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Inequality, Oligarchs and Faith

A couple of weeks ago I shared a beach with an oligarch. Actually, shared is the wrong word. From the moment of his arrival, the oligarch, together with his wife and family, servants and bodyguards, entirely  1,016 more words

Elvis Arafat : Report from Belgium

Years ago I walked into a Palestinian barbershop in the Old City of Jerusalem and came across pictures of Yasser Arafat and Elvis pinned to the same wall—a terrorist-freedom fighter and an American rockstar. 1,191 more words


Time to Re-evaluate Demographics?

Most marketers look at their customers in terms of market segments, specifically age and income demographics. But this may be changing in the digital age. 98 more words


Fun with Data: Lynchburg-Area High School Edition

A few years ago, I took a trip home to Lynchburg, VA. It had been a long time–1990, to be precise–since I had spent any appreciable amount of time in Lynchburg, so the city and I had grown apart. 498 more words


Extra Emotional

Ad Vertere.

This is a Latin word which means “to turn toward”. In english it is translated to “advertisement” or simply “advertise”. Looking to its latin definition makes how we, as a society, understand and interrupt advertising in unique ways.  311 more words


Vonnegut's Genius Take

From a short book he wrote toward the end of his life, a series of mini interviews with famous and infamous people from the world beyond.   289 more words


The African influx will be endless (demographics)

MENA, actually. All the best parts of the world, renowned for their hardworking, peaceable, altruistic citizenry. Who definitely won’t have a 30 year water shortage coming up, because they can sustain the basic level of civilization like water. 422 more words