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Levertov's "Concurrences" as Touchstone

Denise Levertov’s little poem “Concurrences” is one of those poems that acts as a touchstone for me:

Each day’s terror, almost

a form of boredom — madmen… 491 more words

Fooling with Words: Celebrate Poetry

The days of the month slip from April to May. I want to do my share to celebrate poetry and applaud poets who gift me with words. 422 more words

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Mary Chapin Carpenter, On the Other Hand, Is Right on the Money

How do we write poetry that seizes life with music? Denise Levertov says, “I think it’s like this: first there must be an experience, a sequence or constellation of perceptions of sufficient interest, felt by the poet intensely enough to demand of him their equivalence in worlds: he is… 376 more words

Denise Levertov

He says the waves in the ship’s wake
are like stones rolling away.
I don’t see it that way.
But I see the mountain turning, 21 more words


Primary Wonder, Age Three

Primary Wonder, Age Three

Walking with our granddaughter
Whispering and waving
Our wings
Sniffing for bats.

What do you smell grandma?
What do you smell grandpa? 112 more words


Denise Levertov

I hear

the tide turning. Last
eager wave over-
taken and pulled  back by the first wave of the ebb. The pull back
by moon-ache. The great knots… 16 more words


The Rainwalkers by Denise Levertov

An old man whose black face
shines golden-brown as wet pebbles
under the streetlamp, is walking two mongrel dogs of dis-
proportionate size, in the rain, 98 more words