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Film Review: Duel (1971)

Release Date: November 10th, 1971 (Canada)
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Richard Matheson
Based on: Duel by Richard Matheson
Music by: Billy Goldenberg
Cast: 694 more words


Monday Movie Mentions #15...

Duel (1971)

Duel is a monster movie set on the highways of rural America, and is one of the most seventies movies ever made. It’s also possibly the first TV movie to achieve somewhat of a legendary status since its release. 270 more words


What Went Right With... Duel?

Duel is a fantastic thriller, in my opinion it’s one of the best TV movies of all time and it’s arguably Steven Spielberg’s best film, in fact it’s a great movie regardless how you categorise it. 1,066 more words


Old School Review: Duel (1971)

Written by Richard Matheson and directed by Steven Spielberg “Duel” has been at the top of my “To-Watch” list for some time now as it was Steven Spielberg’s directorial debut for feature length films. 481 more words


What’s the Matter with Helen? (1971)

What’s the Matter with Helen? (1971)

Country:  USA

Director: Curtis Harrington

Main Stars: Debbie Reynolds, Shelley Winters, Dennis Weaver

Storyline: Two women open up a dance school to get away that fact that their sons are convicted to murder. 304 more words


Grand Dame Guignol: WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HELEN? (United Artists 1971)

The recent FX mini-series FEUD has sparked a renewed interest in the “Older Actresses Doing Horror” genre, also known by the more obnoxious sobriquettes “Hagsploitaion” or “Psycho-Biddy” movies. 792 more words

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