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My dear pets,

It’s been a while, I know. And for that I sort of apologise. You see, when you’re a vampire you can make a lot of enemies. 154 more words


A blade on a demon's hand

Act I

The lovers

It’s another time, and it’s another place. The female right there, clad in leather and rawhide; she is the scion to the throne in a House that time forgot. 2,665 more words


Digital Art - Illustration For: A Retelling Of Ancient Stories

This one is pretty simple, but it had to be.

Story link: https://wp.me/p4uNLI-yp


Demon Dentist by David Walliams

David Walliam’s has been called the ‘new Roald Dahl’ by literary critics. Having finished Demon Dentist, my first David Walliam’s book, I can understand why this comparison has been made.Demon Dentist is a hilarious book that children will love. 287 more words


A Retelling Of Ancient Stories 4/13/08

The night is normal. Nothing stands out. The air is cool, but not cold. Dry. Nothing exists to make anybody more or less attentive to the evening. 2,682 more words


#864: Watch The Nightmare

I’m not sure what demon convinced me watching a documentary about sleep paralysis within hours of going to sleep was a good idea. Maybe it’s the same one that¬†makes us fascinated by… 459 more words


Lilitu, Demon

Lilitu, Demon

While this seductive woman has goat horns, goat hooves, and a serpentine tail, her eyeless face is her most disturbing feature. Lilitu demons are subversive and hidden horrors, demons who work much more subtlety in their constant quest to destroy and devastate. 329 more words

Creatures Of Esperia