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How Buer-ring!

One of the things that irks me about things like demonology compendiums would be how extremely unpoetical the descriptions can be compared to the imagery. For example, this is the image of a Buer: 439 more words

The Dark Tome,  Episode 2,  Part 2:  The Bread We Eat in Dreams

The Dark Tome – Synopsis: What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds?

Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on the other side? 255 more words


#RainbowSnippets *~* December 3-4, 2016 *~*

This week’s snippets takes up right after last week’s. A little more of Elliott’s perspective about human living.

At two-hundred-and thirty-three the last thing he felt was young.

127 more words

Devil's angel..

She was the girl who fell in love with the devil. Beneath the sad,evil smile and the frightening acts she saw the heart that fell from heaven.And  Beneath the happy lass  and  the cheeky grin, he saw the heart of his angel; His redemption. 16 more words

Demons (Set 3)

All personal world-building/character design work.

Character Design