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Transitional Pains & Greater Higher Awareness & Sovereignty ~ May 20, 2018

Many have felt some different Ascension Embodiment Process pains in 2018, myself included. For the most part they’ve been sudden and severe, causing many to second-guess whether something has suddenly gone haywire in the lower half of their physical bodies. 1,204 more words

Walking On NEW Light ~ May 3, 2018

A short note about how some may have been bodily registering the April into May 2018 amplified Light energies radiating from Earth and running through the NEW grids. 846 more words

Multiple Layers, Varied Elevations & Different Directions ~ April 24, 2018

As is always the case, the image above is as close a visual representation as I could find to what I’ve been Seeing for months. Pan back further, expand out much more, be acutely aware of the varied elevations between each line and you have a better visual of what I’ve been Seeing concerning this phase of our evolutionary Ascension Process. 2,690 more words

Inner Body Vibrations & The Solar Flashes & Pulses - Denise Le Fay

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Inner Body Vibrations & The Solar Flashes & Pulses

February 19, 2018Denise

I’ve written about the Inner Body Vibrations since I first detected them in my physical body around 2001, mostly at TRANSITIONS however. 2,244 more words

February 2018, So Far - Denise Le Fay

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February 2018, So Far

February 13, 2018Denise

  I’ve tried to write this since the first days of February but just haven’t been able to for different reasons. 1,249 more words

‘All Hearts On Deck’ - Denise Le Fay

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‘All Hearts On Deck’

December 20, 2017Denise

In one of Sandra Walter’s recent articles she used this great term ‘All hearts on deck’ 2,507 more words

December 2017: A Long Time Coming ~ Dec. 10, 2017

This is a great post by Denise LeFay. She puts it right out there, humanity’s great Transition is happening right on schedule…but it’s been a long time coming! 2,071 more words