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Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

Inuyasha, a Feudal Japan love story that inspired preteens everywhere into wearing cat ears for seemingly no reason. The story is about a modern day girl who falls into an old well at her family’s shrine and comes out into feudal Japan where she gets wrapped up with a half demon into looking for an ancient jewel that can grant wishes. 68 more words


End of Small Sanctuary

I’ve reached a point of no return. The fine line between sanity and insanity has been crossed and despair took over my once brilliant and creative mind. 277 more words


Kissing Madness (Repost September 2016)

The night sky found my eyes
The stars gathered in my pupils
And I felt myself glowing bright
My ravens perched near
Shaking their wings nervously… 64 more words


Odd thoughts

Ive never really been a happy person or content. I struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a small child. I once broke free but the demon wouldnt let me go. 156 more words

Araowynn Remake: Pt13

Demon Generals:

  • Salem– DNA strand manipulation
  • Evelyn– necromancy- yep undead and poisons
  • Zera– energy leech- aura and such
  • Ritzu– half dragon – brute strength, summoning…
  • 166 more words

Chapter 37

Author’s note: This wasn’t supposed to go up until tomorrow. Apparently I screwed up the scheduling again. So, uh… enjoy Monday’s update a day early, I guess. 2,342 more words


Sensory Deprivation and Avatars

Helen Keller was deaf, dumb, blind. She was a Theosophist. Helen Blavatsky created Theosophy which was a Satanic cult. Derek Prince is a deliverance minister expelling demons from thousands of people. 359 more words