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The Occupy Movement Comes of Age — Fortune

A group called Take on Wall Street is launching a campaign focused on limiting the power of banks.

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French Workers and NuitDebout Uprising grows despite State Repression

After Sunday’s worldwide NuitDebout demos the movement united with angry workers in a brilliant series of Strikes, Demos, Blockades, Occupations which continue to grow despite police and Stat… 10 more words


Athens, Greece: Riots erupt following a Riot Police attack on thousands of protesters (8/5/2016) — Insurrection News

On Sunday 8 May 2016, while the government of SYRIZA & ANEL inside the greek parliament were attacking what little has been left in the dignity of the people in the country to survive, by voting in favor of raising taxes whilst cutting pensions, the greek riot police outside the parliament in Syntagma, were attacking […]

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