus

If Democrats really want to get a handle on the Senate and house again, then they need to pick their battles wisely. Even though democrats won most the popular vote in 2016, this election cycle took them through the ringer. 783 more words


Senate Democrats Distance Themselves From Elizabeth Warren As Face Of The Party

Elizabeth Warren has made it pretty clear she’s lost all touch with reality. Her awful smear of Jeff Sessions on the Senate floor told you everything you needed to know about that.

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The Will Rogers Guide to Washington, D.C.

I’m happy to report that despite the current tenor of the American political scene, humor abounds. And that’s a good thing. If Will Rogers were still around, he’d agree. 625 more words


Day 33: Liberals Resisting Change

Mike Huckabee has said many offensive things and has stood (quite literally) with people who refuse to accept our changing times. In the midst of an… 602 more words

Trump County (don't miss this)

From The Guardian: McDowell County WV, 74% Trump. He talked to them; Hillary talked honestly and caringly about them (and T lied about what she said, as you see in the first video, below). 509 more words

Never Fly With A Democrat

This is another view from the back of the airplane. Today, many of us abhor traveling by airplane. You get onboard and there’s never enough room, there’s always too many people, and you can’t trust them, as evidenced by necessary TSA procedures. 571 more words


Why Russophobia in the US Will Have Limited Shelf Life

By Melkulangara Bhadrakumar | Strategic Culture

The first month of the Donald Trump presidency in the United States has been truly exceptional. A combination of circumstances created headwinds for the new president, unprecedented in recent American political history. 1,256 more words

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