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The fire in leaf and grass
so green it seems
each summer the last summer.

The wind blowing, the leaves… 43 more words


The Lenten writings: Going on a trip...

I’m thinking about taking a trip. Would you like to join me?

How I loved those words as a child. Today, I was invited to go on a journey. 228 more words


Denise Levertov on a Biblical Scale

In February, like it or not, our thoughts turn to love. Or, as Frank Sinatra would have it: love and marriage. Not that love always rides shotgun with marriage. 323 more words


The Snake's Keening (A Response Poem)

I am guest-hosting Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poet’s Pub.  I challenge my fellow poets to write response poetry.  (See Marlowe and Ralegh’s 237 more words

Reading: Hypocrite Women by Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov (1923-1997) was a prolific British-born American writer who never received formal education. Influences are among others the Blue Mountain school, William Carlos Williams, Rilke. 347 more words


The Broken Sandal by Denise Levertov

Arrived at the here and now, again.

The new year breeds a new batch of questions. All longing to be answered, though not all meant to have one that will be easy to accept nor understand. 99 more words