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Plagiarism rules

The following post was initially shared on Linked In. I’ve expanded to post on other blogs to weigh in on public opinion. Is there any recourse or protection for employees? 611 more words


Obama's approval rating from his first day to his last, in charts

US president Barack Obama will leave office with an approval rating of 57% according to a survey from the polling firm Gallup taken from Jan. 9-15, 2017.  391 more words

Business personas

Driving people around all day, or just, you know, living…  I encounter a variety of different business personas. As well as having different attitudes towards money, they also have different tastes in clothes and cars. 244 more words

Sweden's population will exceed 10 million today

The Swedish population will pass 10 million later today.

In 1969, 8 million people lived in Sweden. It took 35 years before the population passed 9 million in 2004.

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How Well Has Cuba Managed To Improve Health Outcomes? (part 3)

As part of my series of blog post reconsidering health outcomes in Cuba, I argued that other countries were able to generate substantial improvements in life expectancy even if Cuba is at the top. 677 more words


The Toll

Day posted on his blog:

There is a common phrase one hears among skeptics of biracial relationships between blacks and whites, “burn the coal, pay the toll”. 468 more words