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Teaser Chapters Free to Read

After doing a little research, I discovered the first 10% (a couple of chapters) of each book in the Soul Catcher series can be found on Smashwords. 123 more words

Paranormal Romance

Supernatural Saga: Part 2

I was in a motel room with Sam and Dean when Sam started getting really snarky and bitchy.  We noticed that he had also grown an extra finger on one hand.   671 more words


Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 23

“Do I have to ride in the back with the soulless who tried to kill me?” Whiskey asked as David stuffed the unconscious Vampyre into the car. 928 more words



Follow through, you never could. I chased a hollow dream. Hopes rose and dove through endless catacombs I can’t believe how much believed.

Give me something to believe in, just once. 175 more words


Silently Screaming- Celestial Hierarchies

So the base Celestial terms humans use to separate Celestials are “Demon” and “Angel.” There are two problems with the way humans in Silently Screaming classify Celestials. 825 more words


Impure Bargains (Impure #1) by Decadent Kane

Well, if you ever wonder what kind of book to read when you’re looking for the type of romance that does not follow the usual clichés, look no further! 166 more words

Book Reviews

why yes in fact, hell has frozen over.

I was going to write about something totally different today… a bit about my childhood and those things that make me who I am today.  But that all changed a few hours ago.  851 more words