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Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel Tip: Despite Copenhagen being a very expensive city to be a tourist in (I found anything from food, accommodations, and visiting attractions to be more costly than Stockholm), there are many fantastic FREE things to do in Copenhagen – yes, that’s right FREE things to do. 45 more words


Nature | Soft Sunset

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Sunset in Nyborg, Denmark.

By Ida

Source: 500px.com


On Globalization and Identity: National Content Quota

I fell asleep near the Danish-German border on our bus ride to Hamburg from Aarhus despite the radio (which is usually on in long-distance buses within Europe). 253 more words


About Me

Hey Friends! Before I leave for Copenhagen, I feel like you guys might want to get to know me better. So I decided to make an about me post. 280 more words


10 Day Countdown

Hi Friends! I am Julia, a 20 year old college student. I am leaving for my study abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark in 10 days. I’m a little sad that the summer is ending, but excited for what the future holds. 47 more words