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Phineas Fisher Attacks Catalan Police Union

Phineas Fisher has launched an attack aganst the Catalan Police Union, defacing their website, publishingr personal information of police officers as well as hijacking their twitter account. 77 more words

I Know What You Did Last Session: Basic Applied Cryptography

While Janet was sitting in a cyber café sending emails to friends and surfing the web, there was a person sitting three tables away reading each email she sent before they ever got to the email server. 1,813 more words

4 Ways to Ensure Security in Rails Application

1. Basic authentication password should not be stored in source code.


authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic do |username, password|
  username == "example" && password == "example"

This warning will be raised if… 259 more words

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5 Basic Security Practices for a Secure Ecommerce Website

When you are running an online business, it becomes immensely crucial for the entrepreneur to ensure that the website is secure from any sort of illegitimate threats. 32 more words

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Ubuntu Issues Security Updates for April 2016

In the first week of April Ubuntu issued security updates to address vulnerabilities responsibly disclosed (defined) in the Ubuntu kernel (defined). Each vulnerability addressed was assigned a separate CVE identifier ( 253 more words

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Denial Of Service against Printers and Printing systems

For a class assignment we were asked to perform a denial of service attack against any system or process – remote or local (with permission from competent authority). 754 more words


Amazon Denies My Reviews #DenialofService #VerifiedPurchase

I submitted my review to Amazon for A Room Full of Elephants by Anthony Camber and got this:

“Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product. 223 more words

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