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Hello everyone! Happy New Year! It is I once again, much later than anticipated. I know I haven’t been staying true to my original deadline, but I’m working on it. 1,148 more words


Something tiny,

A little small,

You cannot see it,

It’s on the wall.

A face that’s peaking,

Never seen,

The wall is shifting,

The was mean. 15 more words


(Review) THE EIGHTH by Stephanie Wytovich

“Paimon scanned the roads, looking for any hint of light, but the swathe of black that painted the night remained solid. Even the stars seemed to have dimmed, casting haze through the trees that bled out onto the forest floor like smoke.” 795 more words

Chapter 20

It was too late to get out of the way. Mira flinched, fully expecting a wash of heat to char her skin. When it didn’t come, she cracked open one eye and peeked at the demon. 2,541 more words


Living Pains

A spine curved with the shame of unfulfilled life

A mind fogged by the poisonous neurons that refuse to function

Venom running through the veins… 159 more words



Alone and bitter

You feel resolve –

hardened and ready

to fight the terror.

Trembling, focused,

you raise your eyes

to the darkness and smile… 77 more words