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Severe Tattoo (Switching Sides)

“Emerging from the store-room of Lace and Chains, he as always wondered if the employees ever questioned the second door out the back of the store-room or the people going in and out of it.  58 more words


Last Night's Nightmare

This is my nightmare from last night. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve had one – and how my brain made up for their recent absence.  753 more words


Prelude [Or something like that]

        I’ve been alive for too long, seen too many things, done countless unforgivable acts and yet here I stand. It’s been months, years, decades even centuries that I have breathed this chemically induced air you all taste. 726 more words



Put your make up on,
cover the paleness of death.
A mint will help you mask
your decomposing breath.
Don’t hold any
children too close today, 42 more words

Miss Chief

Marking the boundaries of a deep well

I guard a demon

shield the world from it while feeding it

chips from my life


I keep my captain… 12 more words