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Pull Up A Chair by Dennis Lange

…………Pull Up A Chair

For man, there is a wealth of blue
…The sky above, the open sea;
And land that stretches wide and far – 56 more words


The Nap by Dennis Lange

……………The Nap

A touring bus takes many stops,
…And all is tightly planned –
A ballet dance with leaps and hops
…In tune with time’s quick sand. 149 more words


Bubble Haiku by Dennis Lange

Bubble Bath

End of day:
Gone with the bubbles –
All troubles.


Road to Peace?

Two armies –
Instead of battles,
Try bubbles.

—  63 more words


All Disappear by Dennis Lange

………..All Disappear

In one brief moment, coming soon,
…The setting sun will go
And beckon to the waiting moon
…To take his place and glow. 98 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

I’m Floored!

There’s a face!
None’s been there before
On my mop.



Hot Air, Bright Light

Bright sunshine:
Daisy is winking;
I’m blinking.

——————–  92 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

It’s Right Behind Him!

The poor bird!
About to be eaten –
Tree monster.



Fairy Dust Full Grown

A fairy
Took three leaps to cross; 89 more words


Grow, Little Love by Dennis Lange

…………Grow, Little Love

Grow, little love, from a match that’s lit;
Leap upward, love, or grow bit by bit.
Flame like the logs in a fireplace roar, 33 more words