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Will Hillary Experience a Repeat of 2008?

Some believe that Hillary Clinton is a guarantee to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency in 2016. Not so fast. Democrats listen closely to what and how their candidates say in the debates and to the press. 275 more words

2016 Election

Campaign Finance Rules: Making A Polarized System Worse

Many Americans are rightly fed up with the current state of our political system. Polarization abounds and, while breakthroughs can occur, (a multi-year transportation bill, long-term budget and debt ceiling deals), they are more the exception than the rule. 1,481 more words

American Politics

Neel Kolhatkar Takes a Shot at Liberal Cultism Sweeping Colleges

Australian comedian and filmmaker Neel Kolhatkar has had enough of liberalism polluting higher education. Modern Educayshun is a short film by the director that targets the bizarre and extreme form of liberalism that is currently rampant in schools and universities. 139 more words


The devil made them do it

Just go ahead and emblazon the term “the devil made me do it” on the seal of the Democratic National Committee.  Decadence, elimination of God, bowing to the environment as a god rather than the creator of the environment, and the general loathing for individual self-reliance are considered liberal traits by many.  248 more words


Illegal Immigration

The lies about

refugees, immigrants

and poverty


Hope n' Change

Shoots and Leaders

Let’s get a few things out of the way first: the mass shooting at the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic is an awful tragedy which should never have happened.

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