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Blown away at the beach...

Hi – just got back from the beach down in Lakolk and let me tell you, I got blown away by the giant hairdryer 😊 It was soooo windy…We went down expecting a lot of people down there as it is Sunday after all, however it wasn’t really busy at all. 160 more words

Golden Retriever

Copenhagen: Fokes with Spokes

And thus Feeled Recordings stepped into the global arena as I departed the United States.

Norwegian Airlines: Not For The Thrifty of Heart

I arrived in Copenhagen after approximately 10 hours on a Norwegian Air flight that did not include water or any food. 803 more words

Field Recordings

Our Evening Round...

Hi all – you have to excuse the quality – the iPhone has its limits and it was getting dark rather quick. When getting out the door, there was 2 of my deer friends waiting for me to chase them 😊 At first I didn’t see them and when I saw them, they had already gained a good bit of ground on me… so no chance for me to go and play with them. 93 more words

Golden Retriever

Writers Quotes - Hans Christian Andersen

“Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.” –  Hans Christian Andersen

Each day on this planet is a true gift from above.

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Time Moves Too Fast

It always amazes me how fast time seems to slip away from me. I can’t believe my last post was last September. How did I not realize it had been so long since I posted? 454 more words


Easter vlog #18

The vlog is back! :)

Check out my new video about the Easter weekend we spent in a super cosy cabin at the north coast of Denmark.