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Thank You Kind & Generous Souls

I want to Thank every person that I couldn’t reach by email or postal mail who’ve sent me donations to help me through this unemployed time with my Mom’s health traumas. 306 more words


Denise Le Fay - Evolving into more Multidimensional Awareness - 6-1-14

Denise Le Fay   –

Every month we travel deeper into the NEW of 2014, the more difficult it is for me to clearly explain what I’m going through personally plus perceiving in general. 1,624 more words


Blue*Star*Lady* ~~ Indecision and the Nexus Point of NOW Beginnings ~~

18 January 2014

We take a moment to share with you some views from the angelic realm of the situation that many of you find yourselves in at present, that being the toggling point between the Old World of 3d form, and the New World of your own making and design.  559 more words

Denise Le Fay – Cut Down To The Crystal Clear Core – 21 November 2013


I’ve been pretty quiet since 9-21-13 only because I’ve been going through some ratherdifficult times of big inner change. No, my arms and legs haven’t fallen off and no, my house hasn’t burned down, and no my life looks like it did last week and last month and the month before that, but man-oh-man am I changing! 1,581 more words

Note to newer readers: I published this post about a year ago before my blog was “discovered” by very many people. It is a timely subject for those who have felt different all their lives, as I have. 4,059 more words

Welcome to HighHeartLife

Welcome to HighHeartLife — a NEW higher frequency place for our ongoing spiritual journey, education, and eternal desire as spiritual Beings to Create. And, welcome to the Separation of Worlds and Timelines and activation of the NEW! 748 more words

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