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Genesis Chapter One

There has always been much discussion about the first day of the universe. Some will tell you that it was created by an almighty being, and still others will say that the universe was a collection of chemicals that some how collided, creating the cosmos. 343 more words


Anime Review: Kuroshitsuji

Set in the Victorian-era, in England, a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive loses everything he once held dear in a cruel plot. As he is about to die, he makes a deal with the devil, selling his soul in exchange for revenge against those who ruined his life.
627 more words

50 Word Stories: The Wail

The same noise as every night it echoes through my mind. Not a wail of pain but more wail of woe, I cover my ears, an all too familiar routine. 20 more words


Edun: Character Roster, Main Character, and STOOF~~~

If ever there’s a period where I don’t update my blog- it’s usually cuz I probably haven’t done anything (lol)- or it’s because I was doing something and haven’t finished it yet (more lol xD) But this time, I have a legit excuse. 1,647 more words

Creative Development

His Lost Child

She calls herself an angel,

Because she can say she is a virgin.

But her innocence was lost,

When she started to hate others,

For hatred stains the blood, 349 more words


That Disconnect Scream

Feel it,

the moment when it occurs,

can’t quite speak to it,

but you know its there,

won’t be until later,

when breathing becomes easier, 115 more words