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Bigamy, teenage brides and abortion rights: How ‘tradition’ threatens Russia’s women 

Tacit consent for a 17-year-old’s “forced” marriage in Chechnya, apparent acceptance of bigamy and a recent attempt to roll back abortion rights show that those tasked with protecting women and children in the Russian Federation have put a skewed sense of tradition over their citizens’ actual health and welfare. 1,321 more words

CIA failing to recruit and promote minorities, study finds

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The CIA is failing to hire and promote enough minorities despite years of vowing to do so, Director John Brennan said Tuesday, announcing a new effort to tackle the problem of a largely White workforce whose lack of diversity he says is undercutting the spy agency’s intelligence mission. 595 more words


Our identity is what we represent ourselves to be given the liberty to do so

Very interesting article.
Give it a read.
People are what they represent. Period. And what I really despise is certain people calling a highly educated dark skinned individual an Uncle Tom or uppity n****r because s/he enunciated their words or used perfect grammar … And this is not only a white thing – all cultures discriminate by skin color and facial/fair/skeletal structure patterns! 96 more words


Gold And Gold Miners

Gold as an investment: not straight forward. It was the original money, valued for its rare, precious and indestructible qualities. Fiat money then took over, but convertible to gold. 652 more words


Does where you live cause you to divorce?

In 2011, the Census Bureau released a report that included the rates of divorce for each state in 2009. This report set off wild speculation about why some states have high or low divorce rates. 1,150 more words



The debt crisis in Puerto Rico has been overshadowed by Greece’s on-going negotiations with its European creditors.  When Governor Alejandro García Padilla announced yesterday that Puerto Rico could not repay its $72 billion in debt and $50 billion in pensions, however, the Commonwealth’s problems moved to front and center. 469 more words