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Midtown Development is Good

And what it is really good for is increasing the Downtown/Midtown synergy and economy by increasing the number of people who will live, work and shop there—and because of the existing lot layout, sometimes building up is the only real option—all good for Sacramento. 387 more words


"Mr. Trump’s All-White Nostalgia Movement": It’s Demographic Panic, Not Economic Panic, That’s Driving His Rise

Donald Trump, sounding something like Bernie Sanders, says he’s building a “movement.”

And in a sense, Trump is right. He is building a movement, of sorts, but not the kind that will help grow the… 1,014 more words

Donald Trump

Are Voter ID Laws Racist?

Well, the default alt-right  answer is “I don’t care,” since charges of racism are just used to socially shame ethnocentrism among Whites. Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t have enough agency to prove their identity to the government should not be voting on who gets to be part of the government. 755 more words


Dispatch from the Front: The "War on Coal"

Last week, I took readers to the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville, PA. Pottsville is the seat of Schuylkill County and a main hub for Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal region, the oldest coal-producing region in America. 1,549 more words


Opportunity Knocks, Kentucky!

Joe Kercsmar, CEDIK Research Associate

“Knocks” is an understatement. On March 7, 2016 the White House launched The Opportunity Project (United States Census Bureau, 2016), a collaboration with private companies to make the governmental data easily accessible and user-friendly. 634 more words

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A Perfect Labor Force Storm

A perfect storm is brewing for the economy and individual businesses in NH and across the country.  Slow labor force growth, the retirement of baby boomers, and weak growth in labor productivity are severely limiting the productive capacity of the nation’s economy.  1,640 more words



The first time I heard the word minority, I was confused. What’s a minority? I searched the word on tumblr and from what I got out of it, it meant literally every race that isn’t white. 263 more words