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Newfoundland needs to prepare for coming demographic time bomb, says auditor general

Newfoundland and Labrador is not prepared for the coming demographic time bomb that will see about a third of residents reach age 65 or older within 20 years, the province’s auditor general says. 266 more words


What is a multi-ethnic life?

“To erase the stain of racism in the SBC requires all racial groups within the denomination to preach reconciliation, to live multiethnic lives, and to reject and fight against he enduring effects of white supremacy with the gospel of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.” – Jarvis Williams, Removing the Stain of Racism… 447 more words


Workplace Demographics

The staff meeting had devolved into a conversation about the relative pros and cons of getting amniotic fluid out of industrial carpeting.

Pro: it’s clear. … 294 more words

Life In California

Kids in the Basement, 2017 Update

Yesterday we looked at household formation in Oregon. Historically one key component has been young Oregonians leaving the nest after finishing school and/or finding a job. 36 more words


Finding Your Customers

Writer: Teresa Madaleno

Most company executives understand that the better they understand their customers, the more likely their business will grow. The problem often becomes defining customer base. 480 more words

Teresa Madaleno

Population trends for higher education beyond the United States

How will changing demographics transform higher education?  Demographics are a vital tool in the futurists’ toolbox, and are also crucial for understanding just about everything in education, including not just higher ed but K-12, informal education, vocational training, and more. 685 more words


Social Media & Mobile Exercise

This Facebook exercise helps students understand the different types of segmentation using Facebook’s automated advertising system.

Segmentation, Targeting Exercise

 Your task: Go to Facebook.com and create and advertisement for a particular business. 305 more words

Social Media Marketing