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Hoozuki no reitetsu

If you enjoy the idea of hell being a place full of fun, then this is the anime for you. Hoozuki no reitetsu is a supernatural anime which mainly focuses on hell in japan, and it follows a man called Hoozuki who works for king Enma. 353 more words


When we found the skeleton we couldn’t believe it. We aren’t scientists, we are archeologists,and our dig wasn’t for skeletons, it was for ancient artefacts. But I guess we found something truly ancient, and truly terrifying amongst the earthenware and stone. 433 more words

Horror Flash Fiction

Chapter 36

Mira paced back and forth, restless and anxious in the cell, while Maluk leaned against the wall next to the door and watched her. As soon as Alyr had realized that the would-be assassin had come from inside, he’d had Mira placed in a secure cell with a personal bodyguard. 2,446 more words


Unmasking Zozo the Ouija Board Demon: the Making of a Modern Myth

This video covers the “Zozo” myth, or should I say bullshit story. She gets into “Zoso” and the link to Jimmy Page. Zoso is a sigul representing Saturn, the planetary ruler of lead. 170 more words

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I will never understand 

I am sitting here scrolling trough my Facebook, and just in the first 20ins, I have seen a meme of RKelly being called out for being a child molestor, report of a female teacher who had sex with her student and a child that was gang rapped live on Facebook while people watched and no one did anything or called the cops… 166 more words

The Devil's Daughter

The day had been magnificent to say the least but everyone’s 16th birthday was that way. It was the day you were no longer labeled as a child, giving way to adulthood and every single decision from here on out would affect your afterlife. 789 more words