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I Wait

sprawl in a wrinkled, uneasy bed
old demons and new share the covers
they jabber and snicker, toss and turn
chase away forgetful sleep
eyes on the shadowed ceiling… 76 more words


Infernal Solicitations

Life in the underworld isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Allow me now to share with you this revealing tale of one depressed denizen and his harrowing experiences in the pit of eternal suffering.  1,390 more words

Flash Fiction

Pope Francis: Look to Desert Fathers to Fight Demons

Pope Francis addressed priests and religious on his 2nd day in Egypt. He called for them to draw strength from the desert fathers to combat temptations and demons. 16 more words


Demons: Convincing the Orcs

When Angel reached Ka,vi, it was complete pandemonium. The inner walls of the volcano were lined with Orcs, who desperately swung their weapons against the fire demons, only to have them simply pass through the demon. 435 more words


Demons: Angel Conversion Course

Aran stored the black ichor in an empty water flask and ate the demon’s flesh raw, hunger pushing him to his natural instincts. He tried to feed the horse some. 353 more words


Demon: Chapter 10

Aran set up his Ward Shield and waited, his silver sword in hand. Soon, sand demons spawned all around him. They circled the oasis, muscles twitching and aching for a fight. 417 more words


Demons: Chapter 9

Aran struggled with how to defend his horse from attacks by sand demons. If he only studied the text in the day, he would be wasting half the time sitting still and looking for breaches in the Ward Shield. 234 more words