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R - haiku by Dennis Lange

Brett Favre

Rhymes with carve.
I didn’t know that
R’s travel.

The Pedernales River

Who’s to blame
For Pur-duh-nal-es?
Was Alice?


And just how… 49 more words


Unloving - haiku by Dennis Lange

Strike two stones
That are made of flint –
Make a fire.

With two hearts
That are hard as stone –
Not one spark. 33 more words


Overhead - haiku by Dennis Lange

Storm forming
Straight above my head –
Troubled night.

A strange cloud
With a strange shape.  Wind
Tearing it.

Started here;
Still forming, moves on, 36 more words


Lubbock, Texas - May 11, 1970 by Dennis Lange

From skies that were blue and cloud-bare,
…The heat in the shop of the day
Forged anvil so white and so fair
…It marked the eleventh of May. 1,051 more words


Titanic by Dennis Lange

Somehow without the cold wet waves
…I feel, subconsciously,
I must be sinking, for I hummed,
…“Nearer my God to thee.”


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2016.


Hundreds Of Miles Away - haiku by Dennis Lange

Hazy air.
Sneezing and wheezing.

Seems dusty.
No, not Sahara,
Not this time.

The farmers
Set fire to their fields –
Smoky air. 41 more words


Glass by Dennis Lange

The fragile flowers, in their beauty,
…Are never seen as vain.
In breezes soft, they stand, their duty:
…That we, might pleasure, gain. 

The sweet young thing who is a cutie, 27 more words