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Duel - Review


I’d only imagine this was where Steven Spielberg was working on a certain technique he was set to establish when he made Jaws, which is arguably his most famous work to date. 970 more words

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Touch of Evil (1958) - reviewed by George

More than a touch, this is a whole lot of evil. The story is basically about police corruption, and one particular corrupt cop, who clings to the “justification” that the people he framed (and the people he is currently framing) were guilty. 457 more words


The Man from the Alamo

One of the legends of the battle of the Alamo is that late in the siege, Colonel Travis drew a line in the sand, asking the men who were willing to stay and fight to cross over the line. 714 more words

It is the middle ground between light and shadow...

I was duty-bound to writer about this one, wasn’t I?

In this season 2 Twilight Zone episode, Charles Beaumont pens and Dennis Weaver stars. It’s a tale of a recurring dream — Weaver is electrocuted nightly — we never see his waking life. 559 more words


Bait And Switch

Over the past number of years, I’ve made more than a few passing references to the problems I’ve been having with my right knee. But as I’ve been taking my time coming around to accepting that I would kneed a knee replacement, my body pulled a fast one on me.   558 more words

"Cocaine: One Man's Seduction" (1983)

Vintage TV “just say no” propaganda focused largely on marijuana, only occasionally giving proper acknowledgment to cocaine, the real star of 70s and 80s drug culture. 1,088 more words

Feature Length Follies

Kentucky Jones

Dennis Weaver played Kenneth Yarborough, a horse trainer turned veterinarian who operated a forty acre ranch in southern California on the medical drama KENTUCKY JONES/NBC/1964-65. 24 more words