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Denny's is turning Japanese with its new location, offering rice, noodles, tempura and more

While there is nothing “American diner” about Denny’s in Japan, the well-known family restaurant chain is going all-out Japanese with its new location in Tochigi Prefecture 417 more words


Woman Gets Into A Brawl With An Denny's Employee Because She Was Told Not To Share Food

Natasha West of Chicago has been charged with assault and property charges after a Denny’s employee explained that she was not allowed to share her $4 “All You Can Eat pancake special with her friends. 29 more words


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You and Yall at Denny's

Chicago’s own  Natasha West misunderstood Denny’s “All you can eat ” concept.  Based on her actions, she thought it meant “All ya’ll can eat”.

The 27 year old was sharing her pancakes with a group of hungry diners. 168 more words


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Furious Denny’s customer arrested after breaking all-you-can-eat pancakes rule

An Illinois woman was arrested after she became irate when a Denny’s waitress told her she was breaking the “all you can eat” rules of the restaurant. 112 more words