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The Diversity Of Illegal Immigration | Hoover Institution

I live on a farm beside a rural avenue in central California, the fifth generation to reside in the same house. And after years of thefts, home break-ins, and dangerous encounters, I have concluded that it is no longer safe to live where I was born. 32 more words


The Late late showing with Lebron James and the Lakers…featuring Kyrie Irving?

First let me confess that I am an Atlanta Hawks fan, simply but never regrettably, by birth state. Meaning that I was born in the great state of Georgia, which by fan law makes me inherently a fan of all sporting teams Georgia. 312 more words

Retirements are Coming

Demographics are a powerful force. Next year the oldest Baby Boomers will turn 75 years old. In fact, over the next decade the fastest growing age cohorts in Oregon will all be 70 years old or older. 59 more words


President Trump puts the P in Privilege

“You can’t make this stuff up; I dare you to even try.” I have quoted Sheriff Bell in my blogs before (shout out to Cormac McCarthy), but this quote is certainly most fitting considering the drama, more like comedy, that transpires almost daily at The White House. 746 more words

The Prince and the Pauper….but don’t forget About Purpose.

I’m sure that we have all heard the idiom “the grass is always greener on the other side,” “or walk a mile in my shoe.” In all earnest these idioms couldn’t be any more different or opposite of each other; in fact, they are almost each other’s rebuttal. 589 more words

Either the President lost a bet…or he loves the SEC!

I can hear Coach Dabo Swinney’s voice echoing over his newly minted College Football National Championship team Clemson Tigers (both players and coaches) sounds of excitement: “Alright young men, ya’ll worked hard all summer and now here’s one of the fruits of your labor. 690 more words

What Are Ways To Make Your Online Retail Store Truly SUCCEED?

30 Years ago, if you wanted to start a your own retail business
you most likely had to open a brick and mortar store that people visited in… 1,317 more words

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