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The Fallen Angel (Chapter 3)

The darkest night is not empty

Tis full of life but for the want of a torch

The darkest night has no void like that of a demon’s heart. 2,060 more words

Dark Tales

Shorty’s Saloon : Inspired by Wynonna Earp

Shorty’s Saloon is Purgatory’s local bar first owned by Shorty, who left it to Gus after his death.

Wynonna Earp has been away from her hometown, Purgatory, for years but returns to reluctantly take on the role that Wyatt Earp’s heir is destined for — demon protector. 84 more words

T Shirt Designs

Halloween Summoner

My latest, a witchy lady of established charms, she summons her devil up from his hellscape…where he pleases her, of course…as only the devil can do. 15 more words


Devil's Advocate

The mundane business of dying.

Shadows.  Speech.  A dream.

“What the Sam Hill is going on in this court room?”

The businessman summons something.  The swirling darkness becomes a court room.   1,114 more words


The Girl Who Never Came Back

Chapter 3:

Perspective: Interior Designer.
I was getting ready for the day. I did my hair and was ready to do my makeup. I looked into the mirror and didn’t see me.I couldn’t think. 166 more words

Condor Press

First One's Free

What was I thinking?

Well, if you’re familiar with my older works, you will probably notice a recurring theme – or rather, a recurring look. This is the look that accompanies the mystical and most mischievous “other” that comes round here with his strange desires and appearances. 78 more words