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spec juggling, alt juggling, name juggling

Mr Rossi has been reporting from the Legion alpha that all specs are available to a character and can be switched between for a relatively small placeholder/TBA cost; the real barrier to spec-switching is the Artifact weapon. 363 more words


I CAN'T Be Wrong, so YOU Must Be!

Well my poll closed, and I can’t believe the results! 112 people LIKE to level? only 65 people would skip leveling every time.  Well a good gnome knows when to admit he is wrong, but I am not that gnome! 116 more words

[OOC] Legion Alpha - Balancing Act

Lots of pictures behind the cut, as well as some thoughts about the artifact scenarios. 695 more words


Enter the Shadows: Diablo 3 Patch 2.4

This is not a Hearthstone post, be warned!

Diablo was likely the first “violent video game” I ever played to a great degree alone. Sure there were your Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats and Contras on gamepad consoles that I didn’t own. 1,074 more words


Male Night Elf Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters. Another feature coming in Legion. Demon Hunters are a well founded class in Warcraft lore, they’ve been roaming around since Illidan Stormrage created the idea of the class. 247 more words


4 Reasons To Listen To Demon Hunter

Why you should be listening to Demon Hunter in a few simple paragraphs:

  1. The Music: In a world of oversaturated metal where so much just falls along the mass of down-tuned muddy and sludgy guitars, Demon Hunter reminds people what metal is about.
  2. 253 more words


Note: This is just the beginning of my brainchild that I have been working on for over a year now. There is so much more stored in a word doc on my laptop, but I just decided to share a little for now. 2,850 more words

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