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St. Thomas Didymus

By Denise Levertov

In the hot street at noon I saw him
a small man
gray but vivid, standing forth
beyond the crowd’s buzzing
holding in desperate grip his shaking… 426 more words

Denise Levertov

When does night
fold its arms over our hearts
to cherish them?

— Denise Levertov, fron “That Passeth All Understanding,” Oblique Prayers: Poetry. (New Directions, New York, 1984)


"the mountain is hidden"


Sometimes the mountain

is hidden from me in veils

of cloud, sometimes

I am hidden from the mountain

in veils of inattention, apathy, fatigue, 29 more words


Quote for Today: Denise Levertov

In the dark I rest,
unready for the light which dawns
day after day,
eager to be shared.
Black silk, shelter me.
I need
more of the night before I open… 28 more words

Quote For Today

March 26, 2017 - As it Happens

As it Happens

by Denise Levertov

Read by Emma Rye https://textspeech.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/as-it-happens.mp3

Like dogs in Mexico,
furless, sore, misshapen,

arrives from laborious nowhere
Agony.                  And proves… 43 more words


Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

A red salamander
so cold and so
easy to catch, dreamily

moves his delicate feet
and long tail. I hold
my hand open for him to go. 31 more words