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Galactic Missions, Soul Purposes, Human Rules – HighHeartLife

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Galactic Missions, Soul Purposes, Human Rules

March 17, 2017Denise

I only discovered Lisa Transcendence Brown a couple of weeks ago, but after watching a few of her recent videos and reading a few of her recent articles, I like her… 119 more words

The Weirdness of it All: Changing Timelines Again ~ March 14, 2017

Personally, the past thirty days (around February 12th or so) have been extra difficult, exhausting, frustrating, educational, bloody, trying, and did I mention difficult? I was aware of the brutality of it all while it was happening of course but didn’t completely understand exactly what was going on and why. 1,404 more words

Greater Embodiment of NEW Light Code Templates Approaches ~ March 4, 2017

This is another great article from Denise LeFay. In my opinion, Denise is right on target…as humans begin listening to their heart, leaving the 3D head-orientation behind, new avenues  of experience arise leaving humanity to wonder…huh, what in the heck is going on? 1,728 more words

Aim Higher, Embody More Light, Fly Through The Sun – HighHeartLife

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Aim Higher, Embody More Light, Fly Through The Sun

February 19, 2017Denise

One of the main things I’ve always hated about this Earth world reality, the one that Expired in December 21, 2012, the one you and me and all of humanity has lived our entire lives in up to this point, was that… 3,984 more words

NEW 2017 Light Codes – HighHeartLife

NEW 2017 Light Codes

January 29, 2017Denise

This is one of those articles where I feel it’s necessary to recap some ground we’ve already covered so that where we’re at now carries more meaning and impact. 3,584 more words