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Early European and Contemporary Hispanic Immigration: a Comparison of Crime and Income

Hispanic Americans make less money, on average than White Americans:

They also have higher rates of crime:

Carson (2015)

Some argue that this was also true of early waves of European immigrants to America and so we should expect Hispanics to assimilate just as Europeans did. 308 more words

Demographic Change

Indulge in a spot of online shopping on Christmas day? You're not alone

UK shoppers spent nearly a billion pounds online on Christmas day 2017.

It’s a reminder how much things have changed.

Those of you who can remember the advent of Sunday trading or the difficulty in getting a pint of milk on Boxing Day may sigh and feel a vague nostalgia for times gone by. 181 more words

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Christian Nation? Not so much

At the publication of the last census I made a prediction; that by 2021, the number of Australians who say they have no religion would be the plurality – the largest single group. 324 more words


When a rescue champion retires...

I have just finished writing a column for NZ Dog World magazine about the issue of demographic change in the veterinary medicine sector.

And then in my Linkedin newsfeed… 331 more words


Race, Wealth, and Economic Freedom in North and South America

Previously, it has been shown that variation in intelligence and mean socio-economic status between the nations of North and South America can be partially accounted for by national variation in racial genetic admixture which in turn correlations with regional cognitive ability. 405 more words

Demographic Change