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La Reconquista by Billy Roper

La Reconquista by Billy Roper

After his meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the Mexican president fired a government Finance Minister who had suggested he invite and sit down with the GOP contender in Mexico City. 1,006 more words

Donald Trump

"Anti-refugee rhetoric" fueling controversy in southern elections

So says a publication called Facing South.’

I want you to read this story (even if you don’t live in the south).

I found it interesting because of its implication that once again southerners are anti-foreigner, but I do want to make it clear that the concern about pouring third world poverty into any state North, West, East or South is growing, and that it is a concern that was growing long before Donald Trump came on the scene. 176 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Demography is Destiny (or why two heads are better than one)

Bradford DeLong has a fantastic blog post on the relationship between population size and economic growth and development. He writes:

In Kremer’s model, population will grow and eventually population will be high enough that research and development will proceed fast enough to push income per capita high enough to trigger the demographic transition and thus break the Malthusian proportional link between resources and technology on the one hand and population on the other.

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The Balkanization Of America by Billy Roper

The Balkanization of America by Billy Roper

Demographic statistics and shifting Census data indicate that growing political polarization, racial tensions, and the element of change in America’s culture and society brought on by both legal and illegal immigration are all leading towards the Balkanization of America. 1,239 more words


On English morale, post-WWII

The above letter was printed in a magazine called Picture Post, dated March, 1947 which is part of my collection of old magazines and ephemera. In 1947 England was still trying to recover from the recent devastating War, and conditions were somewhat bleak. 199 more words


Comment worth noting: reader wants map to show state per capita refugee arrivals

Reader TipTipTopKek asked the following in a comment to the post last night with the map of the US .  He/she wants to know which states receive the most refugees on a per capita basis. 216 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Migration and the EU: A long-term perspective

Written by Eamonn Noonan,

Policy debate on migration understandably focuses on short-term challenges and costs, given the refugee wave that arrived in the EU in 2015. 195 more words