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a Demon Hunter's priorities

So, that Demon Hunter starting experience was really quite enjoyable.
There are a few places where you are offered a choice between two options, and although the only one that really seems to matter is whether to spec Havoc or Vengeance, I think it might be interesting to roll another Demon Hunter someday and take the other choices at all of those decision points, just to see how the follow-up dialogue is different. 391 more words


Demon Hunter WIP: shiny squiggles

More progress on my horned lady person. Got distracted by shiny bits today.


Should You Be Excited for World of Warcraft: Legion?

If you’re like me, you pre-ordered World of Warcraft: Legion just to play the new Demon Hunter class before everyone else. Unlike me, you’ve probably been playing for the past six years. 1,037 more words


Demon Hunter WIP: wonky warglaive

It’s coming along very slowly. Having uploaded it, I now see that the warglaive is very wonky. I’m having a lot of fun painting this, hope I actually finish this one before getting distracted by something else.


Demon Hunter WIP: sketch 3

I started off with more quick pose sketches, this time drawing digitally. It felt a bit like drawing with a marker, plus I enjoyed the fact that I theoretically had an endless piece of paper and didn’t have to worry about fitting everything in on one sheet. 337 more words


Demon Hunter WIP: more sketching

I didn’t like the pose from the previous sketch, so I set out to find a better one. I wanted a confident, relaxed pose, and I did not want to fiddle about with my own camera and tripod to shoot myself for a reference shot. 196 more words


The Legion is coming

It has been a month since I renewed my subscription and came back to World of Warcraft after a six month long break. This patch has been highly anticipated with the class changes, new transmogrification system and now the Legion invasion and demon hunters. 593 more words