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God Save Us From Real Conservatism

I once told a very religious person, “If being a Christian means being like you, I don’t want to be one.” Its the same with being a conservative (at least in today’s understanding of the ideology). 1,274 more words


Smear Campaign

“Too bad Rory Gallagher is dead.”

~ DC Dave

Smear Campaign

The Dirty Tricks department,
Is working overtime.
Trying to stop the candidate,
From getting in this time.

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Jewish Influence In America

I can’t get my head around the numbers. And because I question the unbelievable control Jews have on America, our thoughts and our policies, I am considered an “anti-Semite” by many people. 2,062 more words


Would You Perform Oral Sex On A Donkey, For Israel?

Our US Senators would and do… frequently.

A perfect follow up to my video post yesterday.

Thanks to DCDave for sharing (altho, I come away thinking that the producers of SNL are just rubbing out stupid faces in the truth and laughing at us, instead of vice versa). 214 more words


Rednecks: You Are Disposable

I know many people who happened upon this site may think I go overboard when it comes to my insistence that TPTB are trying to enslave or kill us. 303 more words


What If Nobody Showed Up To Vote?

CTRAFFIK -“What if Nobody Showed Up to Vote?” (Official Video)

Wake up, wake your mind up. Yo!

What if, what if nobody showed up to vote?

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Nobody Wins The POTUS Election

My wife took her 90 something year old grandmother to vote early yesterday. It was comedic, in that she can’t hear anything, but didn’t want BuelahLady to help her because BuelahLady told her she wasn’t voting for any “lesser of two evils”. 381 more words