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Evil "A" or Evil "B" is STILL Evil

Although I believe that Clinton will crash and burn (maybe I should say “Bern”), I am confident that what we are seeing propped up before our brainwashed eyes is the same old sElection tactics of offering a gaggle of idiots to sElect from, leaving just a few “lesser evil” characters that are purposefully given us because the PTB know that they will carry their water wherever they want it carried.

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And They Will Still Follow

I’ve had several interactions with people over Donald Trump. It is a wonder that people ever believed in the first place. But that is just it. 426 more words


God Save Us From Real Conservatism

I once told a very religious person, “If being a Christian means being like you, I don’t want to be one.” Its the same with being a conservative (at least in today’s understanding of the ideology). 1,274 more words