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Water Mirror [Day 95] 

WATER WASHED AWAY the sound of memory. The tinkling melody – plink, plink, plink – over glossy red stone sang down to the core of her bones. 123 more words

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The Book of Flying | "The Dream Seller"

a novel

by Keith Miller
“‘Zelzala, they called me,’ she said after a moment. ‘I was a vendor of dreams'”  (Miller, 91).

Wow, the last two chapter write-ups have been a lot longer than I intended. 1,003 more words


Horror Movie Haiku #28

You know what I think? I think scary movies should be a year-round thing. Every single month of the year should be filled with pants-shitting terror. 64 more words


Writing Demons: Meaning

So after everything I’ve been talking about, why do I use the term “demon” to refer these creatures?

After a certain Disney cartoon episode aired, I finally realized… 431 more words

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Fast As a Shark

TRACK 127:

Fast As a Shark by Accept

I wanted to keep the Demons train rolling and mash-up Boddy Rhodes’ Hank from Demons 2 but that soundtrack kinda sucks. 683 more words


Supernatural : The Bad Seed

Oh Crowley, what hast thou done, now?

It certainly seems as if Crowley has bitten off more than he can chew, in adopting Amara and trying to seduce her to his side of things, but Amara has plans of her own, which probably does not include Crowley’s well being. 1,276 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester