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"The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected"*...

We’re all getting older. It’s the one thing that every single person alive right now has in common. But we’re also getting older as a population, with Americans both living longer and having fewer children.

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I did ask around

Latest character—what should I name him? MILLENNIAL MARK maybe … saved to “PaintingFOOL” board on Pinterest


Time to ‘retire segregation’

Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, schools in the United States are intensely segregated and are growing more so, according to a new analysis by scholars at UCLA and Penn State… 454 more words

Is talking about Climate Change inconvenient?

I learned an interesting fact on “REVOLUTION” :
Lynx go through a 14 year cycle: they survive on rabbits, when they diminish rabbits, they die. The rabbits then can flourish, and then the Lynx repopulate and begin the cycle all over again. 443 more words


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I’m freaking fearful

Falling short of a panic attack

You know: when you’re maxed out by the crap seemingly piling up on you.

Not that any individual point is at critical mass. 760 more words