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Denigration of Women is a Characteristic Shared by Trump and Palin

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, young or old, Christian or Jewish, Muslim or Hindu, male or female, respect for women is a fundamental belief most Americans share.   1,007 more words

smug denigraters

A little while ago there was a showing of a Pakistani film advertised at the university. I was obviously interested but very much less so after reading the synopsis. 500 more words


So this is why UK Tabloids Denigrate Immigrants: It's all about the Spellcheckers?! >____<

I thought I had posted a link to this earlier, my first post with the user contribution section of the satire outlet Faking News. The user contribution section is called ‘My Faking News,’ which is probably fair enough. 37 more words


Breaking the cycle

Why do I need to contact you each time I want a response from ? Do you children not understand that this divorce is only between your dad and me?

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Christian Background

I come from a Christian background, but unlike some pagans I see no need to denigrate it as I’ve been brought up to see money as less important as other values, for example love and happiness. 46 more words

Quercus Robur

The Smouldering Gent Within

In panel five, a third pipe has emerged.

And it is the manliest pipe of all.


I'd Say I'm an Epic Fail

Yeah and before I start in on myself, I would like to remind myself, that I shouldn’t do that.  Denigrating yourself is not something I should do so early in the morning; especially when so many others throughout the day will be in line to do that for me.   361 more words