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Pre-Autumn Purchases

Tuesday was a stressful day, so it felt like a good time for some online Retail Therapy. My New Look basket has been looking pretty full the last few days, and it was only fair to lessen the load. 147 more words

Style & Fashion

That 70s Style

I would never describe myself as a fashionista (is that even the right word?), but I think it’s hard to miss the 70s fashion revival. Topshop and River Island in particular are stocking lots of lace up and flute sleeve tops. 217 more words

Style & Fashion

TBT: The Button Front Skirt

TBT to the 70’s once again! 70’s fashion has officially taken off in the industry this season. From bell bottom pants to fringe everything, and what’s next? 95 more words


Thursday Top 10: Denim Skirts

Denim skirts seem to have made a sudden comeback, and certainly are a must have for summer 2015! For many of us what comes to mind is overly distressed, low waisted mini’s from Abercrombie and Fitch, but the new modern take on this piece is classy even if the skirt is distressed or a micro-mini. 113 more words

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Why this skirt's making me sweat

Here’s how this plays out. I’m browsing an online shop – fashion journalists have to endure this temptation a lot for work-related searches – and everything’s dandy. 768 more words

Pivotal Pieces

How to dress in a heat wave

So the first day of the heat wave passed by rather uneventfully since I was desk-bound. Uneventful until I left the office that is and had to suffer a ride home in an oven on wheels (the tube) wedged next to incredibly hot man – I refer to his temperature, sadly, he was literally a radiator. 480 more words

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