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Democrats Finally Admit ObamaCare Is A Failure, But Don’t Worry They’ll Fix It

What do you know? It turns out the Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable and doesn’t provide much care. At least it is an act (of treason?), so the name is not 100% misleading. 25 more words


Quotes: What we've become.

“The truth in Lord Acton’s classic axiom that ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ becomes more self-evident every day. Politicians from the only two parties we have to choose from break promises, are unresponsive to the will of the people, and opt for war, austerity measures, and state control over and over again. 42 more words


I just can't stop myself - Democrats & Liberals SUCK !

This is a “prepper” website. I try to keep my articles related to some aspect of emergency preparedness, including current events. Today, Memorial Day, I was trying to stay non-political and stay on-track with preparedness. 93 more words

Opinion & Observation

Democrats Are Crybabies

Democrats are Crybabies

When I was five and six-years-old there was an expression common to most five and six-year-olds. That expression was crybaby.

A crybaby is someone who pouts and cries when then they don’t get their way. 694 more words


Hancock & Kelley: Diehl Fallout, Voter ID in MO, Perks for St. Louis Recorder of Deeds

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Political consultants John Hancock, a Republican, and Michael Kelley, a Democrat, present opposing viewpoints on current issues every Sunday morning on FOX 2 at 8:30am. 117 more words


Rand Paul in Two Words: Principled and Bipartisan

For over 10 hours on May 20th and 21st, Rand Paul was on his feet filibustering to delay the renewal of the Patriot Act (the Freedom Act). 468 more words


Thomas Sowell - The Government Doesn't 'Ask' For Your Money

The great Thomas Sowell points out Obama’s dishonest portrayal of taxation…

‘Just Asking’

In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric — and disregard of reality.

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