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A Large Slice Of Humble Pie by Dennis Lange

The ones who say longest and loudest
That they are so humble and modest –
…There’s naught they can do;
…God does it, that’s who – 13 more words


Polygamy, Pedophilia, Bestiality by Dennis Lange

For all of time in ev’ry case,
In ev’ry nation, ev’ry race,
To wed was man and woman’s place. 

Just where is marriage now defined? – 16 more words


No Apples For My Teacher by Dennis Lange

An apple for the teacher’s swell;
…It keeps the doc away.
But as I keep my teacher well,
…She’s teaching ev’ry day. 

I’d like a sub who can’t say “no”, 52 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

Bare Bones

Old ships die
In much the same way
As beached whales.



It hungers
For a bite of earth,
Mouth open.

———————- 94 more words


Record Time For "Are We There Yet?" by Dennis Lange


She’s three, and she’s ready – a long trip.
I say that we’re going; the first dip
…Is straight down the small hill.
…She says, “Wheeee!” (It’s a thrill.) 16 more words


Those Who Live In Egg Houses by Dennis Lange

The ones who live in frail egg houses
Should not be sharp with friends or spouses,
Should not use words like men use hammers,
Since… 28 more words


Shopping - Venus And Mars - haiku by Dennis Lange

The female
Loves to go shopping –
Heart quickens!


The husband
Must be dragged along –
The chicken!


photo by Viktors Kozers at… 42 more words