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Sermon 87 – Occupied by a Demon

Q. What’s a demon?

Nobody likes thinking about demons and nobody likes talking about demons, but the fact remains that if there is a Holy Spirit then there are unholy spirits, and if there are angels then there are demons. 1,790 more words


Don't Turn Around...

There is a reason that in horror movies, you are told not to turn around when you know for certain that whatever was after you will most likely kill you; could you face your possible death? 1,809 more words



It was a perfect society. A perfect white society. White people lived in nice square houses that all looked the same. Black people lived around the corner in nice houses too, but there was a cloud over them. 980 more words


#SorryCharlie: A Response to the Charlie Charlie Challenge


I spent hours in middle school playing MASH with my girlfriends.

Do you all still do that? It’s a simple enough game to play: just write MASH at the top of a piece of paper, then give yourself (or have friends give you) a couple of options under different categories (job, city to live in, spouse, number of kids, pets, car, etc. 980 more words


The demon from beneath the couch

Today I cheated on my wife, for the fourth time. Its not that I don’t love her anymore, I just never did, we were bounded together by a child, the product of a drunk night. 976 more words


Dear Tequila,

dear tequila,
pouring you into my glass of shots

i throw back my head to allow your warmth to flow down my throat

you burn like fire reminding me that I’m alive… 255 more words

Shadow Star: Infernal Devotional Necklace

Shadow Star: A devotional necklace for the infernal pantheon, especially the higher-ranking demons.

The pendant is a large plain pewter inverted pentagram, and is on a strand of 6mm hypersthene and 8mm astrophyllite beads, with Tibetan silver spacers. 360 more words