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5 Tunes That Define Chopstick Dubplate

Chopstick Dubplate, a collective of Junglist from around the world; Aries, Jacky Murda, Tuffist & Max Powa, drop their latest Tonight EP featuring Mr Williamz… 202 more words


The Relasering

Years from now, as I’m giving a bittersweet speech at my retirement party at Taco Bell* and regaling my admirers with the stories of my proudest accomplishments whilst they chow down on Doritos Locos Tacos and Crunchwrap Supremes, I’ll get choked up not when relating the elation I felt when looking into the joy-filled face of a child as I handed her the book that made her a lifelong reader, but when I share the tales of the laser obstacle course. 196 more words

Benbrook Library

Taco Bell to-go

Hoppin’ around WordPress today I stumbled on some exciting news. According to Kramer Cirineo’s blog, Taco Bell decided to hasten my pace towards death’s door by introducing delivery. 187 more words


Come to our Scout Garage Sale and you may never worry about TP again!

So what do you do if you run out of Toilet Paper?

You may never need to worry about that again if you come down to our 2015 Scout Garage Sale and buy this wonderful shadow box with three sea shells. 277 more words


Demolition Man

Demolition Man – 1993 – United States

In a futuristic year 1996, rampant crime has transformed America into an urban wasteland. After a hostage situation escalates into a massacre, thuggish rogue cop John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) and cartoonishly maniacal criminal Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) are frozen in a cryogenic penitentiary. 281 more words

United States

REVIEW: Pop Bumper Showdown, Part 1: BriteMods BriteCaps EVO

Ah, the pop bumper. The ultimate ball randomizer. It was once the centerpiece of nearly every pinball table, but as technology changed and playfield layouts became more complex, the pop bumpers became somewhat of an intrusion, leftovers from a bygone era, and were tucked away in dark corners and hidden under elaborate ramps. 2,520 more words