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Not Nice! The Sound and Fury of the 2016 Recount

an open letter to Donald J. Trump

Allow me to introduce myself. I worked on Jill Stein’s 2016 Presidential campaign (I started as the Communication Director and later produced TV commercials and dozens of short form videos for Jill’s social media, but I’m no longer on the payroll). 2,003 more words

Dennis Trainor Jr

The Green Party’s Breakthrough Moment | Acronym podcast #15

Ever since Bernie went bust and endorsed Hillary Clinton, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein has been riding a groundswell fueled by the #Afterbern. Now, let’s be clear: Jill Stein is not going to win the 2016 Presidential election, but you should vote for her anyway. 61 more words

Dennis Trainor Jr

W. Kamau Bell on United Shades of America and Semi-Prominent Negro | BTF 06

W. Kamau Bell talks with host Dennis Trainor, Jr. about The United Shades of America, Kamau’s new docu-series on CNN, Semi-Prominent Negro (his Showtime Comedy special directed by Morgan Spurlock), and Kamau’s podcast, … 658 more words

Dennis Trainor Jr

Abby Martin on Hillary Clinton, the Next CEO of the American Empire | Acronym podcast 11

Abby Martin joins Dennis for a conversation about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the American Empire and the #Movement4ForBernie and whether or not we should be working to end the American Empire. 64 more words

Dennis Trainor Jr

Beyond #FeelTheBern: Susan Sarandon Flips the 'Lesser-Evil' Script | Acronym #05

UPDATE, 5:15pm ET.
I’ve expanded on the article below, including some of the social media reaction to it, in today’s Acronym podcast:

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Dennis Trainor Jr

Brussels Terror Attacks Means We Will Hit ISIS Harder (spoiler alert: that is a mistake) | Acronym podcast #001

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Today on the Acronym podcast, I begins a new era – explaining where the “TV” part of Acronym TV went before jumping into today’s topics: The Terror Attacks in Brussels, Clinton, Trump and Cruz courting AIPAC, and the likelihood of a 3rd party surge in the 2016 election. 11 more words

Dennis Trainor Jr

Trump 2016: Make America White Again

The racist, xenophobic crazy train that is the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump continues to plow through middle America, picking up more and more passengers on a ride that is jumping right over Goodwin’s law into the uncharted territory where White power is coming out of the closet in 21st century America… 51 more words