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Unlike Chris Kyle, Here is an American Sniper We Can Call ‘Hero’

by Dennis Trainor, Jr. 
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Listening to Garett Reppenhagen describe how he felt the first time he shot someone is like listening to an addict talk about their first time injecting heroin. 1,794 more words

Dennis Trainor Jr

Exposing the TPP

(video features interviews with Rep. Alan Grayson and President of CWA Larry Cohen.)

Update-  From Citizen Trade: RALLY Outside the TPP Negotiations

12:00 noon | Monday, December 8, 2014… 708 more words


Dear White People: Our State of Emergency

Dear White People: Our State of Emergency

As you know, a pre-emptive State of Emergency has been called in Ferguson, Missouri as the country waits to hear if officer Darren Wilson will be charged with the murder of Michael Brown. 662 more words


A Day In the Life of an Anti-War Activist

Serious activism requires planning, execution, and preparation for arrest. Here we see how it’s done by Code Pink, well known in and around Washington D.C. 110 more words


Is Ferguson Just the First Wave of Escalating Riots and Police Repression?

The murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Office Darren Wilson set off and wave of protests, the majority of which were non violent. The militarized police response and the violent repression of peaceful protestors will only get worse if the economic conditions of this country do not change radically and quickly, says David DeGraw, author of the new book, The Economics of Revolt. 20 more words


Can Guaranteed Income Be an Anecdote to Greed and Inequality?

The world isn’t working well. Wars continue to brew. Inequality escalates. The climate is becoming toxic. Interestingly, all the Big Problems we face have a single underlying common denominator: Greed. 537 more words


Parenting Without God

Originally posted at AcronymTV

When asked if the world would be better off without God, Dan Arel, the author of Parenting Without God does not pull punches. 498 more words