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Deliverance is Not a Passive Thing That Someone Can Do For You

There are many Christians who hop from ministry to ministry, seeking deliverance from their spiritual problems.

However, according to Christian author Retah McPherson, deliverance is not a passive thing, where the believer in need bears no responsibility whatsoever for his/her own deliverance. 188 more words


How to Deal with a Sudden Demonic Mind Attack

In their book “How to Heal the Sick”, the late healing evangelist Charles Hunter shares how one can deal with a sudden demonic mind attack: 682 more words


Is It Because of a Demon? Not Necessarily – Perhaps It May Be Due to Your Bad Attitude

Demons can afflict Christians, leading to some Christians approaching their pastor for deliverance. However, it is important for the pastor to discern whether it might indeed be a demonic attack, or the case of an unrepentant attitude, as the late healing evangelists Charles and Frances Hunter illustrate in their book “ 1,135 more words


Undisciplined Lives Can Provide Access for Demonic Invasion (Frank Hammond)

Some Christians complain of demonic harassment, even though they may have been attending church for a long time. According to the late Christian author and deliverance minister Frank Hammond, one reason could be an undisciplined life. 849 more words


Can Sam and Dean possibly beat Lucifer and Amara.

Lucifer is a very powerful archangel. He started the apocalypse, bounded death, killed Gabriel, killed Castiel with a flick of his hand, easily overpowered Crowley, and killed many demons. 328 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Demons 2

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Demons 2: The Nightmare Returns    

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Directed by Lamberto Bava Produced by Dario Argento 1,054 more words