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Little Jane likes to play in the rain.

The electric buzz gives her life again.

And when it does, she loves to swing,

while thinking of the most devious things. 38 more words

Original Poetry

Prevention of Demon Proliferation

In this episode Anders, Thea, Meg, and Peter Pike hunt the parasitic demon Messenger.

Anders and Thea take seats at the table in the meeting room under the whitwashed vaults now that Anders is confident that his cloaking device remains in the right hands, even though it has disappeared from the present. 781 more words

Book Four: The Dwarf, Bedeviled

Exorcise goal for the new year.

The longer I go between drawings, the more it starts to really bug me.

2016 was the most-unproductive year, artistically-speaking, that I can remember.  It had a lot to do with where I am in life, what’s going on, and a reevaluation of what I want to do with my art. 36 more words


Chapter 20

It was too late to get out of the way. Mira flinched, fully expecting a wash of heat to char her skin. When it didn’t come, she cracked open one eye and peeked at the demon. 2,541 more words


The difference between a Pentagram and Pentacle

These symbols both incorporate a five point star in their symbols. The name “pentagram” means five lines, originating from greek words. Pentagrams mean – five sided stars, which as I am sure you know, not all five sided stars are evil. 606 more words


Revengeful Spirit -Chapter 6

He felt he being drag toward the cellar he didn’t think that he could hold on much longer all he could do was pray with all his heart. 444 more words

Demonotherapy (1)

And the only remedy I need

For my tachypnoea,




And worries,

Is the heavy sounds of your breaths while you sleep.

Free Style Poetry