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“I AM currently sitting next to my 16 month old son in C8 who has been admitted due to a respiratory infection and Crout, which has left him having complications while breathing. 461 more words

OpenSSL Project Fixes 12 Security Issues

The OpenSSL Project has released fixes to address a dozen flaws in the open source cryptographic protocol implementation (OpenSSL Security Advisory). One of the vulnerabilities has been classified as high severity; it could be exploited to cause denial-of-service (DoS) conditions. 35 more words

Software Updates

The annoyance of scripted views

In August 2013 I wrote a post titled ‘What has happened to my wordpress views‘ which was bemoaning the fall away in my blog views in that month. 324 more words


"Most adorable bug" - Raspberry Pi 2 crashes when you take a photo of it

Owners of the recently released Raspberry Pi 2 – the itty bitty, budget computer – have found that the credit-card-sized systems reboot when users snap a flash photo of the units. 664 more words


Many websites of the Dutch government were hammered by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the government said on Wednesday. In a statement, the government said the attack targeted the hosting service Prolocation, also knocking out other websites such as that of the satirical publication GeenStijl. 47 more words

Loyalty is a fickle thing....

In the video gaming world that is.  :)  Here’s the situation – You work hard for your money.  You slave over your job making sure you have enough dough for not only your family but also yourself so that you can have that little bit of respite in the evening or whenever to sit yourself down in front of your PS / Xbox / Wii (whatever is your choice) and go kill some zombies or tinker with puzzle, or whichever is your game of choice.  371 more words


New-style ransomware locks out your customers - demands money to let them log back in

A boutique Swiss security outfit recently wrote about a sneaky new sort of ransomware.

It’s an intriguing story.

The crooks, it seems, decided to take it out on company X by means of extortion: encrypt customer data, and then offer the decryption key for a price. 601 more words