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Drought by Dennis Lange

The grass is brown. Oh, Mother, why?
…The rain won’t fall and so it’s dry.

The river’s slow. Oh, Mother, why?
…The clouds are missing from the sky. 53 more words


Like This One by Dennis Lange

I write a blog
Much like a log –
I muddle daily through the fog. 

Some poems are good;
And some are wood
To toss and burn – I really should!  19 more words


What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas by Dennis Lange

I’m traveling now to Las Vegas
With doubts of the saying that’s famous.
…It stays there; it’s through,
…Is certainly not true
For those who find something contagious.  39 more words


Standing Alone by Dennis Lange

In midst of ugliness and hate,
…A place that’s bleak and bare,
It may be hard to stand alone
…And be the beauty there. 

When barren frame surrounds the bud, 34 more words


Me, Me, Me by Dennis Lange

The unions, at first, were a good thing.
The owners were greedy and would cling
…To more than they needed
…And workers were “bleeded”,
Till unions, in turn, did the same thing. 7 more words


These Two - haiku by Dennis Lange

The desert
And the distant moon –
Both are bleak.


One silver
And the other red –
Still the same.


All alone
They speak, each to each, 50 more words


Poem Or Poet? by Dennis Lange

I wonder how discerning
…Are readers as we read.
What is it that is earning
…The plaudits that we bleed?

We see a well-known poet… 178 more words