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Denise Le Fay - Themed Dream-state Messages

Themed Dream-state Messages

August 17, 2016Denise

I’ve asked for more conscious understanding about where we’re at within these last three months of 2016, our time in what I call the Zero Zone, and all of it preparing us for entry into 2017 at an entirely NEW higher level. 1,306 more words

Densie Le Fay - The 2016 Zero Zone Portal

The 2016 Zero Zone Portal

August 4, 2016Denise

I intentionally didn’t talk about the strange energies I call the Zero Zone in my last article. 1,672 more words

Denise Le Fay - Another Major Change Approaching

Another Major Change Approaching

August 1, 2016Denise

(Take note of the numbers, which numbers they are and the specific energies they emanate.)

Did you feel energies shift and improve on July 25th, the day before the start of 2016’s Lion’s Gate period? 1,463 more words

Denise Le Fay - Evolving Psychic Perceptions & Abilities

Evolving Psychic Perceptions & Abilities

July 22, 2016Denise

I’ve had “psychic” abilities—clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing)—and more from birth. They’re not newly acquired current life abilities but ancient ones, ones that were mandatory for me if I was going to insert myself into an incarnation in 3D Earth physicality during an astrological Age change, multiple galactic and universal cycles completing at the same time, a hardcore knockdown drag-out battle with multidimensional Team Dark, and an all-encompassing universal evolutionary Ascension. 1,710 more words

Evolving Psychic Perceptions & Abilities ~ July 22, 2016

This is a fascinating article written by Denise Le Fay about “psychic” abilities. Denise ws blessed to recognise her pyschic abilities early in her life, but with the energetic advance of the mass consciousness of humanity, many of us are finding ourselves with abilities we hadn’t noticed in ourselves before NOW. 1,829 more words

Denise Le Fay - June Difficulties Provide Greater Embodiment of Higher With Lower

June Difficulties Provide Greater Embodiment of Higher With Lower

NEW Consciousness NEW Worlds July 12, 2016 Comments: 2

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I’ve mentioned more than once how difficult 2016 has been, plus how I’ve dealt with waves of depression this year. 2,715 more words

Denise Le Fay - Evolving Beyond the Old Lower Frequency Range & Its Energetic Systems

Evolving Beyond the Old Lower Frequency Range & Its Energetic Systems

Evolving Awareness & Abilities June 29, 2016 Comments: 40

In my June 17, 2016 article Falcon asked why some people she knew can no longer visualize their 2nd chakra and that they were having some pains in that location as well. 1,293 more words