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Asmodeus - demons

I didn’t know there were demons of marriage.

Although this is more Christian base its interesting that there is an understanding that there is a demon that focuses on preventing or destroying marriages and building a life. 198 more words

#BlogElul 2017 - Day 2: Search

Somewhere, there must be a way
away from demons devouring
the quintessence of my Neshama
destroying the marrow growing
the cells of love and kindness… 150 more words


The Watcher

Behind a rubber tree a cloaked figure watches

her maneuver between fallen trunks scattered

across the forest floor.


The glint of his iridescent eyes beyond… 193 more words

How Many African American Sympathizers Are Seriously Concerned About African Slavery? 

Many African Americans and their sympathizers are complaining about what happened more than a hundred or two years ago. But what are they doing about today and the glaring injustice being done? 262 more words

Human Organization

Demons In My Mind - Aashish Gupta

A one-of-a-kind book, constructed on a detailed scrutiny of mind –human mind. The book talks about the power of a mind probing deep into the devilish character of the mind. 232 more words


Can You Face The Seething Hypocrisy Of Americans? The Funding & Arming Of Ukraine Who Partnered With Nazis To Kill 

With all the protests and counter protests against Nazis and white nationalism movements currently taking place during the last 2 weeks in the US, particularly among Christian leaders, one hears their message loud and clear: white nationalism and Nazi ideology is “evil.” 611 more words

Human Organization