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Sunday Morning

Hey! Another day of rain. And it’s even suppose to rain tomorrow, too! Yay! Sometimes I don’t post everyday because my work schedule is all crazy..that’s third shift for you. 534 more words

Serious Self Reflection from inside a Tokyo Denny's

by Katiebird Yates

All my life I imagined Tokyo was a streamlined, futuristic, space city, comprised of bunny-human hybrids and robots at every crosswalk. I imagined thundering techno music oozing from every strangely shaped building, I imagined vending machine hotels where you sleep in a telephone booth, I imagined sex robots for sale in department store windows, I imagined Gwen Stefani Harajuku girls twerking in every themed cafe. 965 more words


Solitude's a Lover You Need to Walk Home in the Morning

I left Fairbanks late on a Monday night. I’ve now spent one whole day in Tokyo and the calendar says it’s Friday morning. This all makes sense. 2,223 more words


04.05.15 - Texas - Day 4, Sulpher Springs - Dallas (Plano)

The day started well with sauage, biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  I don’t want to sound like I’m ruled by my stomach but being a foodie, one of the things I love in the USA is the culinary experience.   945 more words


03.05.15 - Texas - Day 3, Nacodoches - Sulpher Springs

My poor body is still not in sync and I woke up at 4am again, full of the joys of spring and ready for the day.   1,317 more words


Age of Adaline

Yet another, live forever type of movie. It was kinda interesting but I really couldn’t stand the narrator in the background. It was a sappy love story of how someone comes to terms with who they are and letting someone else embrace them. 99 more words

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