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Alignment You! You!

2 eps, 28 mins, score 9

I Am going to highly recommend this one. The arts pretty good. The sounds they make are good. It does it’s job. 184 more words


Sermon 114 - Christ vs Anti-Christ

I was standing next to a lady in our fellowship and began to feel uncomfortable. When I thought upon it, I could sense a disturbance in her spirit. 1,483 more words


More Streaming Sequels, Pt. 2: The Reckoning

We continue our sequels theme on this week’s episode by talking about follow-ups that were… let’s say “less than” the one directly before. Below is NOT a list of horrible movies, rather, a list of sequels some like and some don’t and where to find them. 456 more words


DEMONS 1 (1985) & Demons 2 (1986)

The use of Dario Argento’s name above the titles of Demons 1 & 2 could be considered something of a misnomer, as they bare no relation whatsoever to other works by the master of Italian suspense. 381 more words


Possession flick ‘Demons’ in theaters and VOD in October

The world of demons and possessions films continues to live on. In the month celebrated month for horror fans AHS director Miles Doleac brings his tale of evil to the masses with his feature DEMONS. 325 more words

Horror News

Don't Have Sex During Eclipse, Occult Experts Warn.

By C. Michael Forsyth

Getting busy between the sheets during Monday’s solar eclipse might sound like a naughty, once-in-a-lifetime thrill — but experts warn that a child conceived during the rare celestial event could be born a demon! 366 more words


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PLOT       A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down.