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The demon from beneath the couch

Today I cheated on my wife, for the fourth time. Its not that I don’t love her anymore, I just never did, we were bounded together by a child, the product of a drunk night. 976 more words


Dear Tequila,

dear tequila,
pouring you into my glass of shots

i throw back my head to allow your warmth to flow down my throat

you burn like fire reminding me that I’m alive… 255 more words

Shadow Star: Infernal Devotional Necklace

Shadow Star: A devotional necklace for the infernal pantheon, especially the higher-ranking demons.

The pendant is a large plain pewter inverted pentagram, and is on a strand of 6mm hypersthene and 8mm astrophyllite beads, with Tibetan silver spacers. 360 more words


I'm tired

Accustomed to doing things by myself and for myself. My ex husband wasn’t much of an emotional support. He did help around the house. And he would occasionally offer an arm for a hug. 217 more words

What do you see when you look into my eyes?

I asked my boyfriend that question last night. Of course he had all kinds of sweet things to say. Quiet honestly I relate to Imagine Dragons song Demons. 16 more words


Lucifer Devotional Bracelet

A bracelet made in honor of Lucifer, the Morningstar.

Tibetan silver coiled snake bead, on a bracelet of beautifully luminescent opal aura quartz, with Tibetan silver rose beads and spacers. 104 more words


Moonlit Peacock: Lucifer Devotional Necklace

Moonlit Peacock: A devotional necklace for Lucifer in his aspect of the Morningstar, the Light-Bringer.

A frosted white AB-finish Czech glass peacock pendant on a strand of frosted white AB-finish “ghost” Czech glass teardrop beads, with microfaceted rainbow moonstone spacers. 152 more words