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Dance night

Where I can learn how to dance like them?

One day! #mydream #party #papirøen #copenhagenstreetfood #salsadancing #dancingnight #copenhagen #denmark

A video posted by Kasia Józefowicz (@kasia_jozefowicz) on Sep 24, 2016 at 3:26pm PDT…

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Exploring Korsor City - Day 3

If today is your last day in Korsor, you’re going to have a great day! If by now you’re getting the groove of this place (and you want to stay longer), you’ll probably be happy to know there’s much more to see and experience. 1,489 more words


Denmark’s High Court upholds people smuggling conviction for couple who gave Syrian refugees lift and biscuits | The Independent

Denmark’s High Court has upheld a people smuggling conviction for a couple who illegally “assisted” family of Syrian refugees by giving them a lift and a cup of coffee. 20 more words


덴마크 뉴스 헤드라인 - 2016/09/25

Større utryghed sender tilliden til politikerne mod bunden

증대된 불안감이 정치권에 대한 신뢰도를 바닥으로 내리꽂고 있다.

기사 링크: http://www.politiko.dk/nyheder/stoerre-utryghed-sender-tilliden-til-politikerne-mod-bunden (Berlingske)

신규 경제정책 패키지 발표 이후 이에 대한 국회동의가 과반을 넘기 어려울 것으로 전해지면서, 조기 총선이 가능하다는 이야기가 솔솔 나오고 있다. 만약 그런 일이 생긴다면 라스무센 현 총리는 자리를 내놓을 것으로, 이 경우 차기 당권을 노릴 것으로 유력시되는 정치인 이름이 언론에 오르내리고 있다. 만약 조기 총선이 이뤄지고 레드블록으로 정권이 넘어갈 경우 사회민주당이 총리를 낼 확률이 높은데, 이민 정책을 포함해 환경정책 등 다양한 정책의 향배가 달라질 것이다. 흥미진진하다.


Bagenkop Boat

Bagenkop is situated in the south of Langeland, an island in the south of Denmark. I took this picture at the end of May, during a sunny afternoon. 17 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Quest!

What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera. For this challenge, show us what quest means to you. – Cheri Lucas Rowlands (WP) 261 more words


Is Hamburg really the worst place in the world?

“Hamburg is the most boring place in the world. Truly, Ellie, it’s awful.” So said my friend who lived here and left, craving more excitement, and by her own admission, warmth.  606 more words