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Biodemography of aging (IV)

My working assumption as I was reading part two of the book was that I would not be covering that part of the book in much detail here because it would simply be too much work to make such posts legible to the readership of this blog. 3,000 more words


A shortage of children in Japan

The challenges of population implosion will be quite different to the challenges of growing populations. Japan is facing most of these challenges earlier than the rest of the world, but what Japan faces in the next 50 years will also be faced in Europe in about 20 years, by China in 70 years and in India in about 100 years. 282 more words


Statement Regarding The Incident Involving Linus Media On April 19th, 2017

The dust has settled from the little run-in with LinusTechTips earlier this week. ┬áHere’s the remaining loose ends from folks’ response to it, neatly tied up in a blog entry, because my channel has spent enough time on this matter and this situation will not hijack it further. 629 more words


Pixel8Bit Episode 10b - Nintendo Hangin' In There

Join The P8B crew Maestro, Lucifer Belmont, Toastman X, Halacy, Linch Lord and our guest Kaura Loft! As we cover the second topic from episode 10! 37 more words


Rambling on about nothing

I’ve been rather serious for a while. On point, on focus, distracted or disoriented, I’m not sure which. Not so serious one would reference a witch. 1,669 more words


The Marginal Child in 2014

These are heat maps of where people decide to have the marginal third child that breaks the “family of four” paradigm that is reflected even in consumer goods and packaging because it’s become such a core part of post-Vietnam American culture. 74 more words


Knowing the Neighborhood

How well do you know the neighborhood or community around your church? Most of us feel that we know it rather well. After all, we do go to church there. 311 more words