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Demolition Man: Pizza-Hut Version

So recently I was watching Demolition Man, one of my favorite movies of all time. During a scene where they were on their way to dinner I was kind of mouthing the words and doing something else, I heard them say “Pizza Hut” instead of Taco Bell. 39 more words


Demolition Of The Week

If I had my time again, one of the things I would like to have been is a demolition man. There must be something intensely satisfying in pressing a button and seeing some monstrous carbuncle which has blotted the skyscape for ages tumble down in a cloud of dust. 143 more words


Three Seashells and Winning

I saw this when I was at YHS today.

In their defense, there is a Head Start class or two that uses that bathroom. So. Probably it’s for them. 517 more words


I’m Just Your Typical Cocaine Smuggler

I started my movie binge yesterday, playing stuff in the background as I worked from home.

He’s Just Not That Into You: so many pretty people in one place…. 274 more words


The stories we Read, and the places we go

So, thanks to a few wonderful people I saw some wonderful things today. I saw a boy fall from a window, breaking his back and shattering his legs. 240 more words


Demolition Man

Back in 1993 the world bore witness to the majesty of Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes trading barbs and beating the shit out of each other. 832 more words


Chopstick Dubplate present Taqueria Chopstick

Over an hour of straight dutty junglist dubplate ina Chopstick fashion, and a great way to promote a party!