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Dennis Eckersley: Orioles Look Like 'Team To Beat' In AL East (Video)

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The Boston Red Sox aren’t part of it (for now), but there’s an extremely tight race for the top spot in the American League East. 156 more words

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Rick Porcello's ERA Now Worst In AL; Should Red Sox Sit Him Down? (Video)

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Wednesday’s Canada Day catastrophe against the Toronto Blue Jays upped Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello’s ERA to 6.08 — the worst among all American League starters. 74 more words

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Tom Caron, Crew Go Post To Post, Celebrate National Social Media Day (Video)

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A little blue birdie told us it’s national social media day, and teams such as the New York Yankees took to the internet to celebrate. 126 more words

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Brock Holt, Mookie Betts Making Cases To Earn Red Sox's Leadoff Spot (Video)

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The Boston Red Sox have struggled to find successful offensive combinations this season, but you wouldn’t know it after watching Thursday night’s game. 161 more words

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John Farrell Continues Searching For Best Lineup On Daily Basis (Video)

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Another day, another Boston Red Sox lineup.

With both the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles having a day off Monday, Farrell expects the Oriole pitching staff to be rested and ready to go. 123 more words

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Great Moments In Baseball History: The 1989 Oakland A's Achieve Immortality

By Sam McPherson

The 1989 Oakland Athletics were many things, including World Series champions. They took the tough route to get there, however, losing the 1988 World Series despite being big favorites. 983 more words


Red Sox Legend Luis Tiant Has Strong Words For Baseball Hall Of Fame (Video)

[nesn_embed service=springboard src=”http://cms.springboardplatform.com/embed_iframe/899/video/1526287/nesn006/nesn.com/10″%5D Luis Tiant is a Boston Red Sox legend, no matter how you spin it.

He’s also one of the best pitchers Major League Baseball has ever seen, and was one of the most dominant pitchers of the 1970s. 325 more words

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