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Asmodai Devotional Necklace

A necklace in honor of Asmodai (my patron god), the Judge, He Who Is Wrath.

Brass trident pendant – his weapon of choice – on brass beads and goldtone stardust spacers with golden aura quartz rounds, iridescent gold-bronze Czech bell flower bead caps, and “dark fire” Czech glass crystals. 287 more words


The Black Parade Book 1

Name: The Black Parade

Author: Kyoko M.

Published: July 19, 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


This was another surprise. I really should not be surprised by having really good books mixed in with the really bad ones in this Paranormal 13 box set but, they are so few and far between that I end up thinking every book after the next is going to be bad. 324 more words

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Man Went To Hell for 23 Minutes

(Bill’s wife Annette speaking)
It was about 3:23 in the morning when I woke up.  I just remember that because I looked at our digital clock, and I noticed Bill was not next to me, and I heard screaming coming from our living room.  8,947 more words


A brisk look at "The Quiet Ones"....

I ain’t gonna lie. I’m not really of fan of ghost/possessed/found footage movies. This film is a bit of a combination of the three to certain measure and I can’t really abide. 521 more words


A giveaway!


So the high spring festival is coming up in Vanaheim, it’s the Vanic equivalent of Beltaine.  I’ll be talking more about that soon, but the day celebrates love in all its forms and love for life itself, so it is inclusive of LGBT+ and asexual folks.   681 more words


The Nature of Demons: They Afflict, Oppress and Cause Trouble

In my last post, I have tried to explain what demons are and their origins. Following up from there, I would like to explain to you their nature. 531 more words