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Three Animal Haiku by Dennis Lange

Outta Here!

Life sentence –
When you kill one mouse.
It’s not fair!



Another Evil

Three monkeys
Don’t see, hear, speak – but
Something smells. 99 more words


Words On My Mother's 90th Birthday by Dennis Lange

Words On My Mother’s 90th Birthday

Your family’s together massed,
Not merely for the milestone passed,
The ninety years with us you dwell,
But that you lived them very well. 53 more words


Light Lies In Wait by Dennis Lange

………………Light Lies In Wait

When present and the future both seem dark
Like cloudy nights when stars don’t give a spark;
When you, it seems, are standing all alone… 85 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

Except For Masochists

Must decide!
Here, there’s no sitting
On the fence.


Among The Best?

Are neighbors
With really good fence
Really good?

——————– 92 more words


The Leucospermum by Dennis Lange

……..The Leucospermum

Pincushion flowers’ tendrils spread;
…The yellow blossoms burst
Like fireworks launched to celebrate
…A wrong that’s been reversed. 

Their sunny joyous jubilee
…Makes bright their verdant sky. 58 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange


From the sky,
Roads, blocks, and houses –
A city.


Thumb And All

Curled on top
Of a breaking wave –
Ocean’s hand. 93 more words


Large To Small To Large by Dennis Lange

………Large To Small To Large

The waves to the shore keep on crashing,
Their watery fists always smashing
…What’s large into sand,
…Small grains that are grand. 30 more words