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Flora Reviews... Demon Hunting with a Sexy Ex (Demon Hunting #5) by Lexi George

Flora Reviews…

Demon Hunting with a Sexy Ex (Demon Hunting #5)

by Lexi George


Read: 16th – 24th September 2017

Format: Kindle

My Goodreads Rating: 1,267 more words


War and Peace – Part 2

Torah or Not Torah? (Or is it “To be or not to be”?)

Welcome to the church of the Galatians this riveting Sunday morning. This is must-see theater (or, more apropos, must-see theatrics). 642 more words


Trip to OSPH

Just a quick update on what we are doing.

A few members of our team are heading to Old South Pittsburgh Hospital(OSPH) on September 30th. We plan to live stream some of our time there on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page. Stay tuned for updates.

Ghost Hunters

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or what but every time I get extremely emotional (internal sources mostly), the people around me slap me with their own baggages. 119 more words

Withering silence
Suffocate under the weight
I too am guilty


She ain't twisted!

Fear; do we fear what we see or just see what we fear….

She is sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, usually she’s seen laughing aloud with a bunch of her never ending friends… 530 more words