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Eurovision 2017 Review: Greece - Demy - This Is Love

Demy chosen one to sing Greece back into the final
Greece is by far one of the most successful countries in the recent history of the Eurovision Song Contest, but last year it showed even they are not untouchable when it comes to the result show. 289 more words


New Music Friday: 24/03/2017

It’s the 24th March and apart from being my best mates 40th birthday (Happy Birthday Amy), it is also the first blog in my new series NMF (New Music Friday). 696 more words


2017 Eurovision Review - Greece

Greece had such a great qualifying streak in Eurovision, however last year, Greece missed out on the final for the first time since semi-finals were introduced in 2004. 611 more words


GREECE: Demy - This is Love (7/10)

Nice to see Greece who were a powerhouse in the noughties taking this seriously again this year. I was pleasantly surprised that Demy was internally selected. 172 more words

Eurovision 2017 - Chosen Entries

ВИДЕО: Грција го избра својот претставник на овогодишниот Евросонг

На 69-от Избор за песна на Евровизија, што ќе се одржи во мај во Киев, Грција ќе ја претставува пејачката Demy со нумерата „This is Love“.

Победникот беше избран со гласање преку телевоутинг и на жири. Гласањето од телевоутингот учествуваше во 70 отсто од вкупните гласови, а остантите 30 проценти гласови ги определи жири составено од Грци што живеат во Австрија, Азербејџан, Белгија, Германија, Грузија, Италија и Украина.


#GREECE - DEMY to sing "THIS IS LOVE" at Eurovision 2017

Greece and the Greek diaspora decided: Demy will perform in Kyiv the song entitled “This Is Love”.

The song “This is Love” was written by Dimitris Kontopoulos, Romy Papadea and John Ballard. 56 more words

Eurovision 2017

Ελληνικός τελικός - Eurovision 2017: Η κιτς εμφάνιση της παρουσιάστριας

Ο ελληνικός τελικός της Eurovision 2017 πραγματοποιήθηκε χθες (6/3) και η Demy είναι αυτή που θα μας εκπροσωπήσει στον φετινό διαγωνισμό. Ωστόσο, η παρουσιάστρια Έλενα Μπουζαλά ήταν αυτή που έκλεψε τις εντυπώσεις το βράδυ της Δευτέρας. 20 more words