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The rare country where voters are less worried about immigration than about emigration

In recent years, appealing to nationalist, anti-immigrant sentiment has been a reliable vote winner in many parts of the world. From economic insecurity to the fear of terrorism, the factors fueling a populist rejection of immigration vary in each place. 304 more words

demographics and interest rates

In an op-ed column in Financial Times yesterday, Gavyn Davies wrote about the effect of demographics on interest rates.  His conclusion seems to be that demographics–not cyclical factors–may be the entire story behind why interest rates can remain so low without sparking an increase in business investment. 398 more words

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Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels: Indiana losing males in the workforce

What made former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels a great governor was he understood economics and demographics go hand in hand. 117 more words


Trump's turnout turnaround?

With the polls being as good as they have been of late, Trump’s commentariat has been out in force, declaring that either the polls are all rigged (with literally dozens of different firms all saying the same thing, that’s unlikely), or they’re somehow not weighting their demographics right–insisting that Trump is electrifying white people, particularly white men, so much that turnout among those groups is going to be a lot higher than it was four years ago. 655 more words


"Changing demographics could turn Georgia purple"


“A poll released Friday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Trump and Clinton are deadlocked in Georgia, with Trump leading Clinton 44-42% among likely Georgia voters, which is within the poll’s margin of error.”  MORE


98370 vs 98366 Factoids

I’ve lived in two zip codes in Kitsap County during my 36 year tenure here – Poulsbo’s 98370 whose demographics I profiled in my previous blog… 162 more words

No, Apple's iPhone 7's not having the same issue as Samsung's exploding, fire-causing phones

”An Australian surfing instructor has told 7 News that an iPhone 7 left in a car caught fire, destroying the vehicle,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5 Mac. 203 more words