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'We Are Members One of Another'

I’ve written another piece about Into the River and the extraordinary interim ban it’s undergone this month. The article is up at Pantograph Punch; there is a link here.


Poem of the Week: A Reward - Denise Levertov via Poetry Mistress Alison McGhee

A Reward
–  Denise Levertov

Tired and hungry, late in the day, impelled
to leave the house and search for what
might lift me back to what I had fallen away from, 137 more words

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30th August 2015

(Humanity’s) capacity for evil, then, is less a positive capacity, for all its horrendous activity, than a failure to develop humanity’s most human function, the imagination, to its fullness, and consequently a failure to develop compassion.

~~Denise Levertov


Denise Levertov

There is a wonderful piece in Brain Pickings (an excellent online newsletter I read every Sunday without fail) on Denise Levertov. It’s called, “The Midwifery of Creativity: Denise Levertov on How Great Works of Art Are Born.” … 171 more words


POETRY: That Day, by Denise Levertov

Across a lake in Switzerland, fifty years ago,
light was jousting with long lances, fencing with broadswords
back and forth among cloudy peaks and foothills. 133 more words


Everything that Acts Is Actual [denise levertov]

From the tawny light
from the rainy nights
from the imagination finding
itself and more than itself
alone and more than alone
at the bottom of the well where the moon lives,   
111 more words

Denise Levertov

Definition#276 Dusk

Dusk was smoothing breadths of silk
over the lake, watery amethyst fading to gray.
Denise Levertov from A Reward