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Soul Scalping & Demon Possession Portrayed in Movies

This is a very hard to research topic thats secrets are kept hidden from the regular public except for underlying story lines in fantasy or Psyfy movies.   553 more words


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Wow folks this is an amazing presentation. It really makes me think of all the occult symbolism playing out in some movies, video games, music, and everything the Entertainment business throws at us as if they are  trying to soul scalp us while we watch the programs they release on a daily basis, We cant deny what they are doing anymore. TWCLARK66 thank you for showing me something today I never truly thought of. Amazing article


“You have abandoned my flock and left them to be attacked by every wild animal. And though you were my shepherds, you didn’t search for my sheep when they were lost. 2,241 more words


One Spectacular Crash After Another Until 50 Cars are Pounded into a Mass of Twisted Metal! (December, 1976)

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Crash! (1976) BLC Services Inc. :: Group 1 International Distribution Organization Ltd. / P: Charles Band / D: Charles Band / W: Marc Marais / C: Andrew Davis / E: Harry Keramidas / M: Andrew Belling / S: José Ferrer, Sue Lyon, John Carradine, John Ericson, Leslie Parrish

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The Miracles of Jesus Part 13 of 35

“A Girl Is Freed From A Demon”



Matthew 15:21-28

Mark 7:24-30


Mark 7:24-30 (New International Version) 373 more words


Todd Bentley and Demon Possession

As you’re watching this disturbing video, ask yourself if a true, born-again, Holy Spirit indwelt believer can be demon possessed. Seek out Scripture and determine if God will share the same human being as a demon.

False Teachers

Why would the Hebrews have been pig farmers?

I’ve been doing some research on Mathew 5, specifically the passage around the man who’s been infected with a “legion” of demons.

There’s lots of stuff there’s been pretty good commentary on.  54 more words