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SHC GM-free, session two: the bridge

Hitch’s Journal 31 January 2012

Although our plan is to liaise with Unit 14, a visitor changes things.

We don’t know his name, but he speaks in a strange accent and wears the kinds of clothes you see in New England around July 4. 1,857 more words

Sweet Hell Chicago

Professor Salix pointed to a chair opposite the ideal of female beauty. Claudius took a seat and as he did it he had a good clear view on the canyon between those huge mountains only partially hidden under Dorothy’s blouse. 161 more words


Introducing Demon

“The DEMON Myth: There is a myth that tells of a Demon – an Incubus Demon that visits a woman while she sleeps. It impregnates her in what appears to be a dream, a nightmare. 413 more words


A Sort of Love Story - Chapter One: Let's Make a Deal

My captor’s hair started to diminish itself and return to something a little less “wrath of God”. I was sprawled out in a less than proper pose on the floor as was still gasping for air. 2,061 more words



The port of Tyre was its normal hive of rambunctious activity. Ships offloaded their goods and others loaded their holds with purple garments and lumber to sell in faraway lands. 1,266 more words


34th Installment of Obeah

                                                  CHAPTER 15

They walked all night and arrived at the village early in the morning. The sun had risen just above the trees. The air had that early morning smell of fresh earth and blooming flowers. 878 more words