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Folding a Shirt by Denise Levertov

for S.P.

Folding a shirt, a woman stands
still for a moment, to recall
warmth of flesh; her careful hands

heavy on a sleeve, recall… 95 more words


Dawn Potter: Speaking of Sorrow

My son is seventeen years old, and he has a broken heart.

Of course I also had a broken heart when I was seventeen, but what does that matter? 1,426 more words


Upcoming in Easton MD and Philadelphia PA

I’ll be traveling to Easton, Maryland tomorrow for rehearsals and a performance of my recent Oboe Quartet. There will be an open rehearsal of the… 219 more words

"The Thing in the Cave" / Memorable Fancies #1230

[“The cave downstairs … / And what / hangs out there” – Denise Levertov]

     We have a natural fear, fed by dozens of horror movies, of what might be lurking underground, in the basements of our own homes. 84 more words


denise levertov

I thought I would be more into Levertov based on what I read about her, but the heart wants what it wants. Her poems just didn’t click with me. 389 more words

Current Events


by Denise Levertov

The theater of war. Offstage
a cast of thousands weeping.

Left center, well-lit, a mound
of unburied bodies,

or parts of bodies. 114 more words



The door I flung my weight against
was constructed to open          out
towards me

Denise Levertov from “Relearning the Alphabet”

Kudász Gábor Arion from the series… 10 more words