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Dealing with Depression as a Writer

Ever since I started this blog back in 2006, it’s been my pledge to be totally honest about the writer’s life and what’s going on in mine. 355 more words



My Spider Lilies and My Cranes,
Are dancing in still waters to sustain.
I keep my silence and my head,
For the voices of demons will fill it instead. 100 more words


Believe - January 17, 2019

Many say that they Believe In Me. When their faith is tested, they falter and fall away, they don’t pass their tests. They have no endurance. 230 more words

My Fall

Into the abyss I plunge
Into the dark I fall
Of that desolate place
Where silence could not be any louder
For how long – I know not… 211 more words


Excellent Contact

I had an excellent ritual with Scirlin this evening. :) He was more talkative than before so I got some more notes to go off of when I continue writing my project. 248 more words


Some Memories

some memories avoid us
like coal stowed obscurely
in the mountain—
some memories are relics of
impossible adventures,
dream gems, and are artefacts
of the alien, inaccessible other— 85 more words


On Tour with Shadow Walker by Anya J. Cosgrove, and Meet the Author

I love a messy Heroine! And I love even more a tag line with a punch (last line of the Synopsis is great).

The book is… 725 more words