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The Left Wing Has Gone Off It's Rocker

So since last year after Trumps Election Victory and the successful leave vote in the Brexit Referendum, something fishy has been in the air. Certain groups that call themselves… 1,282 more words


The Rising Tide of Anti-White Racism

America is rapidly becoming an indecent nation. The once virtuous society that America was is now falling prey to radical leftists who have created a culture of intolerance. 641 more words


It's Time For Trump, The Racist, To Go

As every day passes during the Trump Presidency we are reminded time and time again  of how unfit he is to be President of the United States, how uneducated and lacking in intelligence he is to even understand how to govern. 270 more words


Facebook - The Fallacious Faith

By Ladisa Onyiliogwu

I was shocked like most Americans when hearing of Mark Zuckerberg’s comparison of Facebook to the Church.  All it takes is a simple google of his name, church and community to reveal a flood of articles and outrage over his statement made during the Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago, Illinois held June 22-23, 2017.  477 more words


Russ Hurley for Congress in 2018 (Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District)

The voters of Cincinnati have been carefully divided up into two congressional districts, both of which are reliably Republican.  The gerrymandering is particularly obvious in the 2nd district, which reaches to Pike County, roughly 100 miles away from the carefully carved appendage slicing through Cincinnati and Hamilton County. 1,721 more words


Purge of ALL Confederate monuments coming as Alt-Left seeks to erase, rewrite history

(National SentinelSociety: The Alt-Left, which has found a welcome home in the Democratic Party, is set to go all-out following the violence in Charlottesville last weekend to remove  522 more words


How Deep Rooted Is Our Racism?

I grew up in a small town in Eastern Texas where racism was a fact of life. There was the main part of town and on the fringe of the town on either side was a location known as N—– Town. 537 more words