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Big data comes to politics

by George Taniwaki

Did you watch the debate on Monday night? I did. But I am also very interested in the post-debate media coverage and analysis. 960 more words

Real Numeracy

Mass Transit for Sacramento is a Waste

That has long been established, suburban communities, such as Sacramento—where only 2.66% of commuting is done through mass transit—don’t use mass transit, and this article from… 442 more words


Guest Video: Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters

Today’s Guest Video is from Joey Salads, a “social experiment” titled “Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters”. In the video, the host carries a “Black Lives Matter” sign to a predominantly White suburb and compares the public reaction with the a similar experiment where he carries an “All Lives Matter” sign to a predominantly Black suburb. 61 more words


Clinton should start talking about someone she hasn't mentioned yet- and soon

With nearly one-fifth of the voting electorate supporting neither major party candidate, third parties are having a great year- actually, the best in the past three elections. 583 more words

No Need to Consult The Polls: Rumblings of a "Slick Willie" Strategy Reveal Winner of First Debate

My first impression  following Monday nights much-anticipated presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was that neither candidate did much to help or hurt themselves during the proceedings. 1,061 more words

Fascism For The 21st Century

By Enoch Was Right

For many years in American and European politics, the left has utilised a political strategy to gain influence and win elections which involved uniting the minorities (the coalition of the fringes) and diving the majority (Whites). 2,388 more words


Demographics of Netflix Users

With the growing trend of “cord-cutting”, where people are ditching cable companies and transitioning to more monthly online subscriptions, the big question is, who are they? 255 more words