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The Two Steps

The Two Steps:

1. We admitted we powerless over our addictions — that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. We tried to carry this message to addicts (alcoholics, overeaters, gamblers…whatever).

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Not me!

That is what I have told myself over and over again for years. I was one of those people that would listen to someone talk about domestic abuse and say “I wouldn’t put up with that for a minute, he would be so gone!” I was so sure, so smug, so righteous. 1,120 more words



You cannot awaken someone who is pretending to sleep.


Self-Destructive Habits: Why Do So Many Good Companies Fail?

by Bryan Lane Berson, Esq.

Many good companies fail. Whether you own a business, are employed by one, or have invested in one it is very disconcerting because your career and financial security are at stake. 948 more words


What Needs To Be Heard

“This is a ‘we’ program,” somebody says.

Folks around the table nod their heads.

Folks sittin’ against the wall stare at the floor, glance at the clock and scroll down on their smart phones. 71 more words

12 Steps

Oh, Internet!

Toward the end of my drinking career, I did a lot of googling to see how I compared to other people and their drinking habits. I was always on the lookout for articles and admissions that aligned with mine to justify (a) my daily consumption and (b) the amount I was drinking. 372 more words

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

One thing that most alcoholics seem to have in common is some form of self deception. I suppose you could call this lying. I did it. 532 more words