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The Fallen Leaves by Dennis Lange

Life’s vibrant green they were, but brittle.
…With flowing red, they fell.
No wind, yet some still moved a little;
…Some screamed their private hell. 55 more words


Pulled Over - haiku by Dennis Lange

Three warnings
By cops who stopped me
Just this year.

Same problem –
A stubborn brake light.
Three “fixes”.

I’m hoping
I’m more stubborn, and… 37 more words


The Amputee by Dennis Lange

He’d heard that amputees have phantom pain –
A sword swung by the ghost of warrior slain,
As though the missing limb had nerves again… 48 more words


Game Of The Day - haiku by Dennis Lange

What’s the rule
For “Circle The Rock”?
…Circle it.

And that’s it?
We don’t understand.
Don’t get it.

…No, you don’t.
…That’s why your group’s back… 90 more words


It Runs In The Family by Dennis Lange

We know that this Clinton’s a liar
As promises from her mount higher:
…“Here’s what I will do
…‘Cause I care for you.”
Did I mention before she’s a liar? 7 more words


The Fifteenth Anniversary Of 9/11 by Dennis Lange

Attention held, I felt compelled
…To hear again the story
Of how three thousand died that day –
…It seems quite mandatory.

I’ve watched for years and shed my tears; 101 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange


Not For Bonsai Trees

For Jack’s beans
And a giant beanstalk –



Not Really

The sign says
Enter here and you’ll… 91 more words