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Death by demography....

If you haven’t read Mark Steyn’s 2008America Alone,’ you must.  He spells it out in very clear terms. Western civilization is doomed unless people of European descent get busy and start producing large families, now!   297 more words

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Oasis vs. Prudential: two very different honesty plays

The current Oasis campaign made me smile, pull over and take a photo.

The battle for consumer attention is unrelenting. It’s increasingly hard to cut through no matter what your medium. 364 more words

Consumer Psychology

Cool map tells us which immigrant ethnic group holds demographic dominance in each state

A reader, Phillip, sent us this very interesting map.  It is a little annoying to have to figure out in some cases which flag is depicted on certain states, but it is nonetheless informative.   117 more words

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Africans fastest growing immigrant group in America

So says The Economist in an article entitled: ‘Building Afromerica.’

This is an article meant to put your mind at ease by suggesting that a large percentage of the Africans arriving in America are well-educated and live in the suburbs when they get here, thus not adding to inner-city poverty. 349 more words

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Supporting young farmers in the EU

Written by Marie-Laure Augère-Granier

The European Union farming sector faces a demographic challenge – a shortage of young farmers – that undermines its long-term sustainability. Many socio-economic factors, such as reduced access to land and credit, and lack of rural infrastructure, drive young people away from a career in agriculture. 240 more words


Will your children live to be 100+?

Written by David Eatock

It is expected that half of all children born in the European Union (EU) since the year 2000 will live to be at least 100 years old. 578 more words


As Minnesota goes (demographically), so goes the Nation

Here is a long article published originally at Brookings basically warning America that the white population is fading out, getting old, retiring and dying off and we better darn well educate the immigrants in order to replace us in the workforce. 401 more words

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