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Cosmic Karmic Beta Justice

Oh noooooooo … Cat, don’t go in there, jeeezzz. Yeah, it’s some kind of weird karmic justice that we got a beta invite when I can’t sit in front of the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time, or is the universe telling me I’m a pain in the ass. 324 more words

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Tales from Beta Part 1

I try to insert the build the patch and build that this blog post is about, because a lot of things are probably going to change. 992 more words


Havoc Demon Hunter Weak Auras v7 (Current as of 5/7/2016)

Mostly just an update to the positions of the auras. Changed the icon for Bloodlet and resized all the auras to be smaller to better suit a closer iteration of my UI to what it will look like when Legion goes live. 305 more words

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Illidian: a Book Review

Illidian: a Book Review

Illidian by William King

Warcraft books are fun to read because they have their roots in the game or lore. This book was just that: fun to read. 373 more words

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Female Blood Elf Demon Hunter

Here we go,┬ámy friends, the Demon Hunter hype is on!!! Fellow Queue comenter Gwenifar, the Huntress (such a name!) has asked me to build a Blood Elf Demon Hunter that’d look like her avatar (you’ll have to get to the Queue to find how that is, or, look up in the image above) with the obvious Demon Hunter kool-aid erm… “changes”. 101 more words