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Letter to inner demon

That look in your eye, I’ve seen it before, but last time it wasn’t directed at me so I wasn’t concerned. I guess what they say is true–don’t trust anyone that hurts others. 159 more words


Long Grief-Vent About Rosario, the "Angel".

This is a long, diary like entry- if you don’t want to read a bunch a personal woeful this and that- then I can suggest you not read this one. 1,384 more words

Personal Struggles

Pot smoker? Demon? Or a woman who's labored?

Okay Ladies (and men brave enough to endure my gross mom humor), so I think it is fairly well known that the act of labor is tough on your body. 513 more words

MIA (Modesty Is Absent)

How lightworkers have hijacked the spirituality on earth

The term “lightworker” has been known to its claim on developing the righteous spiritual path for mankind, like the New Age Movement, but the reality is that there are peoples that are and will never accept the erroneous part of the spiritual ideas that the lightworkers have been promoted arrogantly. 1,570 more words

I Thought I Matched With A Beautiful Woman On Tinder, But It Turned Out To Be A Nightmare

I wiped the sleep from my eyes. The clock across the room glared red, 3:32 AM. Who could have possibly texted this late at night? Reaching across the pillow, I picked up my phone from the end table. 1,931 more words