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June 1st, 2015

The Beginning of the End.

It was like being slapped in the face. in the middle of the night. while you’re sleeping. That’s how hard and quickly it hit me. 363 more words


Rape is a Trauma

May 5th, 2015

It is a Big Deal. Big, Huge.

Part of the Problem


Maybe You.

the. i’m alright. Survivor.

the. it’s not a big deal, i’ll be fine. 287 more words

Rape Trauma

The Shock Effect

April 28th, 2015

Reasons I do not recommend dating your Rapist,

How do they suck,

Let me count the ways:

Date No. Four – Love means never having to say, 1,046 more words

David L. Harrell

October Light

I’m raking autumn leaves in my front yard.  I pile them high, high enough I just want to jump in and roll around.  But I’m a man at work, not at play, so I scoop them into big brown bags, lug the bags to the curb and…I…become…disoriented. 316 more words



I am on a business/leisure trip without J. I have many resources set up at home to make this possible. I arrived yesterday afternoon, had lunch with friends, went to a meeting and was looking forward to an evening of socializing with people who don’t have Alzheimer’s disease. 431 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

Healing From the Inside Out

Last year, one week before I was to attend my first She Speaks conference, I decided to have a fun day out with my girls! I took them to a historical location right outside of our hometown called Dunn’s Falls. 1,163 more words


DENIAL - a cause of lack of patient compliance

DENIAL – This is the most common thing leading to lack of patient medication adherence(PMA). All the work of a pharmacist or health care professional goes waste if the patient refuses to accept that he has a disorder. 290 more words