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DDoS - what's that?

I’m sure that if you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ll have heard the phrase DDoS, which stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It sounds fancy and complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. 545 more words

Security 101

18 Year Old - Web DNS


18 Years Old – DNS Software – Earns $600,000

Law-enforcement agencies are trying to keep up. On Sept. 8, Israeli police arrested two 18 year olds, Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, on suspicion of operating a company called vDOS that sold denial-of-service attacks and earned the pair more than $600,000 over the past two years, according to lawyers for the two teenagers.



Dyn DDoS - what can we do right now to help prevent the next attack?

The digital dust has settled, for now at least, on last week’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against DNS service provider Dyn.

There have been numerous rumours of what the attack was for, and why the attackers pounded Dyn with redundant traffic designed to harm the company’s ability to serve legitimate customers. 1,169 more words


Cyberattack Knocks Out Access to Websites

So-called denial-of-service attacks can knock sites offline by flooding them with junk data, blocking the way for legitimate users

Several websites including Twitter and Tumblr were unreachable for many internet users Friday morning following an online attack.PHOTO: ZUMA PRESS… 323 more words

Safe Regex - REDoS protection

Regular expressions, or regex, are patterns used commonly for string matching. Although there are several flavors for the regex syntax, the basic building blocks of the pattern language stay roughly the same. 1,350 more words

Denial Of Service

Extra-Large Denial of Service Attack Uses DVRs, Webcams

Brace yourselves. The rest of the media is going to be calling this an “IoT DDOS” and the hype will spin out of control. Hype aside, the facts on the ground make it look like an extremely large distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) was just carried out… 299 more words


A massive attack that may have hijacked online cameras will soon be "the new normal"

One of the biggest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks ever was directed at independent security journalist Brian Krebs on Tuesday (Sept. 20), and lasted for three days, leading his service provider to take his website offline. 520 more words