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It's morning. Do you know where your soul is?

A conversations over coffee and musings about the lives of others.

This morning I met for coffee with my brother’s friend James.

James is one of those people I find extremely obnoxious, but we have a connections through my brother Andy and through some shared experiences. 619 more words


Where Do Evil Spirits Come From?


Whatever one calls them, there is all sorts of nonsense written on the subject of evil spirits, demons, unclean spirits. 1,863 more words

End Time Deception


I was dreaming about demons last night. I’ve dreamt of them a few times before, but last night was almost an all nighter. The first time I woke up I didn’t remember any dreams. 301 more words

Complex PTSD

Pokin' 'round Burnham Beeches

First published in my former website, Looking into the Dark Places, in 2001.
You might also like to read Pokin’ ’round Cliveden

In 1880 the Corporation of London purchased 80 hectares of pollard woodland plus East Burnham Common. 986 more words


Episode 171 is up for listening pleasure

This week GARY HILL come back to the show (for a little while before falling into internet oblivion) to discuss PUPPET MASTER 4 and 5 and the great Italian gore masterpieces DEMONS 1 and 2. 69 more words


Chapter VIII : Enemies in the Supernatural (Part 2  Curses)

Another enemy we face is curses. I thought it wise to cover this one because I find it detrimental to realise the power to keep the us inhibited to operations of our lives and the ultimately the kingdom of God. 918 more words


Aliens and UFOs—what are they really?

Evolution says that, given the right chemicals and conditions, life will arise by chance. So if those conditions existed on other planets then life could have arisen many times. 240 more words