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A means to an end... (Kadris Felheart)

With a loud thud, the two gargantuan felhounds, F’harg and Shatug, fell to the ashy floor. Healers rushed around the field to their injured allies, but the ground was already scattered with a handful of dead. 2,271 more words

Demon Hunter

Song of the Day: Demon Hunter- The Last One Alive

The song of the day is Demon Hunter’s┬áThe Last One Alive, a song that came out in 2014 which tells the story of being the last person alive in the end times. 242 more words

The Present and Future of Demon Hunters - My First YouTube Video on My New Channel!

My first video on my new channel is live, related to the things I discussed in my post earlier today! Check it out!


Demon Hunters - Least Changed New Class?

In the history of WoW, only 3 new classes have ever been added.

Each one has, so far, brought massive changes and required something on par with a total rework to, well, work. 913 more words


in which the Illidari thumb their collective noses at Kil'jaeden

At the beginning of the campaign against the Legion in the Broken Isles, the Illidari Prime claimed from the former Illidari instructor Varedis (now known as Varedis Felsoul) the Twinblades of the Deceiver and from another former Illidari, Caria, the Aldrachi Warblades. 441 more words


Music Review: DEMON HUNTER - Live In Nashville

Live In Nashville
Solid State Records

Something I’ve always wondered about Demon Hunter is, what are they like live? Mainly because, despite what you think of them, you have to admit that they have a rather layered and complex sound going than your standard metalcore / deathcore / NWOAHM style that you labeled them with. 414 more words

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