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Demolition Man Blu-ray Review

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock
Directed by: Marco Brambilla
Film length: 115 mins
Theatrical Release: 1993
Blu-ray release: 2011… 1,377 more words


Demolition Man Seeks Retribution Against Motion Pictures Studio

By Samuel J. Daheim

“ Stallone is one of the greatest American talents of the last and present century,” explains a complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Rogue Marble Productions Inc., Stallone’s “loan out company.” Stallone has achieved critical acclaim “as an actor, filmmaker, producer, director and screenwriter, but is most well-known for his Hollywood action roles.”  Stallone is suing… 479 more words

University Of Washington School Of Law

Ep.4 Demolition Man (1993)


This time, we cover a weird-ass post-apocalyptic utopian taco commercial with our first ever guest: Symply Courtney. Together we celebrate a period in American cinema when Wesley Snipes was getting a level of work befitting full bore movie star. 9 more words


Demo-Lition Man: The Review

Director: Marco Brambilla
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, Benjamin Bratt, Denis Leary
Plot: Police officer John Spartan (Stallone) is incarcerated in a hi-tech cryo-prison, where prisoners are frozen for their sentence, awakening in a strange, new future. 591 more words

Reviews From The Past

An ode to Future Advertising in Film

The 2001 movie Spy Kids is a masterpiece for many reasons.

It inadvertently created the blood-bath revenge-porn film Machete with veteran actor Danny Trejo, one of the main characters says ‘”shitake mushrooms” instead of ‘shit’ in one scene and it also features one of my favourite uses of futuristic movie advertising ever. 1,308 more words


Fortress of the Mole People: An Exploration of the Freedom Tunnel

Whenever someone uses the term “mole people”, it strikes most as a grandiose term typically only reserved for pulp science fiction yarns, grindhouse cinema, or other more flamboyant forms of fiction.   1,182 more words