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Demons inside my head

I feel like I should tell people to stay away from me. I blow up over stuff, I’m rarely happy, and I’m just going to ruin your life. 115 more words


I sit on the ground with unbroken wings.

Feathers surround me, and float round my head.

I hardly remember my flight from the sky, the terror of darkness, and the attacks made from fire. 129 more words


Story Revision

Ok, I originally posted a very rough draft of the intro of a new story I’m working on.  I think I posted it too soon.  Here is a revised draft that I like much better.   722 more words


The Librarians S02 Epo6: The Infernal Contract

In this week’s episode of “The Librarians” we learn that some people escaped reading Faust in high school and/or college, and that if you want to be a successful politician, you probably have to make a deal with the devil. 872 more words


When they met… Abomination Boy and Half a Prince Part 11

“Elijah. You know, I’m surprised you aren’t familiar with the eating habits of Children of Lilith.” Lucien called from the landing. His trousers hung low on his thin hips, and he was still determined to keep his shirt from swinging open and exposing more stories he didn’t want to tell. 917 more words

The Demon Samurai

The Demon Samurai
Clay Grant | Belmont Tower Books | 1978 | 158 pages

Michael Kirk is something of a heel. An American B-movie producer who has come to Japan to shoot his latest horror film, Monster Valley, Kirk spurns the true feelings of his production assistant, Mari Yanagawa, while making amorous passes towards other women at Yokoya Studios—“passes” that could better be described as sexual harassment: 411 more words

Pulp Fiction